Two-dimensional world shuttle

Second Yuan World Shuttle Chapter 1

Secondary Yuan World Wutaffief Author:

As a otaku's wood, I didn't expect that I have a day like the character in the novel. When I crossed the world of magic ban, I became the students of the college, I found out that I can cross the other second yuan world. ! The life of the wind, starting from this moment! After countless positions, and the second yuan sister in the dream is in contact!

Chapter 1: Shuttle

"Well ... oh ~~"

Slightly dark room, the teenage right hand sitting in front of the computer is constantly undulating.


For a long time, the teenager is long, putting a little trembling hand, take a white paper towel, sit straight, wipe the filth of the hand, muttered: "The feeling of nose is very good ..."

The white paper towel in the hand is still in the trash can, and the wood is deeply sucking. When you are going to continue to fight a good animation, the foot is directly kicking in the socket, I don't know if Mutong is unlucky, the socket is actually leaking, crazy The current swept the whole body, and the wood trembled whole body is crazy. In the end, the wood of Mu Tuan is in the ground, there is no breath.

Before hanging up, there is only one thought in the brain, if I can cross the second year, I must guard those beautiful sisters ...

I don't know how long it took, Mutong finally woke up, looking into the white ceiling of the eye, Mu Tong just moved two times, can not help but pour the mouth and cold, pain, let people grinned the painful pain is sweeping with the wood, the wood When Tong smashed, a crisp voice was introduced into the wood: "Too good, you finally woke up ..."

"Ha ...?" Tong Tong, rumored, followed the sound source to the head, see a black short hair girl, the skin is white, the five senses is, it is a beautiful girl, but I saw the girl Mu Tong is a bit shocked, this is ... Shi?

"Wood ... Mu Tong Jun, you finally woke up, the previous thing is really thank you, or you, I really don't know the back will be ... Will ..."

Mu Tong is preparing to speak, a strange memory flood into the mind, the head is like explosive, and the tongxiao has dizzy, the girl who talks, seeing this symptom, in the heart, hurriedly pressing the next The call button called a doctor.


Waiting until Mutong wakes up again, I finally understand what happened ... I am crossing, and I have traversed an anime I have seen before - Magic Forbidden Book Catalog ...

The place where I am in this moment is exactly the urban city of the 230W population. As for the identity, it is a national school student, but also from China's transfer.

"No ... so miserable ... still orphan?" Browse completed his memory at this moment, the tongmouth mouth smoked, looked at him, looked at his own girl, and the wood laughed smiled: " Are you OK?"

It has received the memory of the original body owner, and the wood Tong also knows the previous situation, slightly dog ​​blood, girls have been played, and then the owner of the original body saves the beauty, the result is killed ... Then the Tutong at this moment In this body.

"It's okay, Mu Tongjun, I have lost you, and the previous doctor has diagnosed that your head has been hurt. It is necessary to take a treatment for a while ... I will take care of you during this time. Tong Tongjun also takes a lot." After saying, it seems that there is something, and there is some pan-red road: "My name is Suzuki Huizi, is a first-year student in Guanchuan Middle School. I haven't introduced myself, it is too rude, and Mu Tongjun also invuse."

"Suzui Huizi? It's a good name." Mutong praised a sentence, sweeping his eyes and wrapped around the white cloth, couldn't help but sigh my breath, think of your own action, you can't help but politely said : "That two days, please Xi Huizi classmates, directly call Huizi classmates ... It doesn't matter?"

"It doesn't matter, Mu Tongjun." Huizi's face revealed a good smile, and said: "I still have lessons today. Mu Tongjun is here to rest here. When I get out of school, I will give Wapongjun with food. "

"Thank you, trouble, Huizi. Also, Huizi, you can call me wood directly." Putong smiled.

"That ... then I will be welcome." Huizi looked at the time, got up and took the black book bag next to it, said: "Naumong, you will take a rest, your school I have used your student to help you. Contact Please have false, I went to class, goodbye. "

"Goodbye." Looking at Suzuki Huizi closed the ward door, and the wood tong took the smile and looked at the white ceiling. Some sighed: "It's a matter of things ... but ... Magic World Police value index is so high, you don't have Ability, how to mix ... "

Ding! The host wakes up, the gods are normal, the shuttle system is started ... started!

Putong, who is close to the eye, open his eyes, with a horrified color, not for two seconds, and Mu Tong remembered the sound of the previously heard, Taiwan ... !

I have seen the online novel, naturally will not be strange to the system, think of this, and the wood Tong immediately tried to ask: "System?"

"Hello, Hello, shuttle system to serve you."

Mu Tong a pair of black eyes moved, once again confident that he didn't listen, suddenly laughed, look at it from the distance, the whole person is like dementia, it seems to realize that he lost, and the wood is coughing, asking : "System, what is your service ..."

The voice is just falling, and the woods have emerged in front of them, with four options, personal information, equipment, abilities, shuttle.

Mu Tong's heart is dramatically jumped, and it is going to pick it up. Try to catch his mood, and the thoughts of the wood moved to the personal information. When you see the interface, the four options originally disappeared quickly. Instead, it is an information panel -

Name: Mu Tong

Level: 0

Equipment: no

Ability: no

Redemption points: 0

Identity: a high school high school student


There is no feature, the tung tung mouth is straight, there is no more stay, and the Tong Tong will click the return button below. After returning to the main interface again, click the equipment bar to see, dazzling all kinds of weapons, Almost I have to flash the eyes of Tutong, click on the lower right sort button from the upper right corner, the wood Tong is only went to the mouth, famous, have seen, there is no weapon, and the wood Just just the number of points.

Silous smirking and clicking back, Mu Tong put into the ability options, divided into two options [bloodline], [skill].

During the blood, Tong Tong looked at the eye, as long as there is enough redemption points, such as what Dragon's blood, angels, the demon lines, and the true ancestral blood, but the number of exchange points is extremely large, the current wood Tong only It can look at the water.

After the skill option, the eyes of Mu Tong only did not spike, such as the sister's hand, Da Jade spiral pill, super electromagnet gun, vector operation, swordsman proficient, blood violent, meteor-made, realm, Dressup magic ...

The skill is dazzling, but what is the ghost? Well, don't take it right, click to return, Tong Tong looks at the final option, the shuttle option, just go in, only one world exists, and flashing light -

[Sword " (Yes / No?)

Looking at the option on the interface, the consciousness of the wood: "System, is this the world I want to shuttle?"

"Yes, the host, considering the current ability of the host, so the host can only cross the world of swords, etc., will have more worldwide to increase, and there will be more worlds in the shuttle system. System tasks will also be in the host The shuttle will be released after entering the world. "

"Is there a system task?" Mu Tong's , then asked: "The system, there is no novice gift package?"

"Some hosts, given the state of the host, the novice gift package given by the system has been sent, please click on the personal information panel to check in the system space."

Listening to the sound of the system disappeared, Mutong took out the fastest speed at the fastest, clicked personal information, and looked at the personal panel carefully. Then I saw a wrapped icon in the minimum perspective. After opening, I saw it. Placed red gift package, Mu Tong excited click to open -

Get items: injury cure drug X1

Get a weapon: iron sword x1

Get: Ability Lottery X1

Get redemption points: 1000


"I didn't expect this to do something ..." Strong to endure the impulse to spit, Mu Tong is preparing to click on the injury to heal the medicine, and suddenly think of his world and at this moment, it is inevitable, you must know that it is The urban city, the previous injury is so serious, and if it is soaked so soon, it will pay attention to the board of Chairman, the chairman of the school city, lag, can monitor each school city. Static.

Looking at the ability to draw a lottery on the side, Mu Tong did not hesitate to click on the use, listen to the sound, the system's voice sounded again -

"Get the ability: absolute memory!"

Blinking, Mitong did not feel any vary of the body, could not help but have a little doubt, but after the ability is absolute memory, the wood Tutang has returned to God, looking at the poster in front, Mu Tong only swept a look Close your eyes, feel the clear picture in your mind, the wood Tutong can't help but smile ... Made, Laozi is going to be transported ......


Chapter 2: Enter, SAO!

In the afternoon, Huizi came with dinner. After the Tong Tong had eaten things, Huizi was lightly said: "I don't know if the food is not in line with the appetite of Mutong ..."

"Why don't you meet, Huizi, I didn't expect your cooking." Mu Tong smiled, lying in bed: "Maybe this injury is a good thing."