Two-dimensional world shuttle

Second Yuan World Dado Chapter 857


The gray fog crashed, riding the headless knight of the hell fire, appeared in the sight of everyone.

"Yes, it is Lao Zi. The soul of the Laozi has already went to hell, but the new devil has appeared, and the Laozi has come back from the hell. This time I have been a for a long time, I finally met you near this."

Tong Tong pinch down the chin and bowed the headless knight. Suddenly said: "The Duke of the Dao Devil did not tell you?"

"He? What did he say to me?"

"Hey ... I said that there is no head is your sorrow, it is clearly killed once, and I still dare to come back. Do you don't know that the former devil is we done?"

Hui Hui sighed: "It's a pity, it is necessary to be eliminated by us, no knight ..."

"He, what ?! The former devil is you killed?" The headless knight was scared to fall from the hell fire, barely stabilize the body shape, and the headless knight did not say that he disappeared directly.

"You, you are waiting for me, I will never appear in front of you!"

Everyone: "..."


Axsel-town pub, the task accepted, of course, is not completed, but there is no impact on everyone, and then defeated the devil, defeating the rich money of the Devil's cadres, how to use it, even It can be said that in this country has reached a free point ...

Erris that is not going out, everyone has no reacted ...

After all, it is a team of defeating the Devil. The famous is an unprecedented improvement. In addition, the princess Alice is the sister of Mu Tong, which not only makes the kingdom of the king, even if it is a surrounding country, I don't have to provoke.

I heard these things that Hui Hui's slow, and the wood is thinking: "It seems that the king family is not stupid, can use my reputation to consolidate the territory ..."

"Do you not mind, do you think?"

"Alice is my sister, just give it to those people's welfare, let alone, now we are not eating free in this kingdom?"

"Let's go to other countries, and eat free?"

"The nature is not the same, forget it, you are born in Bellz Ancient Kingdom, so this is your home?"

"It's okay." Daceni nodded solemnly, then poured a smile: "Of course, the most happy is that the father is not a marriage, this can be more thanks you, Wood Tong! "

Said, Dakibis also reached out to take the shoulders of Tong Tong, and the face was seductive because of drinking.

Akia fill two bottles of wine and said: "This is the treatment of goddess should be enjoyed, you said, right?"

Akia greeted the adventurers next to him, heard Akia to talk to himself, a group of adventurers can't wait to respond.

Mu Tong smashes his face and said: "Akia, I will pay attention to the image. If your image is completely collapsed, your Aucusis is not believed ..."

"Well, my child will always believe in me, let alone, this world is the world of Erris believers, I don't have the meaning of this side, just better than your session."

"It's not wrong ..."

Chris is sorry to listen to it, "There is no thing, believers don't divide you, let alone the relationship between us is so good, so believers have no relationships."

Aside aside, look at Hui Hui, who drunk on the table, can't help but pull the sleeve of Ramatown: "Hui Hui has been completely drunk, Mu Tong, wait for you to take her back ... "

"There is also Dacenis ..."

When I just finished, Dacneis also fell down.

Instead, it is completely awake, and half-awake, Akia, looks straightforward.

Mu Tong stands up and stretches with gluten: "Let me take them back. If there is no matter in the afternoon, do you want to go to other cities? Of course, this is waiting to be Wake Dachenis and Hui Hui wake up That is said. "

"I want to take every corner of this world."

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