Trafford’s Trading Club

Chapter 2448 Wishing

Among the cave channels, a shadow is extremely agile.

He used a very high-grade identity, and the episodes were almost unspeakable.

"The body law actually has improved so much, [Guanglong Wang's Hand] ... It's more potential than [Black Dragon]."

It seems to be in a state in which it is increasing.

Although this improvement is not explosive, it is a bit drop, but it is lasting, and it will not bring side effects ... so long time accumulation must be considerable.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared in front of him.

It seems to be exported.

The summit of the accumulated Lei Mountain has suffered from Tianwei, the thunder is directly bombard, the top of the mountain is removed, and the large area is collapsed ... he has also been affected by this disaster, there is no matter what is like a labyrinth Looking for a way out of the mountains.

Near exports, a cold is directly involved in this because the mountain shocks and cracking gaps, he ... Da Liu SIR is not afraid, the figure has appeared in that light.

It seems to be a cliff.

However, under the cliff, there is a quite spectacular hall, but at this time, the dome of the hall has been broken ... he looks at the bottom, as if seen what terrible.

"This is……"


It seems to be attached to the monster, the abdomen is even more cracking in the bloodpots [Yu Ling] ... and, at this time, it is like a demonization [Yu Ling], the people rushed to people are ......

"It's him!"

The mysterious youth who gave himself [the armor of the dragon king ... Xiao Luo!



"Become my food!"

[Magic Tire] The voice sounded, although I don't know [Magic Tire] in the stomach of [Yu Ling], this sound is already enough.

In the split blood, the sharp-arranged sharp teeth are biting directly!

However, at this time, in front of the small Luo SIR, there was an invisible barrier ... [magic tire] did not bite, but directly hit this intangible barrier, such as crowded into the glass on the front of it.

The saliva in the bloody pot is, it is more likely to leave ... dropped on the ground, and the sound is issued in an instant.

"You can't eat me." Xiao Luo SIR palm was free.

I saw [Yu Ling] The body seems to have been held, followed by throwing it out, and then fell.

However, [Magic Tire] is clearly not therefore resolved ... As a mother's [Yu Ling], the moment of falling into the floor, [magic tire] is actually pulling [Yu Ling], the body is rushing up.

At this time, the body has changed again. It was originally only covered the black scales of the arms. At this time, most of the body has been covered!

She has more six black tails behind her ... But this tail is more like a certain long-shaped beast, twisted, swing, just like ... snake.

Stepping, walk!

I saw [Yu Da Festival] At this time, the body was in the body, and the hands and feet were used. It was like a four-footed wild beast, and the air rushed ... speed, almost only saw a black light flash!

In an instant, Wulong has already turned dozens of road rushing to the small Luo SIR.

He saw the surroundings of the Xiaoluo Sir, and it was actually a piece of fire cloud. It was like an absolute defense. No matter how the , how to make a diamond, how to quickly shoot, Can't break through this piece of fire cloud.

"Is this, the legend, the fire cloud of the fire ..."

With the help of Wang Wei, Tieluo has standing up. At this time, the look is dignified to this field may determine the fate of Funun City.

[Magic Tire] Very strong, there is no unusually unfair, it has already shown extremely terrible power ... as if it has reached a seventh order, it is an eight-order. Tieluo can't imagine, when [Magic Tire] After the whole grows up, it will be a terrible monster.

"Miss ... This is really a fire cloud, the holy emperor?" Wang Yuxin has a lift.

"It should be a gentleness of the Holy Emperor, which is on this young man." Tie Luoha Sung said: "The early ruling circle has already picked the will of the fire of the fire ... The mountain top of the accumulance mountain is The thunder is turned, and the whole hill is confident, this may be because of [Magic Tire] relationship. [Magic tire], [magic tire], since it is shouted [magic tire], such as the temple, not recognizing it The holy emperor appears, and it is reasonable. "

"It is so very good." Wang Yi nodded.

The young law enforcement that the fire cloud is only borrowed by the Holy Emperor, it is ok ... Otherwise, the performance after Miss into the Raksha, and some of them, I am afraid that there will be a crisis that is written after the autumn ... ...

"However, why is the holy emperor does not have the intend to deal with [Magic Tire] ... only do not attack?" Wang Wei frowned.

Tie Luke Shen said: "Since the Holy Queen of Fire has appeared, for example, it will not look at the fire clouds in the crisis ... This is more than the ground of the Emperor. We ... or still change it."

Even if you want to do something ... What can you do.

This fire cloud is, there is no martyrdom, and her [ ] teacher is the peerless energy in the same period. It is really necessary to count, Tierock has to give the Fire Cloud Emperor. What can't be done outside.


"Strange, this is not as old ..."

[Mingyi] The old ancestors couldn't help but hear, but after the body recovered some physical strength, he quietly climbed to the outside of the hall.

But at this time, an uneasy moment makes [Ming 1] the old ancestors!

"I am evil, it is evil !! I am evil!" I only heard the [magic tire] I made a crazy scream. I then suddenly gave up the attack of the squat Sir, but I was going to the direction of [Mingyi] the old ancestors. " about you!"

[Mingyi] The old ancestors were very shocked, this [magic tires] obviously planned to swallow the power of the Liu Liu in his body, then fight again!

A suckless, I have suiled the [Mingyi] the ancestors directly, and the old man who is dry, it is necessary to fune into the moment in the blood pot, but the harsh scream is not in time.

"Help, ah - !!!"

What is anything, falling down from the top!

Miss ONE!

With [Red Child], then ride in the south of the Xiaohu teacher One!

[] The old ancestors are all.

[Yuca Festival] At this time, the eyes are also one ... Then the body was hit, directly on the ground!

bump--! ! !

I don't know if they fall from the high place, the impact is not small ... After the body of [Yu Ling], several people directly spread into different directions in the air!

Miss ONE suddenly blinked, I saw the only one in front of the road, and there was a man who could give yourself enough security. "Boss, I am afraid," Boss, I am afraid, you have to pick me up. Well!"

Then, Miss ONE hit a flame, directly swept it ... The eyes were squatting on the ground.

- I, South Mary Su Losbeel Kane Alexander · Xiao Nan not face!

- Hold you can die!


It is mainly to eat a few mouthfuls, I have to spit out.


Miss ONE is going to say something, then the boss gives him a handkerchief ... The big eyes blink, the South Miss ONE suddenly took over, while rubbing his face whispered: " The boss, just on the top of the mountain, Miss You ... "

"I know." Xiao Luo SIR said: "What is it, go back and talk.

Miss South One is nodded, and I will stand on the side.


"Miss Hongpick!"

In the first time, Wang Wei saw [Red Child] in the first time, seeing her situation is not good, then quickly make a technique of caught people, will [red children] directly caught around.

"Miss Hong Ji, are you okay?" Wang Wei quickly asked.

I saw that [red child] is slightly pale, the spirit is good ... she hesitially looked at the temple of the look, shook his head, "I am fine ... Wait, mother, you hurt? "

"It's not in trouble." Turkey is finally responding to her.

[Red child] will look around and survey, it is amazed: "Mother, here ..."

But I saw Tie Raka rapidly pulled [red child] to her own body ... she blocked in front of [red child], all, this is a slowly climbing.

"That is ... []?" [Red child] is very shocked!

I saw [Yu Da Festival] At this time, he grabbed his head and slowly climbed ... At the same time, there was a boring, dizzy, and also hugged his head.

Is a little tiger!

"This head is hard ..." [Red child] Can't help but Zhang Zhang.

The moment of falling, thousands of change ... It seems that Xiaohu's head is just a lot, I didn't expect it to be directly smashed [Yu Ling]'s head.

I saw that [Yu Da Festival] seems to be a half-awaited, the eyes are sometimes smashed ... She constantly smashed her head, and the eyes seem to be looking for.

Suddenly, [Yu Ling] looked at the direction of Tierha ... I saw her look slightly changed. At the same time, her abdominal blood bodies suddenly crackled, actually pulling [Yu Ling] body. , Directly to the direction of Tierra!

Tieluo is like a great enemy.

Unexpectedly [Yu Ling] has issued a scream, but it is hard to pierce his shoulder with palms, and use pain to awaken the control of the body.

[Magic Tire] I have emitted an angry call.

"The old ancestor is there!" I only heard [Yu Ling] Suddenly bite the teeth.

[Magic Tire] Instantly manipulate the body of [Yu Ling], turned into Wushen ... See this, [red child] is merely tone, and quietly pulled the palm of Tie Luo.

Tieluo's palm, it is even cold ...

"Mother, you ..."

Not only ice, it seems ... still tremble.

"I am fine." Tierra breathed a sigh of relief, followed by holding the [red child] hand, whispered: "Don't leave me."


"Boss ... no matter?" Miss South came asked.

I saw the cloud of the flames around Xiaoluo Sir, then [Magic Tire] did not dare to go, but he was to catch [Mingyi].

Xiao Luo SIR ... Luo boss thought about it: "This is not very good, since the tiger is coming ... it is not allowed, letting [it] recover some materials."

"Material ...?"

"The people here are called [The Blood of God]." Luo boss said: "And, I also see why Xiaohu is selected."

Miss South One Shen said: "Boss, not me said ... The stuff looks very fierce, if you don't shoot, people here, can't stop it?"

"That's more good." Luo boss laughed at this time, turned blocked.

At the same time, just just guarding the field of fire in his side, instantly expanded in an incredible speed ...

At this time, [Magic Tire] Already, it will be in the hands of [Ming 1].

The little old man probably has a fate, so I have issued a few hundred years of shouting. "I haven't come to the same bed with a beautiful little girl, I have to bring this hundred years of childstone I hate Huangquan, I am not willing! "

This sound, listening to the tragic.

"Dead! Old!"

[Magic Tire] Drive [Yu Ling]'s palm, directly grasped the head of [Mingyi] the old ancestors ... but caught a loneliness.

I saw [Mingyi] The body of the ancestors, when I was directly grabbed by a mysterious power, I was introduced in the air ... At the same time, a fire red tetrahedral cube, directly [ Mingyi] The old ancestors go in.

The field of fire spirit is completely covered with the audience.

In the fire, I escaped the [Mingyi] old ancestors blinking, knocking down in the manner ... TM, not going!

"[], be a transaction."

Cold is not dead, in the field of fire, the sound of Xiaoluo Sir slowly sounded ... He also appeared next to the red cube, and his fingers knocked knock.

[Magic Tire] suddenly looked up, and it was extremely taboo.

"You are ... Luo School Doctor?" Xiaoman teacher has grown up at this time, and it is incredible, it should be a head that is not dizzy.

"Luo School Doctor?" I only heard the Xiaoluo SIR blinking: "You should be my twin brothers, hello, I am not a Chinese doctor, I am his brother, Luo Mountain."

Miss South One Zhang Zhang mouth, support forehead ... boss, you can't get angry.

"It turned out to be this! No wonder!" Xiaohu teacher suddenly, "I said, how can you have such a similar person, it is a twin brother!"

Miss South One is going out, and the hanging in the throat is to express the colorfulness ... this TM actually believes? !

"Don't talk nonsense, what do you want to do!" [Magic Tire] Anger and depression ... and a jealous voice sounded.

I saw that Xiao Luo SIR hiented at this time, pointed to the small tiger on the ground, "If you can kill him, I will tell you this old gentleman."

In an instant, [Magic Tire] ... [Yu Da Festival] Tab is the murderous murder.

Xiaohu teacher will be ... there is no reaction, he basically faces, "You ... that, Luo School doctor's brother, you ... do you joking?"

"Xiaohu teacher." Xiao Luo SIR said again: "If you can live, I will promise you a request ... What are the requirements, you see how you look."

What requirements can be.

I don't know why, this sentence brings, as if it is a credibility that cannot be rebuted - it is easy to hear this sentence, in addition to everyone outside the small tiger, including [magic tire] own, all reveal one A kind of greedy eyes.


Lying ... The big package of the boss!

Miss South One suddenly, TM, she has the urge to rush directly!


In the end of the crowd, Xiaoluo SIR suddenly said: "However, considering that both sides seem to be right, I will add some conditions ... Here everyone can help Teacher Li live. For contribution The biggest ... that is, the so-called MVP, I will also give a willingness to the opportunity. "

It seems to be able to hear the heart of the heart in the heart ... everyone.

Everyone is watching, looking at Xiaoman teachers who do not know measures.

"What is the meaning of the Holy Emperor ..." Tie Luoha is slightly calm, she began to be a will of the holy emperor ... But at this time, I can't understand, even skeptical, whether the other party is really the holy emperor?

"Can you have any requirements?"

At this time, Sun boss quietly climbed up - the reason is that when he is not concerned with everyone, quietly slamming the golden treasure medicine, reunited again ... ... even repaired, "Then I will be welcome!"

I saw the old grandson pulled a fur, after the tone, Mao's momentum made a big iron stick, pointed to [magic tire], "MVP, I am a matter!"

[] ... [Yu Da Festival] suddenly wrinkled.

"Miss?" Wang Dawn looked at Tierha.

I saw Tie Luo brakes, but they reached out, but because of the battle and was buried in the sky, it was unearthed, and she returned to her hand. "No matter what, I have to stop [magic tire] ... this battle, it is not possible to avoid. "



Seeing that the South Miss One blinks, and she got out of course. She just took a step.

"Miss South, you are not human, so you can't participate." Xiaoluo SIR said softly.

Miss ONE is in a moment, and it turns his face.

- I may be really not a person, but you are really ... good boss!



A streamed figure, the cold is rushing into the field of fire in the field of fire ... The field seems to have not organized the appearance of this figure.

"So, please let me join this interesting war."

It is a man wearing a white mask, a man with a dragon-shaped light armor on the arm.