To middle age

The first thousand eight hundred fifty-three chapters don't have to be with the tiger!

"China, I admit that you are gratitude to me, it is my benefactor, but since I left the Run Tian Group, then I won't work again, so this money, you take it back, I am Longteng Technology The employee, the mainland of Chen is also my boss. It is my leader. I hope that we have two from today, don't have any contacts. In the future, our well is not committed to river water. "Zhao Yaxin stood up, came to me, then Open mouth.

"What do you say, what money?" Jiang Zhijie's eyes brought a dodge, then busy.

"Jiang brother, if people don't know, unless you are, but fortunately, Zhao Secretary did not do things for you, did not steal our Dragon's second-generation chip research and development results, otherwise this is really a lot, you are good, you are good, Hundreds of people in the area, do you know how much do our company do your company to fill in a big pit? Today I am looking for you, I want to remind you, you will no longer have to be around, or our company has insert people, commercial confidential Once leaked, it will be convicted according to the size of the loss amount. "I said here, I have done, and then continue to say:" I will start tomorrow, the vice president of Longteng Technology, before Longteng Technology What happens inside, but it is always the main person in charge of the development of a chip, so many of the company need me to handle it. "

"It turns out that you created Yizheng Group is not only the big shareholders of Longteng Technology, but now it has begun to intervene in the internal part of Longteng Technology. Look at it, it will not come out for a few years, Longteng Technology will be made by you!" Jiang Zhijie face Dew a slice.

"Even if it is really like this, I haven't need to do it with you." I boost it.

"Xu Yanqiu, Xu Yanqiu, you are simply wolf into the room, he came to the head, but it was a wedding dress to the Chuang Yao Group!" Jiang Zhijie bite.

"Caze the wolf into the room? Jiang brother, I don't like to listen, when you don't know, Long Teng Technology is in the crisis, what do you have? You and Dingli Group? However, the first release of the contract, and in Longteng Technology encountered a crisis, he told the court when there was no funds on the book. You urged the investment, and forced Longteng Technology to Liangshan. If we do it, or I also help Longteng Technology The current Longteng Technology has already collapsed or has been acquired by others! "I said.

"Who knows Xu Yanqiu suddenly crazy, and suddenly developing results were destroyed, we did not cancel cooperation, do you think we are a fool?" Jiang Zhijie is busy opening.

"So there is no use value, I can't see the business opportunity, I will run the horse bird gun and run." I laughed, then said: "Jiang Xiong, you can really don't have the road, especially you, you have been out, you can't die Change, intend to steal what research and development secrets, I think you can get it, even if you sell it, you can make him more than a billion? How do you still lose? You also have a voice, say that you are your brother, I see you It is planning to swallow him, don't leave a little love! "

"Good, good, Chen Nan, you are enough!" Jiang Zhijie bite his teeth.

"I want to tell you today that Zhao Yaxin's secretary, I will be my person, it is very important employee our company, I don't care what you have before, but today, everything will so, you have to make it bad, Threats using Zhao Yaxin, then I have to give you an old account! "I said.

I heard me telling the old account, Jiang Zhijie's face changed, he meant to see me and Zhao Yaxin, with Zhao Yaxin, with a piece of convulsions.

"Okay, then I thank you for your hands, Miss Zhao, after we will make two things!" Jiang Zhijie said, took this bank card.

"Right, I am looking for you today, in fact, I want to ask you to eat a meal, don't sit down, let's talk about it." I said.

"What can I talk, I don't have it?" Jiang Zhigang said, he left the box.

Looking at Jiang Zhijie, I laughed.

Today, Jiang Zhijie, it is a fire that is a belly, because his conspiracy has been broken, and Zhao Yaxin has already stopped to me, this is what I am willing to see, on the other hand, I believe that after today, Jiang Zhijie and Zhao Yaxin will not have any associations, because I have explained the situation.

"Chen, Chen, will Jiang Zhijie will not be unfavorable to me? I am afraid that the forces behind him will deal with me." Zhao Yaxin worried.

"You don't have to worry, go back tonight, I will arrange people to protect you, you will not have something, of course, Jiang Zhjie he is a smart person, once you have something, I will doubt him in the first time, so he is not afraid I open the mouth.

"Well, then it is good." Zhao Yaxin nodded.

"Right, I don't quite understand, this steal confidential, is very big, why do you dare to travel, although you haven't done it yet." I asked.

"This, this -" Zhao Yaxin got up at once.

"You said." I opened it.

"He, he said that as long as you do it, she will not only give me award, but also say that I will marry me." Zhao Yaxin opened his mouth.

"Sure enough, he and the secretary who used to have used it. What to say, I can't think about it, I can't tell you that Jiang Zhijie has a child, and he also studied with him. Friends are all over, should you hear Xiao Lin? In addition, not only you, Xu Mo Mo also used it, the year ago, I have to make a monk for Momo, I have to hold, but fortunately his The rape account did not succeed. "I said.

"What, what?" Zhao Yaoxin was shocked.

"On the surface, the young master of the Run Tian Group, the executive president, but in the back, he is not that simple figure, ordinary people play with him, it is rooted, this person likes to do something Money opened, and I really like to confuse people. You can quit in advance today, and you will clear your relationship. Only the benefits of you, otherwise you will be bigger, you will be very big, because this is actually with the tiger, once you have done The interests are all his, and you are just his replacement. "I will continue.

"Well, I understand, thank you Master." Zhao Yaxin has a cold sweat.

"That's in this way, we also eat almost dinner, I will go, I will meet again tomorrow." I said.

Soon, I left this Western Restaurant with Zhao Yaxin. I arranged a lot of staring at Zhao Yaxin. In fact, I have been wearing it. I have recently protected it. Although I know that Jiang Zhijie is certainly afraid.

Deliver Zhao Yixin left, I also sat in the car and launched the car.

These two days of physical discomfort and update normally tomorrow.