This scumbag is not easy

Chapter 920 sitting together high-speed rail

At four o'clock in the afternoon, the Longkui high-speed railway station.

"Okay, shadow, you don't send it, you must send it one less, there is Qin Fei to accompany me, you still have anything you don't worry."

Liu Hai Road looked at the tears of Wang Wang.

"Hey, let's meet next time, I don't know when it is." Cao Ying is indeed unhappy. This Nizi is very affectionate.

"Shadow, do you want to go back to Long Huai for a few days together with me."

Liu Hai Road took her hand recommended.

"Next, my body is not very good, there is still a little dizzy, not very suitable for long distance!"

Cao Ying helplessly said that now the big illness is not suitable for running long distance, and her mother is not allowed!

"Cao Shi, you have to be good, wait for me, I will come back home for a few days." Qin Fei said.

I have to go home, because I have received the news of my brother sister a few days ago, saying that my mother quarreled by the housing land and others.

"Well, you get on the bus, time, Qin Fei takes care of the road." Cao Yingjun pushed two people.

Liu Hai Road took the lead in the car.

After Qin Fei, I suddenly ran again.

"Cao Shi."

"Why!" Cao Ying asked.

"Cao Cao, you will not be angry with me, let's go, don't talk to me."

Qin Fei said that Liu Hai Road did not dare to say anything!

"How can you, your mother is not good, you go back and see, I also want to go back to you, but my body is really ..." Cao Ying is sorry for yourself!

"Then you kiss me." Qin Fei said with a smile and smirk his handshake close.

"Don't, so many people, you get busy on, and the road will see."

Cao Shaoi listened to Qin Fei's words, white and translucent skin immediately fainted red, cute.

She pushed Qin Fei, pushing.

"Cao Sh, you don't have to get on the bus." Qin Fei also hovered, standing straight.

"You ... is really ... Head is a little," Cao Shao finally no way, or from Qin Fei!

Qin Fei smiled, slowly attached, close to her ...

Cao Shi is right to look forward to the right, seeing no one pays attention, this is slowly tip, then you want to see the lips of Qin Fei in the water!


Qin Fei's old fritters, hand, graded Caoban soft and delicate fiber waist.

Then I don't say it, I have a romantic legacy kiss and I am satisfied with the car.

Leave Cao Ying in the original place, shy, messy.

The dead Qin Fei is so romantic.


Liu Hai Road after the car, I quickly found my position, but I didn't see Qin Fei!

I am a little strange, sitting uneasy, Qin Fei is going!

I don't return a message, I will not leave again!

So I am anxious, I look at it, there is nothing to find, the last is not careful!

Through train glass window.

I saw two people kissed in the crowd.

Her eyes suddenly opened, they! !

I caught the heart in my heart, but also my heart, if I am Cao Shaohao!

She sighed and biting his teeth and turned his head to the other side.

Qin Fei She has been caught, soon also got a car, found the position of Liu Hai Road, his position is actually next to her, just bought together, there is money!

So the two people sitting, and with others.

When Qin Fei sat down, Liu Hai Road did not see Qin Fei directly, and turned his head to the window.

Pretend to look at the scenery.

Qin Fei didn't know what she was.

Did you see yourself and Cao's kiss? What is it?

Or is she hare? I don't want to talk, I don't want to ask, so I put the chair, I closed my eyes, I plan to sleep for a while.

The high-speed rail started on time, flying quickly, the two adjacent to the neighbors, but they didn't talk!

Just now Liu Hai Road is not careful, I don't know if it is not careful, and I touched Qin Fei.

Qin Fei looked at her, she didn't speak, so the atmosphere is more subtle.

Just now I did a meal together in Cao Shaoi, and then went to lunch. During the period, I was still happy!

I didn't expect this moment.

"Melon seed bubble surface ham sausage, what needs it!"

"Melon seed bubble surface ham sausage, what needs it!"

A beautiful programmer pushed the mobile small-selling department, just broke the silence, and made the atmosphere comfortable!

"Sea Road, do you want water." Qin Fei also grabbed the opportunity and said with her!

Liu Hai Road looked at Qin Fei, and looked at the beautiful flight attendant, and finally his teeth came out of two words.

"green tea"

"Hello, beautiful, a bag of melon seeds, two bottles of Kang master green tea, thank you." Qin Fei included a beautiful woman and said.

Soon beautiful, I will give Qin Fei, a piece of melon, and two bottles of green tea!

Qin Fei also handed a bottle of green tea to Liu Hai.

Liu Hai Road looked at the green tea of ​​Qin Fei, stayed for three seconds, looked at Qin Fei's face.

Have a look at your green tea.

Finally, I said: "I don't drink." Then I turned my face in the past and looked at the window.

? ? ?

Qin Feizhen's face is forced, this fucking horse fairy operation.

"I don't think." Liu Hai Road turned back! Tone is emotion.

Qin Fei took the bottle of green tea, and he didn't know what it was.

This woman is difficult to wait.

"Handsome guy, you don't open the bottle cover, how do you drink a beautiful girlfriend, dull!"

After the flight attendant took a good money, it was about to cart, and I turned back and said.

Still a woman understands a woman.

Qin Fei was broken by her.

Although I don't know how this Liuhai has become so confirmed, it is seen that she has saved her own.

Qin Fei is still tied!

Open the water bottle cover.

Then hand it over.

"Can I drink it? I respect Liu Hai Road."

"This is almost!" Liu Hai Road is white and Qin Fei, and finally took a little bit of water.

Then rub the mouth with a paper towel.

She suddenly opened his eyes, not because Qin Fei gave her a water bottle cover!

But because!

The flight attendant said that she is Qin Fei's girlfriend!

Qin Fei did not open the opening!


After a while, Qin Fei saw that she and Yan Yue were a lot, handed a melon in her hand.

"Do you want to eat."

Liu Hai Road's eye is turned over, and his hand has already stretched out, ready to take Qin Fei's melon seed.

But there is a sound, Qin Fei took the melon seeds back.

"Qin Fei, what do you mean." Liu Hai Road frowned, this guy really wants yourself.

"No, wait, I will peel it, I have to say that I take care of it, Cao Sh will blame me."

Qin Fei did not joke, put the melon seed in the previous small table, and started to peel the tag.

Liu Hai Road looked at his face and cryked.

I grabbed the melon seed.

"I am not so delicate."


Qin Fei still wants to say, don't you?