Take the farm to play through

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She just played QQ Farm, why did she wake up and change a place?

Country cottage?No food at home?Father seriously injured?Mother cowardly?A group of siblings?

Huh?Follow QQ Farm to play through?Can it be farmed?Can I raise a ranch?

What, all the chickens, ducks and rabbits raised in the space are spirit birds?

Not only can the QQ space be upgraded, but also the world's fiercest beasts can be swept away to become the most powerful summoner!

Jia merchant catches up?Gentleman visiting?The noble is coming?Mysterious Sect appeared?Parent's family coming?

All caused by spirit birds!

The soldiers will stop, the water will flood, the people will talk, and the ghost will talk, and see how Cheng Xiaoxiao can use space to play different worlds!

Matchmaker home?Go, didn't you see my sister want to farm?

Fairy brother?

A white man wins snow, rides a fairy crane, and looks like a fairy-like man. When he smiles, Hongyu falls, sweet as sugar, and cold as ice when silent.

His eyes glowing with magical light are extremely bright, that is to see her eyes, and the beautiful smile is like a pride on the face, that is the favor of her, and there is a ripple between the eyebrows, that is the affection for her, he is gentle The magnetic voice always called her name.

Can't leave, scolded, stayed close to her with a dead face, raped her with her father, sold her, and called her brothers and brothers with her brothers, abducted her again and again.

No matter how powerful she can't stand the trap of the pit sister, so—

One day, Hongluo's warm tent swayed slightly in the wind, and Jun Yan was under the swaying candlelight, in his most powerful posture......

The next day, he proudly appeared in front of everyone with two pandas in front of him, announcing to everyone that he was a privilege!

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