Tomb Raider King

00001 1. You are a grave robber

Chapter 1: You are a grave robber

You piece of shit.

That's what I've been hearing for the last 10 years.

“Bro, what a shitty world. ”

He used to sigh all the time. Of course, I didn't even know why.

It's because of the damn grave.

Strange graves that suddenly appeared in the world 15 years ago, 2025.

Myth, Great Person, Legend, Folklore, Popular Novel.

People say there's power in stories that people remember for a long time. And they suddenly appeared in modern times as graves.

The problem was the artifact from the tomb, the artifact from the tomb.

Artifacts have driven innovation and wealth, and anyone can rise.

That's how the world changed.

The people who used the Hero's ability as an artifact, the people who gained status.

An age that can truly be tolerated from the skies.

But that was also a moment.

Only until there's a good artifact left.

15 years.

He was the young man who thought it was a nightmare more than anyone else. After 15 years, the world changed completely.

The fall of the middle class. One percent and 99 percent.

The world was divided into two.

The one who has the artifact and does not have it, to a noble and heavenly society.

Those who already possessed good artifacts became a punishment that even the government could not ignore, and they changed the social structure to their advantage. Those who did not have were enslaved to low wages.

To get away from it, just follow the dictators.

Zhu Zhen was also one of that class. But that was also the end of today.

“That son of a bitch! ”

He vomited blood, trembling with betrayal.

I did.

Joo-heon was dying. It was because of Chairman Kwon who followed him.

He had thrown his main contribution, which had been with his right arm for 10 years, like a lizard's tail. For some stupid reason, you have to get rid of the last thing you want to do.

“Tae-jun Kwon, you old bastard! ”

The President of Kwon, who had the relic, was one of them. But he wanted to take all the artifacts and be sure.

So, Chairman Kwon, who used to be close to him and coveted his talents, came up with an offer.

I'll let you make money if you follow yourself. I will also be responsible for the donation and illness of my family as a new relic.

Joo-heon believed that and did exactly what he said.

Illegal smuggling, theft, espionage. He became his hands and feet and did all kinds of dirty things. I did things that were dangerous for me. The shield is not hesitant.

It was the only way to survive in a society that had already been transformed into its own taste.

And one of the things that was central to that was illegal excavation. ’

It was a grave.

Chairman Kwon used to leave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave grave There was more to eat than just a formal excavation.

And the only thing that was possible was his ability.

I wonder which archaeologist's artifact it was named after.

The artifact you risked your life to find gave Joo Heon excellent archaeological abilities. Thanks to this, Ju Heon was able to become an ace of illegal excavation teams for Chairman Kwon.


Zhou Zhen took many artifacts and placed the chairman of the Kwon in the king's place. With overwhelming force, the cultivators led by Zhu Yuen defeated Kwon's enemies.

Others ridiculed the rich 'scum, slave cubs' towards such dedication, but he had been working with humiliation.

I needed the money. It was only Chairman Kwon who had the artifact to cure himself and his family's illness. So Joo-heon has managed to endure the work of trusting Chairman Kwon.

But the result is this.

“You son of a bitch! Now that you're on top, you're afraid of us! ”

Huge snarls wriggle around him, coveting his flesh.

The precious men we worked with have been food for these snakes for a long time.

Of course, we didn't know whose grave this was. It was an unchecked supreme tomb found by Chairman Kwon. But it was clear that this place was now his tomb.

He realized that and laughed madly as he lost his sense of humor.

“Bastards, let's see if I can trust the bastards with the artifact! ”

You say that, but your stomach aches with resentment and betrayal, and your unbearable anger rises.

“I'm going to be a ghost and haunt those bastards! ”

When the crier struck the labyrinth, Zhou Yu accidentally encountered an unexpected voice.

[It's noisy.]

At the sound of the sudden sound, Zhen Zhen lost his place.

“I'm sorry, I don't intend to die quietly. ”

[Oh, can you hear me?]

It sounded quite interesting. He didn't even smile.

“You listen to the relic cub for a day or two. ”

[Funny to have someone like you around.]

“Funny freezing. I don't know what god you are, but get me out of here in a good way. ”

You think you can live with that body?]

At the same time, he spurted blood. His complexion is parched. No, that was natural. There's nothing under his waist right now.

All I could see was the blood falling from the cutting edge. It was remarkable not to be shocked at all.

By the time the consciousness had become cloudy, it had slowly laughed.

[A thief who fearlessly covets the treasure of the gods. That will be the end of you.]

Joo-heon knew of my death long ago, but did not remove his smile from his mouth.

“Shut up and get out of here. ”

[You have a great talent, but you've met the wrong era and you haven't done everything you can.]

He said that, and laughed.

“It sounds like someone's got the best idea...”

Who wanted to live like this? However, he could not connect the words.

It was because Sazam was furious with the social structure and chairman of Kwon, who had to live like this.

“Shit…… Chairman of Kwon. Luckily, we were able to get the new artifact quickly and sell it. ”


Then it laughed again. He laughed like an old man.

[Clearly, that's a waste of talent to kill.]

At the same time, he screamed. It was because the surrounding area turned white as a sudden burst of light.

And he saw something coming out of the water.

It was something I had never even seen before.

It was even a pleasure to win over anyone in the world.

Heroic relics?

No, it's not.

Then what the hell is that?

At that moment, he saw a vision of a raven in a bursting light.

[I'll give you a chance. And take your rightful place as king.]

The last time I said that, I lost consciousness.

* * *

The king's place is fucked.

As he recited the words, he moved his legs. I knew there was no bridge anyway, but it was reflexive.

By the way.


You move. Even the unlikely leg is touched by your hand. A bewildered jujujubilee arose. However, he was surprised as soon as he got up from his seat.

It was because there was a mean man in front of me.

“Are you awake? ”

Instead of answering, Ju-heon blinked and looked around.

I thought it might be a police station.

The people who were interrogated looked at the dedication and bowed their heads again.

Joo-heon stood still for a moment.

Something was wrong.

At this point, the detective tapped the Tang Tang table as if annoyed.

“Hey, I told you to identify yourself. No ID, huh? Not a word. You think we're free to do that? ”

No, he has the right to remain silent.

You have to know what happened before you can answer.

You were definitely being fed to snakes in a tomb. A police station?

Did the raven do this? ’

He frowned and sat on the chair. Suddenly, I remembered the last maze I was dying in.

‘I don't know what they're doing to punish me for breaking into a grave. ’

Then the cop sitting across from him grumbled.

“Oh, we're sick of having to do this on our first day of New Year's, 2025. Let's get this over with and get going. ”

At that moment, I doubted my ears. I just felt like I heard some nonsense.

"Wait, 2025? ’

At the same time, he checked and quickly looked around.

And it's different.

The calendar of the police station on the wall pointed to a pretty old date.

[January 5, 2025]

Fifteen years ago, actually, he was 23 years old. Even before the graves came to life!

The principal who confirmed it gave me a goosebumps. I was not mistaken. And if that date is true!

"Wow, so that means the new artifacts are still in the tomb, right? ’

The moment I realized that, his eyes glazed greedily.

‘Now I can have all the artifacts. ’

Knowledge and experience are in my head. It was not even time to get sick. There was nothing tied to Chairman Kwon. It was a new beginning.

But that hope collapsed quickly.

Absence of abilities.

What do I do if the artifact is in my house?

The Archaeologist's artifact will appear five years from now. In other words, it was said that he was a commoner now.

‘If you know anything about the artifact but you don't have the ability to dig it... ……. ’

He realized that he sat in a chair with an annoyed face.

Damn, that's good.

It was a joke to that crow.

I knew there was treasure, but a thief with no ability to steal it. That's ridiculing.

You want me to repeat my miserable life again? ’

At this time, Ju-heon, who kicked his tongue, opened his eyes wide.

It was because of the way he looked at his desk glass. Especially the unfamiliar text that comes next to your face.

[Burglar Seo Ju-heon.]

The eyes of Juheon, who confirmed it, sparkled fiercely.

Oh, look at this. ’

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