To middle age

Chapter One Man Tears

I'm like a roaring chicken, running desperately regardless of the foolish eyes of passers-by.

"Is this person sick and he doesn't hold an umbrella under such heavy rain?"

I slipped on the ground, and I fell on my back on the ground.

The rain is getting heavier and heavier, as if God is laughing at me, laughing at my embarrassment.

How could my wife betray me?

But if not, why would she lie to me?

I clenched my fist, looked at the gray sky, and watched the heavy rain.

My wife works in a sales office. When I met her, as her client, I wanted to choose a three-bedroom apartment. She was beautiful and generous, careful and gentle. At that time, I chose a room twice a day to get close to her.

She is now the sales manager of the sales department, and I encountered Waterloo in my business, and recently delivered takeaways.

Because I am afraid of losing my wife, I often turn on her computer quietly.

We have a happy family. Our daughter is seven years old. Today is her birthday. In order to surprise my daughter, I took a half-day vacation and no meals in the evening.

But I brought the cake home, but I didn't see my wife or daughter.

Asked where his wife was by phone. She said she was attending a class reunion. As for her daughter, she went to mother-in-law's house.

I am in a seafood business. In order to make a fortune, I invested all my savings in seafood a year ago. I thought I could make more money during the Chinese New Year. How could I have thought that my seafood was completely unsalable and I was hoarding it? There is nowhere to sell seafood, and millions of dollars have been lost.

I used to be considered a successful career, but now I am a complete loser, and there is no savings left over the years.

For this matter, I would quarrel from time to time when I was at home during the Chinese New Year. My wife and I would sleep in separate beds. My mother-in-law even said that what I said was worthless. Rarely, the external situation has improved. I can't even rent a shop. As for business, there is no such thing. what business.

Thinking of delivering food for a while, the relationship between my wife and I have eased a bit recently, but when I turned on her computer, I saw him and a strange man had an appointment at the Sentosa Hotel.

The high-end hotel has a big bathtub and a soft double bed. When my wife and I were married and honeymooned, my wife was wearing lace pajamas. She has a plump and tall figure. This is one of the reasons why I love her even more, but when I think of her today When I will be with other men, I have mixed tastes, and I don't feel good in my heart.

I wish I had thought about it a lot, and I wish nothing really happened. I wish she was selling the house and negotiating the contract with the client, but even if it was selling the house, she shouldn’t arrange the location in a hotel.

My daughter is only seven years old. I don't want to lose this family, but I am not reconciled in my heart.

Today I wanted to have a good reunion dinner and celebrate my daughter’s birthday. I also bought her favorite Barbie doll for my daughter, but this was the result waiting for me.

It was getting dark and the rain was not going down. I went to the supermarket opposite the hotel and bought a pack of cigarettes.

For the sake of my wife, I don't drink or smoke, but today, I lighted a cigarette for the first time.

My wife thought I was delivering food. When will she go home and when will she leave the hotel?

I struggled to look at the hotel door in front of me, and even looked at the lights of the rooms on each floor. I guess one of the rooms was the wife and the man, right?

Will my wife walk out of the bathroom in her sultry nightdress as she did on my honeymoon?