Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Episode 596: Elementary School Students' Hiking Rates The Teacher's Feelings Have Been Sorely Understood

The next morning...

Yesterday was a little late for lunch, and after tasting the green dragon steak, dinner became a roasted green dragon because of the strong desire of the cannibal Carte.

For some reason, even though there were high elves, I thought, "It's nice and tasty," but I thought it would be more delicious if everyone ate the delicious food.

The roast green dragon was also very delicious.

It was like that, and yesterday it was a very satisfying day to eat all the delicious meat of the Green Dragon.

That said, every day is a meat day and everyone is defaulted.

Cartesian foodie Fel, Grandpa Gong, Dora-chan, Sweet.

I got up early and said, "How about breakfast? 'Fel asks.

His expression was like, "You know that, don't you? 'But it seems that you're saying it.

Grandpa Gong, Dora-chan, and Sweetheart woke up together and looked expecting.

I say, "I know."

From the morning, meat is a natural foodie carte blanche.

"Of course I want to eat the meat of the Green Dragon!" 'I thought I'd be stuck with it, so I prepared it yesterday.

Bake extra when you bake the roast green dragon for dinner yesterday.

Therefore, the menu this morning is roast green dragon bowl.

The sauce is boiled with water, soy sauce, sugar, mirin, and grated garlic.

It's simple, but it goes well with roast beef and rice.

Place the rice on a deep plate for Fel and sprinkle the thinly sliced roasted green dragon radially side by side with the sauce.

This time, it was said that "you should taste the compatibility of green dragon meat and rice directly", so I dared not to top it up.


Yes, sir.

Fel, Grandpa Gong, Dora-chan, put it in front of Sweet.

Everyone chewed on the roast green dragon bowl with a very satisfied face.

Yeah, yeah, let's taste good.

So, why are all the High Elves lining up in front of me?

Nikon's face is full of high elves in front of me.

Well, I know.

I know that.

Without a bit of complacency, I couldn't help but serve the roast green dragon rice bowl to the high elves.

While expressing my gratitude, I was a little shocked by the high elves who were chewing on the roasted green dragon bowls that I received.

The inside of the house was a little small, and I had a breakfast in the square in the middle of the village.

While thinking about it, I was eating breakfast for myself.

By the way, the breakfast for me is a light Japanese meal that is prepared.

Like all the foodie Cartesians and high elves, meat starts in the morning, because I'm going to have a stomachache.


Is that all right?

It hasn't been an hour since I finished breakfast, but all the high elves have gathered.

As a break after breakfast, while drinking with everyone their favorite fruity tea that smells like carrera (by the way, Fel and the others put this tea in a dark eye and put sugar in it to sweeten it), the tea is served cold and stored in an item box. I recently discovered that this tea is delicious for iced tea, and I try to save it for iced tea), and I told the high elves I was going with to pack my bags because I would be returning to the city of Karelina after this.

Although all the high elves have item boxes, living on this island is a long time, so I thought it would take them a full morning to pack up early.

Everyone has an item box.

“Yes, and I don't have that much luggage to take with me.”

"There are clothes, the products I use, and a few detailed household items."

"If that's all, you won't have any trouble, right?"

"After that, it's a material that can be exchanged for the monsters I hunted on this island." I put this together, so I just had to stick it in the item box. "

Ah, I don't forget the Green Dragon material I received as a reward yesterday, so it's okay.

Yesterday's reward for dismantling, the high elves wanted one fang and a little blood.

I gave you the thickest and longest fangs, so I was happy to make two knives.

Blood is mixed with a few kinds of medicinal herbs to make pills.

Somehow it's called the "secret medicine of the high elves", and it's a highly effective pill, and it seems to be a very valuable medicine.

Mr. Jørgen said, "The village we were in was a relatively large village even in the village of the high elves, but there was still only one that was kept."

We were delighted to hear that the precious pill, with the blood of the Green Dragon, was ready to make enough for all six of us here.

Have you forgotten anything?

»» »» »» »» »»

It seems like it's been put together in a very short time, but is it really okay?

Oh, I see.

I went to the human city to take a breath and talked about living for a while, so I'm used to that.

Because it has a long life, it seems that it has been repeated many times.

"Well then, let's go back to the city of Karelina." Uncle Gong, please. Oh, it's a little bigger than usual. This time, all the high elves are with us. "

I got it.

That said, Grandpa Gong grew up in the village square.

The body was bigger than usual.

Their bodies were too big and some of the village buildings were destroyed, but the high elves didn't seem to care.

When I saw Grandpa Gong grow up, all the high elves groaned "Oh, oh".

Fel, Dora-chan, and Sui know it on their own and get on Grandpa Gong's back as usual.

All right, everybody, please.

With that said, all the high elves who were joyfully riding on Grandpa Gong's back with a sense of curiosity.

After all the high elves jumped on their long legs and boarded gorgeously, I climbed on Grandpa Gong's back in a row.

While being jealous of the difference, he called out to Grandpa Gong in the guise of calm.

Well then, Uncle Gong, let's head for Karelina.


Grandpa Gong rose furiously and gradually raised his altitude.

"It was always the same..."

Oh, that's the island!

"You were in that shape."

"The island looks so small."

You're really flying!

It's my first time flying!

"Really, really. If you live long enough, you can experience a lot of things ~"

Even though they are flying at high altitude, the unarmed high elves are walking around Grandpa Gong's back.

"Hey, everybody, calm down! Please sit down because it's dangerous!"

I said, "It's okay."

"It's not okay!" What will you do if you fall?! "

I don't care about the high elves walking around freely.

"Oh no, that idiot is not among us!"

No, that's not the point.

"Hey, come here!" The view is amazing! "

Jørgen stood on Grandpa Gong's head.

Jørgen's words are accompanied by the words of other high elves.

And all the high elves who flicked with the view from above Grandpa Gong's head.

With that in mind, I heard a story from Grandpa Gong.

Lord, can I shake these guys down?

"No! You can't do that!"

I scream at Grandpa Gong in a hurry.

With such an exchange between me and Grandpa Gong, the high elves are curiously and freely enjoying their air travel.

It was me who was nervous about the actions of the terribly free High Elves.

It was a journey that made me understand the feelings of my elementary school excursion lead teacher so painfully... "