Trafford’s Trading Club

Chapter 2533, President, Southern San Two

After leaving the camp, Xiaoluo Sir received the news of the horse SiR2.0, saying that if there is an empty, you can come to the hospital.

Xiao Luo SIR ... Luo boss is like this busy work as if he is not tired, and it has arrived in the hospital.

At this time, the horse SiR2.0 and Sieme Card have come earlier.

Huo Gongzi's door of the guardroom, stood a lot of people at this time.

Only in the ward, Huo Gongzi is like a magical, revealing a quite look - need to use two law enforcement to hold Huo Gongzi very well, and the doctor is taking the opportunity This Huo Gongzi checks.

See Xiao Luo, the horse SiR2.0 is a point of greeting.

"What happened." Xiao Luo SIR asked.

Horse Sir2.0: "This family wakes up, after waking up, I have sent it crazy. I acknowledged that I personally killed Huo Feng with Yuming Xuan, saying what his dad is too high, let him If you can't breathe, he doesn't want to do this ... The like, anyway, crying, can't calm down. "

Xiaoluo SIR looked at Huoho at this time.

The doctor is giving him a stable drug. I saw that the Huoho's body was twitched a few times, it was really quiet, but his eyes were open, and the hole looked at the lights of the ward.

"I don't want to kill you, I don't want to kill you ... Why do I force me, I am clear that there is no talent, why should I force me ..."

And marry itself.

Everyone looked at this Huo Gongzi, can't help but silence.

Xiao Luo SIR thought about it: "When the auction will, I have seen this Huo Gongzi far, and it feels like it will breathe because of pressure."

Ximen Card frowned, "What do you mean, Huoho looks like this, isn't it normal?"

When the small Luo SIR intends to say something, Huojo in the ward is not paying attention to the medical staff, and the hands are suddenly pushed on the doctor's chest, and after pushing the doctor, they will rush forward.

Visible with the glass windows of the ward, Xiaoluo SIR outside the corridor saw the epilepsy in the eyes of Huoho at this time.

"Why do you force me!! Father - !!!"

I saw that Huoho hit the glass at this time, just a cultivation of abolition, which has become a waste, and there is no way to break the window.

Doctors and medical care, I had to quickly, I want to control the Huo Huo once again.

Unexpected Huoho, the face flashed on his face, and then his hand actually appeared a pen.


I saw that Huoho hand holding a pen, but it is directly in the middle of his own temple ...


There are several cars of the Fire Cloud General Administration, and several law enforcers will block a layer of ward to temporarily block.

Outside the corridor of the ward, a small nurse seems to be excessive, and when the lip color is sitting on the side ... colleagues are working together.

That agent also said a little bit of a sense of interest ... The dead people, people who committed suicide, after all, two quarters - and still the distance.

Even when Huo Hui used a pen from killing, he quietly touched from the doctor's pocket.

No one goes to the things in the ward, Huo Hu is still lying on the ground at this time ... it is already a beach blood.

Pen piercing the temple, directly into the brain, and died on the spot.

"He was pushed out to do a replacement of lambs." Horse Sir2.0 is certainly said: "From he is thrown in the downtown, it is for this moment ... What are we facing? What kind of enemy? When I saw Huo Hu, I laughed at us. It is like a black hand from behind, laughing at us, the harsh of TM! "

The Siemeka did not say anything, just patted the old horse, "People in the hospital in Central City, send the GDP ... Go back to think about the report."

"I am fine." The horse sir2.0 slowly called for tones, "At least It is likely to not know, we have discovered this. "

He quickly ignited his fight.

This is not the setbacks and blows that Ma SiR2.0 encountered. In his 20s and thirteenth years, there is also a fight against this. It is also as desperate. coming.

The law enforcement will soon take the body of Huo Huo away - this is to send it back to the General Administration, hand it over to [legal medicine].



When Luo boss returned to the clinic, it has passed three in the morning.

Miss the maid took some hot water and towels. After wet, they began to wipe the old hands in detail.

In her words, I have encountered a bad thing, I should wipe it.

"I felt the existence of Araye." Luo boss said coldly: "In the [Witch Times], this at least shows that when the era, [Cang Blue] is still in the script."

Miss the maid thought about it, "So, this is the rule of this field, maybe there will be more gains ... The administrator of the child is suppressed, nor does it have not happened."

Lao Bo is dissolved, and if you have no mistakes in the night - even himself, I have experienced an incident of a child of the world administrator to be pressed and almost dying.

That is still among a vampire Grotte, playing a chessboard game.

That board is a child world.

"[The evil of the back of the earth] ..." Luo boss thought.

Miss the maid suddenly said: "The time flow rate of these remains seems to be different from the outside world, I don't know if it is slow, still fast."

Luo Bo said: "I don't have this time, you pass [send gate], go in the outside world battlefield to see the situation."

Miss the maid is no longer a puppet that has no heart. At this time, they directly across the boss of Luo, kiss him and the ear: "The owner is going to come out ... Even if it is order, I may define, I can't help but find you. "

Cross-crossing, just in the early hours ... just three o'clock in the morning, the sky is still not bright, of course is overtime!



The next day, about the news in the hospital in the hospital, it passed to the ears of Liu Xiu ... Old Liu Anthualy liver fire, called an angry.

"Why tell me this now? !!"

"You said that you should not find you at ten o'clock in the evening?" I saw the horse sir2.0 at this time, the heart is not embarrassed, "and people are dead, tell you that Huo Hu can also scamless."


Liu Xiu nodded, "What do you say that Huojia?"

"Even people who have been caught have not come." Horse Sir2.0 shrugged: "Ximen said, now the Huo, in fact, is not the mother of Huo Huo."

"Li Qingtong?" Liu Xiaotou nodded, and immediately did not move the sound: "From now on, anything about Li Qingtong is not allowed."

The horse sir2.0 seems to be unexpected, because Siemenka has long been with him, which is a [Kunlong], even if the woman is killing people as a street, there is only a Judi court with a holy place to ruling.

A woman with complete higher than [Nantianmen] law enforcement background, like Liu Xiu's so good person, how can it take risks ... The horse sir2.0 is too understanding of this big brother.

"What should I do?" Horse Sir2.0 asked directly: "Li Qingtong can't check, Huo Hu is dead without a loss, all clues are broken."

Liu Xiu Dao: "When Huo Hu is committed, it is not that he is because he can't afford pressure, he kills Huo Feng, and Yuminguan?"

"Is this?" The horse sir2.0 asked calmly.

Liu Xiu is also very calm: "I think it can."

The horse sir2.0 suddenly made a ham, stretched out stretched: "Since this is the case, I want to have a fake, this time is in the east, tired, out of the air."

"Do you want to go out?" Liu Xiu did not ban wrinkled, "Who?"

"Sign up." The horse sir2.0 reached a shot ... It is a request for a request.

Liu Xiu did not ban frown, "Please leave, why is it a double salary holiday?"

"Then I continue to investigate Huo Feng's case?"

Liu Xiu was in an instant dragonfly danced to sign his own name - or thin golden body.



"ask for leave?"

Inside the lobby of a brigade, everyone is around the horse sir2.0, very surprisingly looking at this, even if it is arranged, it is preferred to three salary overtime, and a face is not credible.

Because the fake of the horse Sir2.0, the time is not short - three months old.

"Horse SIR, you are so long, you are not there, what do we do?"

"Don't worry, the Secretary has arranged." Horse Sir2.0 said to everyone: "I will have a holiday, I will temporarily turn the four teams of Jintianjin captain, temporary guidance."

"What about the four teams?" Lin Feng asked under the consciousness.

"Is the four teams not still have a beautiful snow oriented?" Horse Sir2.0 casually: "The four teams work, she cope with the group. When I am, I don't have it, don't bully the captain ... You, Lin Feng! Why is this little girl still there today? "

I saw Lin Feng's face, and the words were still, I was sad.

"What's going on?" The horse sir2.0 can't help but sit on the side, one face is innocent, but also cute.

Lin Feng has said: "Her psychology seems to have some problems ... Leaving my emotions will become more excited."

"You come to the room with me." Horse Sir2.0 directly: "It is best to explain this thing ... Other, what do you do! Do you find a clue three years ago? Ten years ago Did the corpse case? Yes ... Xiao Luo? Why didn't you see him? "

"Horse Sir, Luo SIR went to the doctor, saying is to see the results of Huo Huo."

"You are, this is the attitude that work should have! Search!"


"Boss! Tea -!"

Miss South TWO, likes the corpse, like his second home, snack sleeping bag small tent, computer notebook tablet.

Just in the corner of the corpse, it is an asylum that can not be used for one day as long as there is a network.

Miss South TWO has not been a few days without the [shop] - anyway, I will only sleep in the street. I will go back early. When I don't have time, I have to find a reason to come out to sleep, I should not hear anything. The sound heard, it is better to be in the General Administration of Funun!

However, this kind of bitterness will come back soon, because after two days, you can change the class 3, and then you can cool a week in [Unlimited City].

"Is Huoho's autopsy report?"

"I found this." I saw that Miss South TWO took out a small bottle.

There is a small black bug in the bottle.

Miss South TWO then said: "This is found in the brain of Huohhui, with his right back, the forehead ... I heard that he was crazy before he committed himself, it is estimated that this bug is related."

Xiao Luo SIR is not Dart: "Can you create a star."

"Star creation?" Southern Two is , : "This is a bug, the living is unable to create, so I have never thought about this ... The boss, should you know how to know?"

"Try it." Xiao Luo SIR said directly.

Miss South TWO looked with a doubizio, I immediately nodded, what did the boss say something, this is not her instinct, but it is necessary to be made into her bones by the maid.

Even if the boss will let her take off her clothes, she will do without hesitation. It is ... Anyway, in addition to her heart, everything is not myself.

Star creatures start.

The rune passed by the bottom of the bottle, but the black insects in the bottle did not move anything - when the insect was taken out, it was already dead.

"The boss, no way to create." Miss South swo shook his head.

At this time, Xiao Luo SIR will be sinked, and then extend his finger. Take out the black bug in the bottle. Dotted to disappear.

But in the end, when you are completely annihilated, there is still something that stays.

Just like Star dust, gently float in half air and exudes an incredible black micro-light.

"Boss, this seems to be ..." Miss South TWO can't help but grower.

She can feel this more than the dust is still small, what is something ... [The source of allogenesis]!

"Give you." Xiao Luo SIR waved his finger to play.

That black micro-light, bounced in the mouth of South Miss TWO - she had almost no feeling, so the amount, only the maximum level of one or two furs can be enhanced?

"Boss, why there is ... [Other Source]?"

"Strictly speaking, it is not yet [Source of allogenesis]. The magic weapon of the dragon is reproduced.

Then, Xiao Luo SIR told her [banned].

"Boss, say this, is it difficult to see the real eleventh predecessor ... Is it divided?"

This time, Miss South TWO has a kind of cold and chestnut feeling - there is more powerful, she has no intuitive understanding, but the little tiger is in the accumulation of Lei Mountain, but it has already made her feel It is humble.

This is a small world that can make the black soul of the beginning, even the body.

It's dangerous!

"During this time, I use [Unlimited City] The identity of the king, find a letter about [ban]." Xiao Luo SIR thought about it at this time: "I heard that [Unlimited City] has a very good intelligence organization. "

"[ ]!" Miss South TWO, point: "I know, this is a direct organization that is directly affiliated with [Montenegro]!"

Suddenly, Miss South TWO felt the next and No. 3 changed class, they could not be cool.

The boss let her check [banned], [red child] There is also a [leader stick] there ... How do you have a broken agent after you go to change your class?

Why is the 1st day, a sister has a beautiful girl rich woman, enjoying the king of the king every day, someone is feeding the grape ... Only if you work hard, you can only sleep hard to sleep.

Oh ... is it my own?

"[Board] There is a piece of calculation. If you find it, you will live directly." Xiao Luo SIR said.

Oh, open?