Trafford’s Trading Club

Chapter 2436 I am so honest (3)

In the fire cloud area, Tielica with the highest authority wants to find someone, how much time does not waste ... and, the other party is still famous, in the [Unlimited City] [King] in the upper ruling zone.


"I don't know if the city is looking for me late at night. What is it for a long time? I suddenly woke up, I just threw someone to feed the dog ~"

In the screen, [Montenegro Xiaofei] is wearing a loose pajamas ... and a pajamas hat, holding a pillow huby.

"You [Unlimited City] is really stable." Tieluo said coldly: "Fire clouds turmoil, it seems that there is no impact on you."

"Here is some homeless, the hard work." [Montenegro Xiaofe] smiles: "Who is compared to the Power of Funun City, I think they should be more concerned about tomorrow's breakfast. "

"Tony said nonsense." Tie Luo brakes said: "You actually sell [Magic Head] cultivation technology, it seems that there is really not to put the law of fire clouds in the eyes."

"Hey, the city is the big man." [Montenegro Xiaofei] a poor look, "You also know, [Unlimited City] is a waste recycling station ... Who knows, what will these waste? "

"Know why I am looking for you." Turkaka suddenly said.

"Appreciate further details."

"Find you, because you want you to call [Lei] comes out to see me." Tie Luo has no expression: "I don't care if [Lei] is really closed, after three minutes, if [Lei] is not I will show the main gun of [Fire Dragon God] to [Unlimited City]. "

[Montenegro Xiaofe] suddenly narrowed his eyes, "It seems that [Yu Da Festival] is really urgent."

"Start timing." Turkey waved, and there was a three-minute countdown on the screen.

[Montenegro] Don't panic: "Municipal long adults, there are statistics, now [Unlimited City] How many people have?"

"Since you don't enter your household registration, how many people have nothing to do with the fire cloud." Tie Luoha is random, "I will now doubt [] China's cultivation pool, in order to prevent disasters that cannot be saved, I can only Be painted. "


Screen, fixed.

[Montenegro] temporarily cut communication between the two sides ... The room is not only the screen of communication - the big and small screen is not one hundred.

Not only the live broadcast of ruling, even with pictures in the fire clouds.

[Montenegro Xiaoyu] I yawned, holding down the pillow, smashing the ceiling, staying at the ceiling, self saying: "Where do I go all [Lei], I also want to see his old man Woolen cloth."

On a screen, at this time, it is showing the [Fire Dragon God] Slowly turn slowly ... the gun, clearly put it in the direction of [Unlimited City].

"The city's long people are really saying that no one is the master ..."

He smashed a slightly messy hair, what is it?

"Obviously the two women tearing at each other, but still let the iron Mating drill loopholes, eat the fat [guns], [City] unlimited chances are really badly hurt."

"These guys have [Tianzun] background, really is not a general difficult to get along ..."

"Can you let this city you know, even we are not sure [Lei] is still in [Unlimited City] ..."

Time passed, three minutes apparently did not last long - the countdown has entered the last minute when Montenegro [demon] once again open communication.

The picture continues, there is no change in the picture in the picture in the picture.

"It seems that there is an answer, right?" Tie Luo's voice sounded.

[Montenegro Xiaofe] rose a hand: "A secret route with the [Pluto] ancient trading."

"Not enough." Tie Luo is light.

"We tax." [Montenegro] has a second finger.

"Not enough." Tieluo once again.

"One hundred can't fall below C." [Montenegro] slowly erect the third finger, "there will be at least 10 of the spies from it."

"There is still twenty-five seconds."

[Montenegro] slowly said: "One piece from [virtual world] Digging out [blood] to treasure ... The city's long, Baoyu in the fire cloud area, should it be upgraded?"

During the countdown ... until the last second end.

On the screen, the [Fire Dragon God] does not have any movement ... [Montenegro Xiaofe] Don't touch the tea cup, just hear Tieluo slowly said: "Although it is not the answer I want ... but, You really hit me. "

"Thank you for your understanding."

"I don't want to see something about [magic head] in the future, from [Unlimited City]."

[Montenegroads] "Of course, we are not anti-social people ... this time [Yu Da Festival], I think it is just a coincidence."

"It's good."


The communication ends.

[Montenegro] lying down and lying down again, "This time is really a big bleeding ... If you can earn it back from other places, it is good."

He turned all, and he intended to count the hundreds of screens that were crowded.



[Fire Dragon God].

"Miss, just let go of [Unlimited City]?" Wang Wei asked whisper.

"As long as it is sure, this time [Yu Ling] and [Unlimited City] did not join hands." Tie Luo brakes down his face: "Even [blood] Huobao's fragment is willing to take it out, it seems that [Unlimited City] will not be robbed at least. "

"This is just a verbal agreement." Wang Wei frowned, "There is no binding force at all, lady! After the incident, if they repent ..."

"Refreshing, how is it." Tie Luo sighed: "Don't I really launch the main gun [Unlimited City]? That degree of casualties, I am afraid that the fire clouds are purified. Just [Leidi] has never appeared, they don't dare to repent. "

"Is it, [Leidi] is really not [Unlimited City]?" Wang Yi faces.

"I don't know." Tieluo shakes his head: "They don't know ... Unfortunately, I will send [Montenegro]."

Just at this time.

"Report! Detected the strength of the accumulated thunder, suddenly fell by 17 percentage points!"

The Tieluo brakes received by the report was , if you think about it: "It seems that Liu Xiu sent a team, some gains ... but not enough."

Look at the screen of another side ... [Yushen Society] Square position.

Ti Luke sinking: "I hope this ruling this time, time can grow ... The emergence of Funun Holy Emperor will always have a feeling."

Wang Wei looked at the live screen ... she didn't care about this ruling, but she did not expect that this ruling, actually involved the death of the Eastern District Division.

After all, it was Wang Xiaoxiang's husband ... and Wang Xiaoxiang, after her lost woman, in the family, I put the most emotional children.

As for the flow of Guzawa, Xiaohu Teacher ... She is embarrassed.

I don't know what [Hongried child] is thinking about the young master, but the guy who does not have these winds and horses, together, open the ruling.



Flame, extinguished.

The small tiger is incredible to watch the turned flame.

"What's going on ..." He opened Zhang, watching it around, "I obviously not lie, how can my family may not be there ... this is impossible! I am clear that I will have a letter with my family. !This is impossible!"

Miss South is frowned ... Xiaohu is a guy who is particularly easy to watch, and he is obviously unsatisfactory at this time.

The family is not there, I will not know ... But the ruling is obviously [truth].

"Teacher Li, do you really don't remember?" But I saw Gu Zawa and said at this time: "The family is already dead."

"It's impossible! You lie to me!" Xiaohu look excited: "This is definitely impossible! This is a matter of way ... it is impossible, even myself is unclear, how can you know!"

"It seems that you really have forgotten." Gu Zemei said: "Or saying this now, I have forgotten these things, but I am very clear, what is true, what is it? Sample. "

"Really me ..." Xiaohu teacher Zhang Zhang opened, and it will be demonstrated: "I don't know, you are talking ... what."

Gu Zawa suddenly referred to his ear. "I can hear, a lot of sounds ... I can't wake up this time, but in fact, my consciousness is awake. Li teacher, Before you have come to my bed, you will continue to degenerate, keep laughing ... I have said, I remember one Qing Dich! "

"I ... I am going to your hospital bed, degrade? Mock up?" Xiaohu teacher got stagnant, "It is impossible! I really have to go to you ... Although, although it is only quiet, I have never fallen in front of you. What! You lie! "

"Lies? You dare to launch [Offense] to me, come to prove that I am lie?" Gu Zemei stood, "" Only [Truth] is allowed here. "

"This is, what is going on ... Gu Zhu?" It is the voice of Miss South One ... [Method Doctor].

Gu Zawi looked at this glasses male, frowning, but still explained: "Specific reasons, I am not very clear. It is probably that his family is unfortunately passed away ... As for him, I am afraid it is Because I can't face this reality, I have been with these sad things, I will throw it out ... Second personality? Spiritual division? Anyway is almost. "

"You are sure?" Miss South wrinkled.

Gu Zur hared: "This guy has two faces. Although I don't know why this two faces appear in front of me ... but I will never forget, and the other face appears in front of me. What makes me hate. Can you feel the kind of helplessness and resentment? One harm you almost tragic, can't afford to bed, lose consciousness, stand in front of you, laughing again and again, once again , But you can only listen silently ... I don't even want to listen to the desperate despair ?! "

"It's impossible! I am absolutely impossible!" Xiaoman teacher lost his voice.

"You ... maybe it is impossible." Gu Zawang smiled: "Because of this model, how is it being bullied, I am actually a clear two Chu ... Duo Badain, every time I visited me, Let me tell me, how are you revenge in the school! How much I want to open your eyes, watch your appearance like a wild dog! Unfortunately, I can't! "

"not like this……"

"Li Jianren! You TM is a complete tail!" Gu Ze suddenly roaring: "Why don't I die in the accident, if not because of me, you will not break the future! Your family is dead, your future is not You have vented all the resentment in my body - you dare to show your most real appearance! It's a ridiculous, do you know when you will come to me? It is you When the school is bullied most, you will come to me! Until now, you can't even face the tyrannical abuse and weigh yourself ... You TM is a garbage! "


The Xiaoman teacher looked around around ... The eyes of the indifferences, he seems to feel that he can't stand stabilizes, shake it.

The brain should be fried, painful, stinging ... pain.

He took the consciousness to hurry his head.

"Li Jianren!" Gu Zawai At this time: "You dare not, to me [attack] these [truth] ... you dare, in the face of true yourself! Fire cloud Holy Queen willpened, I will Will give you, the most cruel [truth]! "

This boy is strive to refund after step by step ... After retreating, there is no return, but it has already retired the edge of the routine, and suddenly a sharp sword light, falling behind him.

If he retreats again ... will the body will be cleared?

A drop of cold sweats slipped from the quipes of the teachers.

- Who ... can help me.

He is awkward.

"Xiaohu, don't be afraid! I will help you!" [ ] The sound is cool.

"Miss Hong Chu ..." He wanted to catch a life-saving straw, and see the direction of [Red child].

I saw [Red Children] At this time, a piece of [Tiantian] Pad, pointed to the screen, smiled: "I just worse the system of users, Xiaohu ... You really, really dead tries Woolen cloth!"

"This is impossible."

[Red child] did not say anything, directly in the hand in the hand into the rop ... Throw it to the teacher of the Xiaohu.

Father: Li Wei, accidental death ...

Mother: Sun Jiabi, accidental death ...

Dish: Li Changfeng, accidentally died ...

He lost weight, kneeling on the ground, handshed on the plate, like a soul, "Phone ... phone ..."

Look for.

"Who can call me ..."


"I can prove ... I was still playing with my mother yesterday ... I really!"

"I tell her, I will go back in summer vacation, go back to help do farm live ... How happy she is ..."

"I have to go back to see me ..."


"I have to take them to explore my brother's ..."

"We all said it ... Say good ..."


"Phone ... Who can lend me a phone ..."


"I can, prove it ..."