Wearing a sweethearted breeder

Author: feast day of fire


[ABO, high sweet and sweet, 1V1 double clean, StarCraft]

Ling Huan wore an imperial traitor, at the last moment of trial, because of the main brain detection and the empire of land, the landing of the land is more than 99%, and lived. On the land, "After two years of mandatory marriage, you will be put on the prisoners of prisoners, exile to waste the planet and self-defeating." Just got married, Lu Ling Huan, who was ruthlessly opened, was a wandering. Yellow cat, beautiful, touching soft, just don't love to speak quite expensive. Ling Huan also binds a system. He needs to do more mandate maintenance world line stability: disguise into Beta's largest pet store, when the most cattle, the most fleece, when the most gunless fiance, task After completion, you can free from the book. Because the wishes are high, the store has made the full-star cat alpha crazy cat mint and live broadcast, and he became the most robbing shovel. However, Ling Huan will never think of it, she started to go home, climbed into the bed, and the cat who got meals turned into Lu Yibei. On the land, he will grab him just touched the hand of the cub and put him in the corner. "I just got it for you, why didn't you **?" "011 feeding staff, I also kiss me."

[Today's cannon fodder is also a perimeter.

[Fell your pixel, can't stop, addiction.

[Be my exclusive breeder.

[ *

[No children / private / alpha serious injury]

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