The last class of the junior high school career is over.

Because today will be a holiday, the next two days are for the students to have a good rest, and the school will also lock down the classrooms to prepare for the high school entrance examination.

Many people are reluctant to tidy up the things on their desks and leave this place where they have stayed for three years.

Qin Fei is the same.

Suddenly Cao Ying came over and said, "Qin Fei, I'll go to the bathroom first. You pack your things, and I will go around the campus later."

Qin Fei originally wanted to go back to the dormitory to study the system, but Cao Meili had an appointment, so of course she chose to obey. After all, Qin Fei and Cao Ying's squad leader had an unusual relationship.

In this class, Qin Fei only listens to Squad Leader Cao, because Squad Leader Cao treats him sincerely, both in life and study.

In the second semester of junior high school.

In response to the call of the Party Central Committee, their class carried out a targeted poverty alleviation "help" activity, mainly for students with good academic performance to help those with poor academic performance one-on-one.

This event lasts for one month, and the helpers who are helped by everything must obey, and there must be no disobedience at all, otherwise they will wait with the whip.

no doubt.

Qin Fei is one of many assisted.

Unfortunately, and as expected, Qin Fei fell into the hands of Squad Leader Cao.

Because one is the first and the other is the last, it seems to be a good match.


Qin Fei did not expect that the Cao squad was long, gentle and lovely, beautiful and charming, and his methods were extremely cruel, and his whip was extremely vicious. This month Qin Fei was tortured to death and alive.

But we don't know each other without fighting.

Although Qin Fei's performance has not improved after the "help", the revolutionary friendship between the two people has been established, and they can even move around.

Cao Ying walked out of the girl's toilet. Her face had just been washed, and there were still some crystal drops of water, which made her look more red and transparent, which made people salivate.

Qin Fei's eyes lowered slowly, and the white shirt became more tight because of the straightening. It was a pity that I remembered that I didn't see anything in the perspective just now.

"Oh." Cao Ying watched Qin Fei look at her, knowing that he had no good intentions, and stepped directly on the back of Qin Fei's instep. Qin Fei jumped with pain.

"Hey hey, Cao Ban, what are you doing? I suspect you are prone to domestic violence." Qin Fei accused Cao Ying of rude behavior.

"Hmph, where do you look, don't think I don't know, lascivious." Cao Ying pouted, looking at Qin Fei pretending to be angry.

"I am so lustful, can you blame me for this, can't you just blame you for being too beautiful." Qin Fei also has a way of dealing with Cao Ying, knowing which way she eats.

"Huh, you're not satiful. When I was in class just now, I was bold enough to untie Lin Chunyun's underwear." Cao Ying struck again, but this time Qin Fei was very witty and avoided.

"Um, that's really an accident. I don't know why it is used, I swear." Qin Fei saw this Lin Chunyun just now after class and ran back crying.

"Come on, I don't bother to care about you, walk with me, I want to take a look at this last campus." The two talked as they walked, and the two figures stretched out in the sunset, and they seemed to match.

"Qin Fei, do you remember this English corner? We came here to recite English together." The two had just walked through a corner of a classroom, and they came here to recite English words in the morning while they were helping.

"Remember, this is my Shura field. I was almost beaten to death by your whip here." Qin Fei continued to complain. At the beginning, Cao Ying asked Qin Fei to recite words, so he would fight if he couldn't recite it.

No way, just get used to it, and it's uncomfortable if you don't.

Unconsciously, the two walked to the vicinity of the basketball court.

"Qin Fei, this is your home court. I still remember your beautiful and heroic figure being rubbed on the ground during the class match." Cao Ying seemed to think of that scene, and laughed, smiling like a flower.

"Cao Ban, can you remember me a bit? I remember that I also scored a few points in that game." Qin Fei curled his lips. It was the last day, and the two of them also let go of their hearts.

"I remember very clearly that you did score two points in the last minute, but we lost 40 points at that time, haha."

"Forget it, don't mention the past." Qin Fei was ashamed, really ashamed.

The two came to a piece of grassland again. Many people usually play football here, but the campus is very quiet at the moment. Cao Ying and Qin Fei found a clean place to sit down.

"Qin Fei, do you think we can still be classmates in the future." Cao Ying suddenly became sad again. The girls are indeed sentimental, especially in this season of separation.

I heard that the people in their girls' dormitory held each other and cried until late at night. It was nothing like the joyous atmosphere in the boys' dormitory, about to be relieved.

"It should be impossible. I can't get into high school, and it's impossible for my family to spend a lot of money for me to go to school. I guess I'm going out to work."

"Why can't you work harder?" Cao Ying had an expression of hatred for iron and steel.

"I worked hard, it's useless." Qin Fei pulled up a grass and held it in his mouth.

"Well, you are really stupid, do you know that, in fact, I really want to go to high school with you, and if possible, go to college together."

"Why." Qin Fei didn't know why Cao Ying said these words.

"I don't know, I only know that when I am with you, I am very happy." After Cao Ying said, she suddenly blushed, how could she say what was in her heart.

Qin Fei was a little shocked when he heard this, and didn't know what to say, both of them were strange.

"Qin Fei, I'm going back. I will read the book as soon as possible. You can cheer tomorrow. It doesn't matter if you fail to pass the test. Just find out your own style." Cao Ying found that the atmosphere was not right. Up.

Qin Fei suddenly felt very painful.

No, I can’t admit my fate, I want to study, I want to go to high school.

Qin Fei thought that this funny system could experience any ability, so could he help him counterattack.

Qin Fei hurried back to the dormitory, hid in the toilet, thought for a moment, turned on the system, and typed in "Achieving Ability to Learn Master".

This time the system has been running for a long time, and then the following interface slowly appeared.

Please select: 1, elementary school 2, junior high school 3, high school 4, university (damaged).


You only have a high school diploma in this system, so you dare to despise me here.

Of course, Qin Fei did not hesitate to click 2.

The following box appears in the system with the following content:

Ability: Junior high school master

Scope: the materialization of language, number and English

Condition: Eat a textbook of language, mathematics and English

Side effects: no responsibility for choking

Effective time: three days

I'm going, Qin Fei felt mad in his heart, eating textbooks raw?

Isn't this killing people?


Qin Fei hadn't eaten dinner yet. So that he didn't have to go home and farm the fields, Qin Fei went all out and hid in the dormitory to eat Chinese and mathematics textbooks because he took the two subjects of Chinese and mathematics first.

It was eaten raw, leaf by leaf, and I couldn’t swallow it, so I was mixed with boiled water.

Children must never imitate.

Liang Jianguo, who was in the same dormitory, saw it when he came back from dinner. He looked dazed and smiled and said, "Brother Fei, why are you doing you? Do you commit suicide by eating a book? It's only for the entrance examination. Don't miss it.

"I'm okay, I'm studying." Qin Fei vomited a little again, and quickly stuffed it in again.

"Haha, you are not stupid, you can take a good test by eating books, I can eat ten books a day."

"There is no way, a dead horse is a living horse doctor, who knows."

"Brother Fei, where do I have soy sauce, you can dip it and eat it."


"Hahaha." Jianguo smiled and went to take a bath.

Who would have thought that the book Qin Fei gnawed at was really useful, and it was extremely useful. At the next day's exam, Qin Fei was so energetic and radiant that he had never felt relaxed before.

In Qin Fei's eyes, all the questions are as easy as cutting melons and vegetables.

It's too simple.

I'm going, is this what it feels like to be a student? It's so cool.

Qin Fei handed in the paper in half an hour and walked out of the examination room. Everyone looked at her with idiot eyes, thinking that he had given up struggling.

Qin Fei did the same for the next few subjects, but there is also an episode, that is, the quality of English books is really bad, and it tastes like gum, which Qin Fei can't eat anymore.

And that night, Qin Fei even vomited up and down, in pain.

The roommates in the dormitory were nervous and suggested that he should go to the hospital for gastric lavage, but Qin Fei resolutely refused. You will assemble this book that I had eaten so hard, my mother!

Who am I to make sense?

Soon, Qin Fei was shocked, and the three-day high school entrance exam passed like this.

On the evening of the exam, their class also held a graduation party, but Qin Fei was absent-minded and uneasy. He had no bottom in his heart and wondered if he could go to high school.

Anyway, junior high school ended in this carnival.