This scumbag is not easy

Chapter 924 is worth

Accept the facts of yourself.

Qin Fei spent a very real night, but for the child's health growth!

Qin Fei did not have forced ...

Just exhausted.

Lu Ying saw Qinfei swelling, shameless, and the initiative is low ...

Silicound technology, but enough to get Qin Fei to the ground.

After the warmth, Qin Fei asked her where she learned, so powerful, she said: I often do this case, what kind of moving I don't know, the whole textbook.

Oh ... There is a police in the family, if there is a treasure.

The next day, Qin Fei intended to go home, Lu Ying got up early and did breakfast!

A good wife looks like Qin Fei.

Holding her waist from behind, I sniffing the fragrant flavor!

Gently bite it again.

"Why do you get it so early, you look like this, take a good rest, know."

Qin Fei said.

"I don't have such a good value, my female colleagues, all the red, let go of the hand to go to the hospital!" Lu Ying smiled.

"You are great, but my woman can not be like this, Lu Ying, there is no one who can take care of you. If I invite it, I will accompany you here."

Lu Ying is now no mother, Qin Fei worried that he left back to Longkui, Lu Ying did not care.

"Do not you worry, I will take care of my own, I have a lot of friends girlfriends, there are ways."

Lu Ying Qin unwilling to make sacrifices for her to fly.

"Well, that Lu Ying, do you want with me ...... go home, I asked my mom to take care of you."

Although Qin Fei knows, she suddenly brought a young girlfriend to go back, or the body is 6th, and he is sure to scare his parents.

But explain, it is definitely no problem. After all, Lu Ying is so good, or the high official, Guan Jian also Huaqin family.

"I don't want to die, I am so embarrassing, I haven't been ..." Lu Ying refused, but she was still very happy, Qin Fei took her home, explaining that he put her in the roots The position is.

"What should I do, I can only give you a babysitter, or I don't feel relieved." Qin Fei thought of this folding method, it is not bad now.

"Yes, then please a babysitter, I am actually looking well, I will contact it when I will contact it."

Lu Ying has been planning.

"Well, then I am relieved, yes, you will go out with me for a while."

Qin Fei touched the hand of Lu Ying.

"Where to go?" Lu Ying asked.

"Go see me, I have seen it before, I will let her help you, I can rest assured!"

Qin Fei also contacted his cousin last night and tiger brother, the bar is now good, and the tiger brother and the cousin are also unfair.

I came back in Qin Fei last night. I must ask Qin Fei to eat today.

Qin Fei also agreed, ready to bring Lu Ying's past.

Lu Yingzhen got.


Lu Ying let Qin fly his car to go all the way, Qin Fei is a little bold.

On the one hand, I have not drifted for a while.

On the other hand, it is a woman who belongs to himself, and there is a child in the woman's belly.

So you must be particularly cautious.

Lu Ying continued to laugh at him.

"Qin Fei, you don't have to be so cautious, then slowly, your cousin is not going."

"You must be cautious, sitting on the car, but my baby." Qin Fei's nervous look, let Lu Ying have warm. Heartbe didn't choose wrong.

Even if you share with Cao Shao, it is also worth it.