Three Joys

Chapter 1

I was born in June, I was born.

Three thousands said that I was born, there were three happy things in the government. The first pile is that I finally assigned to Yizhou from Kaiyang. Although I am far from the capital city, I have a strong quarrel in the poor hometown; the second, it is my big brother, although the name is not in the forefront, but it is also very good The third pile, natural is the born.

My five sisters were born in my four thousands of people. Sanyu Niang said this in front of me: "I don't know if she is well, it is still not good, fight for a little ancestor, what is used, no How long will you enjoy? "

Her face was originally covered, and then hugged me, and sigh: "It can be given to the blind, this fantast is destined to be Ronghua rich for a lifetime, the Master is still a good life. Her Spring is known, is The content is content, only griegs my four brothers ... "

The two sisters are the sisters, they are included in the government together, and the scorpions have different ways. I went out of the first time, and the birthmaster held me out and smiled and said: "The big people wanted, it is a small bonard." There is no mention of the "wedge" "", then there are more Customer people who have seen. It is said that I am listening, I don't look at me, turn around.

The half-column is not arrogant, and there is a movement there, it is "".

I am naturally happy, I am busy writing letter to Shenfu, Beijing. When I was a happy event, even the old lady was alarmed, I was anxious to come, please also ask a few of the people, deliberately picked the name "Jade Tan". This name is taken from the "mountain window to jade girl, the households to Qiong Feng. Yingsawa Xiang Shuangfeng, Tan (Tan) Heart Down Dragon", this mean is clear, it is looking forward to Wu Giji, Yao Yao.

In contrast, I am here to be much cold. The original three-yang, who served here, sent the five sisters, or the old lady sent more than a dozen people from Jing, did not need to drink these rough people, I didn't even drink milk.

Before the age of three, I didn't know what to "wedge". What is "", until the House, Mr. Zhong: "The sky is wedge, the land is the same, the heavens and the earth are the same."

The world is divided into three kinds.

In addition to the vanish, the person is "wedge", for the body of pure yang, the king Hou will, and is not very unfold. "", with "wedge", natural humane, no matter how men and women, can be pregnant, and more rare than the former, the latter is more rare, more important, more important, both The same is mostly wedges. If the family wants to be prosperous, it is the root of the wedge.

In addition, Li Qin Xu Xi family is in Beijing, there is still a Zhao Qiwang Lin He Shen Qi. I am a child, I don't pay attention to the wedges of the wedges. In fact, don't say Kaiyang Shen, the four generations of Beijing Zhong Shen family have three hundred people, and the wedge is less than ten. Nowadays and other seven, Shen's gradually beat, the birth of five sisters is not only my hope, but also the hope of Shen.

It's just a few months, I will adjust from Kaiyang to Zhangzhou. After the second level, after my big brother, it can be described as three horses. When the five sisters were old, they celebrated. That day, Sanyu was holding me, seeing a lady, I would think about me, giving me a name of "Jing Ting". It is good, and the three thousands of people are also very happy, but they can call me outside of the four brothers, and always call me three.

"The little name is still auspicious, and the mother is also looking forward to the four brothers, and the sun is flying Yellow Tengda, and I don't want to be angry with the four brothers."

I went to the Beijing Shenfu Agency. There is a lot of rules in the government. According to the family rules, only the lady is my big mother. I accidentally shouted the three sides and a mother, and I killed the three men's mouth by the wife. I am slave, my wife is head, but I know that the lady is a heart, and the four missed the five sisters. Soon, I will tell me in my heart, I love her, and there is a ridiculous rumor. , The House of Home is better than who is more belly. If the four noctus regenerates a wedge, the lady is inevitable, the little has been ancient, and the big is still, the lady looks at the three sides, and naturally is not very comfortable.

At the age of seven years old, Shenzhen Shen is sending people to picking five sisters.

At that time, I stood in a group of people who sent the line, I saw five sisters, it is correctly a jade doll of a powder carving jade bracelet. I heard that the men and women are beautiful, so this, the five sisters are young and young, have been faintly colorful. Beijing, Shen, Shen, has been looking for a good family for five sisters, hearing, actually is Xu.

"Xu has two sons for wedges, brothers have two years, but they will be just right. It is just that the old lady has a good way, the five maides are only a second husband, and the days can be more relaxed, as long as you enjoy the blessing "The mouth broken, I later understood, now the world, the is very little, if the height is high, often a wife. Xu is a high door, although the Qin Xie Li's family is also a hundred years of expectations, non-seven. The wedge is combined with "knot", wedges are not allowed, not the public, but after completion, the wedge is unsearous.

I heard that, if I have a harmonier with multiple wedges, it is extremely hurt, so this is dying.

Therefore, the following people say that the old lady is thick, Xu is a high-door brother, a lot of people in the family, if you are from low, not only the scorpion, but the wedges are all served, and a production will continue. The wife of the old lady is a husband, although it is two prostitutes, but it is already exhausted, and it is still a big high climb.

: "The birth is not as good as a woman, so you can marry, if you don't pick someone, you can still be a master, and there is some hopes, which is much better now."

I didn't understand things at the time, I always thought that it was good, it was to enjoy, many years later, can be born as ordinary people, why is you waiting for.

In fact, I am a man, the luck is better than the usual daughter's home, and it is not necessary to address the house. Although it is not a wedge. In the future, I can take my merits. If you are lucky, you can be a sesame small official. However, I have read some travel notes than the four books. I think that I have to be a business, I can travel all over the world, I don't want to live. In the government, all people are obedient, only the big brother is still, so I will find some books in his study.

That day, the big brother is not there, I will cover the bookshelf itself. After the big brother is in the middle, I have been a dozen years. He likes the wind moon. Recently, I have brought a pair of double brothers and sisters, and now I am in the beginning. On his bookshelf, those "Yi Jing", "Zhou Ji" is full of dust, I will not take him. I took a few chat books, I went to read it at night, I have turned on a few books, I didn't think it was, and I won a volume of a box.

Although Shenfu is not like other institutions, but the marinated in the back house is not very small. I will never see the big brother and the maid, and I don't know this. Look at those pictures are naked, one of them, is the three people, and the junior clips are in the middle of the two people, entangled into a group. Different, the people of Cheng Huan have a flat chest, and there is no male root, and the rear hole is dripping. The second dragon into the hole is not to be touched. I know that these paintings are all .

The wedge is only for men, but there are men and women. At the home of the big household, the child can be born with a kind of "", to measure the wedge. , Because of the shade, it is a man, there is no role, and the same girl is the same. The so-called tide period, non-women come to red, but want. When the tide, the men and women are all soft, and they are ashamed from obscenity, last few days, if they have no medication, only the same people can add addiction.

Besides, "" is a bronze, and it is also a chic. There is a tiger-like bronze beast, head is a spin of the bead, as long as the blood drops on the eye, the tiger beast is spit out of the red beads, if it is a wedge, if there is no reaction, it is a common person.

I was complete, I couldn't be . At that time, the three sides wanted to see the bronze beast to spit out white beads. I have been thinking about it. She didn't wait until this moment, the red beads of the four mother landed.

I looked at the painting, and my heart became a variety of persimates. After I threw the kinky book, I didn't want to turn around, and I drank a few pot of tea, still got it. Until the night, the benevolent is getting familiar with, my body is extremely hot, grinding, unconsciously fading pants. I have 14 years old, have passed the age of event, just in the home, I haven't honest, and I have never served the house. At that time, I did everything, but I follow my ability, strange, after masturbation, the desire is not reduced, but the burning is difficult, almost roll in bed. I turned my body, in my heart, my finger explored the head. There are some wet, soft but soft, use your fingers to get carefully, I still have to colleague, got a few, gradually fun, and later grinding out of sweat, the legs were wet.


Brother, didn't write, write ancient ABO,