Urban Boyfriend System

Chapter 1 Shared Boyfriend System

Shenghai No. 1 Middle School, the third grade teaching building.

He Xuan was leaning against the railing of the classroom corridor, but the best friend Zhang Haoran approached him with a look of meanness, and asked He Xuan, "Hey! Xuanzi, where do you think is the girl in our school?" The teacher is the most beautiful?"

However, Zhang Haoran regretted it as soon as he asked this sentence, because he turned his head and found the head teacher Qin Kelan standing behind.

But He Xuan didn’t know it at all. He looked at the bottom of the playground with a pair of eyes, pondered the question of Zhang Haoran, and replied: “Of course it’s our head teacher. I like Teacher Qin the most. ..."

Qin Kelan, who had been stern-faced, was smiling and trying to touch He Xuan's head after hearing He Xuan's pleasant words.

But at this moment, He Xuan squinted his eyes and said slyly: "The 38d human chest is about to split his clothes. I have been thinking about her for a long time..."

"He Xuan!!!"

With Teacher Qin roaring shyly and angry, He Xuan and Zhang Haoran fled in embarrassment.

"Xuanzi, you are going to finish playing this time! Teacher Qin definitely wants to tear you up..."

After escaping back to the classroom, Zhang Haoran had a smirking expression on his face, and he was finally caught up with He Xuan at the same table for three years.

However, He Xuan turned a deaf ear to this, instead of being so pitted, He Xuan definitely wanted a "monkey to steal the peach" to get back.

"Xuanzi! Xuanzi! What's wrong with you? Frightened stupid?"

"Hey! Xuanzi, don't pretend."

Zhang Haoran called out several words, but He Xuan still looked stunned.

But in fact, He Xuan was really not pretending, but was stunned by what happened in his mind at this time.

"[Sharing Boyfriend System] activated successfully, binding..."

"Detect the host's world environment!"

"Start to make some necessary changes to the background of the world!"

"The transformation is complete, and the host is being tested..."

"The host physique is being evaluated!"

"Assessment completed! Meets the [Sharing Boyfriend System] minimum recruitment standards..."


After being bombarded by this series of sounds that appeared in his mind, He Xuan was very excited to find that he was actually bound by a [Shared Boyfriend System].

In recent years, what shared bicycles, shared power banks, shared BMWs, and the concept of shared economy can be said to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but even "shared boyfriends" have come out?

"Shared boyfriend system? Damn! I've never heard of such a beautiful system, the system, you come out... tell me, what are your functions? What can I do?"

In his mind, He Xuan issued a "soul questioning" towards the system.

"The shared boyfriend system is a system designed to help the host become a perfect boyfriend. The host can freely choose the order time, the default is 24 hours to accept orders..."

After a very cumbersome introduction to the system, He Xuan probably understood the most important points below.

1. Regardless of the requirements of the customer who placed the order, the system will help you obtain the corresponding ability.

2. After the lease period is over, as long as the host receives five-star praise, he can randomly acquire an ability as a permanent ability.

3. Every time you rent yourself to become a shared boyfriend, you will get a certain amount of "boyfriend coins". You can use "boyfriend coins" to exchange various magical items and abilities in the system, or use it for a mysterious lottery.

4. At present, the system is not perfect, it has just been activated, and there are more functions waiting to be developed.


"Fuck! It's my turn, He Xuan, to counterattack this time. Life has taken off! In front of the system, the college entrance examination is a bird?"

With only one month left before the college entrance examination, He Xuan was babbled by the teacher at school, and was scolded by his parents when he returned home.

Since the third year of high school,

But the more this happens, the stronger He Xuan's rebellious psychology is, and he looks like a fool all day long.

He and Zhang Haoran at the same table can be said to be the "black sheep" of the third grade (7) class.

The two of them never study well. They either sleep on their phones or read novels in class.

The other subject teachers basically gave up these two items, and only the head teacher Qin Kelan "teach others tirelessly" staring at the progress of their college entrance examination review every day.

"He Xuan, hand in homework! Teacher Qin can tell, if you don't take the college entrance examination review seriously, she will call your parents to the school." A pleasant voice brought the daze He Xuan back to reality.

The beautiful young lady in front of me with a small ponytail and bright and big eyes on her white face was specially sent by Teacher Qin to stare at the two of He Xuan, Dong Zijing, the student leader of the high school (7) class.

"Sir, squad leader, it's a villain behavior, homework... Of course I did it, you let me find it."

Flicking through his schoolbag, He Xuan took out the three homework he had copied in the morning physics class.

"Did it all right? Huh! It's just copying homework..."

With his reddish cheeks, Dong Zijin is worthy of being a schoolmaster. After a few glances, he knew He Xuan did not do it himself.

"If there is no evidence, don't slander people. Which eye did you see me copying homework? Besides, I finished my homework on time anyway. Even Teacher Qin has nothing to say about me."

With his mouth curled, He Xuan's mouth-filled greasy tone, he has been like this in class for the past three years.

"Study is your own business, He Xuan, how long can you lie to others and yourself like this?"

Pointing to the countdown at the back of the classroom, with 29 days left, Dong Zijing shook his head and turned away disappointed.

"Zi Jin, He Xuan is a poor student, what do you care about him? It's a waste of expression!"

Dong Zijin returned to her seat, and the tablemate Ma Yuanyuan persuaded her when she was in a bad mood.

"But, Yuanyuan, this is the task assigned to me by Teacher Qin. Moreover, I know that He Xuan's mind is not stupid, but he didn't put his mind on studying. If he can study hard now..."

"Hey! Don't be kidding, Zijin, even if He Xuan works hard without eating or sleeping for 24 hours from now on, I'm afraid he won't even be able to pass the exam. You are destined to go to Qing Bei Yanjing, and he is basically One is in the sky and the other is underground. Anyway, he doesn't accept your affection, so just leave him alone." Ma Yuanyuan persuaded again.


At the same time, Qin Kelan walked in with a sullen expression in the teacher's office of the English group in the senior year.

In the corridor just now, He Xuan's words really made her very angry.

As a senior high school student, how can you say such...so "indecent" words?

Moreover, the object of "insults" is still the teacher in charge of the class.

"Teacher Ge, what's the matter with the current students? All he thinks about are these unscrupulous things. He also said that my...I have big breasts?"

Sitting at the desk, Qin Kelan angrily talked about this with another female teacher.

When Teacher Ge heard the words, he was also a little bit happy, and said: "Teacher Qin, look for yourself, the students are not wrong! Your breasts are quite big..."

"Is it big?"

Qin Kelan looked down, her chest rising and falling, she was shocked, "It's really big, why didn't I think it before?"

"Actually, Teacher Qin, you don't need to be so angry. Little boys like this are already in puberty, and male hormones are strong, and they are prone to sexual impulses. Especially, you, the teacher in charge of the class, dress in front of them every day. Come and go, if they don't think about you, wouldn't it be even more abnormal? It means that your teacher Qin has no charm and can't conquer even the little boys who are in love?"

Teacher Ge, who has been teaching for more than 20 years, enlightened Qin Kelan with a smile, "Furthermore, doesn't he only dare to say this behind his back? I want to be me, if I hear a male student'admiring' like this behind his back. , I’m so happy that it’s too late! Explain! I still have the charm of my old lady..."

"Teacher Ge, I'm so angry with my students, you still make fun of me."

Although Qin Kelan still had an angry expression on her face, she actually accepted Teacher Ge's statement in her heart.

Moreover, Teacher Ge's words also reminded her that in the future, she has to think about her clothes, otherwise a little boy like He Xuan will see it and think about it all day.

"It's not that I said you, Teacher Qin, you should also find a boyfriend and enjoy the nourishment of love. You are so beautiful, and there are many young men who pursue you. Why? Didn't you catch your eye?"

Teacher Ge said jokingly, "Do you want me to be you a matchmaker? Help you find someone?"

"Teacher Ge, I won't bother you. I don't want to find a boyfriend yet. I'll talk about it after I finish this year of high school."

With a guilty conscience, Qin Kelan hurriedly pretended to look down at the news on the computer screen.

Who thinks a QQ message popped up at exactly this time, sent by college girlfriend Li Huanhuan.

"Lan Lan, the Poetry Association will be active tonight, don't forget to call your mysterious boyfriend who can play the violin and write poems?"

Seeing this news, Qin Kelan's heart shook, knowing that this event was not good.

She and her best friend Li Huanhuan are both members of Shenghai Poetry Association.When the Poetry Association was active last month, Li Huanhuan, who drank too much, kept pulling her to introduce her boyfriend.

Qin Kelan lied that she had a boyfriend to appease her.

He also said that his boyfriend is very good. He can not only play the violin, but also write poems. He also said that the next Poetry Association will bring it to everyone.

But who knows that Li Huanhuan, who has always been drunk, can only remember what he is called, but remembers it so tightly, no matter how Qin Kelan shirks, she insists on asking her to bring her boyfriend to the Poetry Association tonight. .

"Oh! I really got squeezed in my head by the door. What am I comparing to a drunk person! Now I am shooting myself in the foot..."

Regrettably, Qin Kelan patted herself on the head in annoyance, and said, "Where can I find such a boyfriend now?"

However, at this moment, an ambiguous web page suddenly popped up on the computer screen.

"Welcome to share boyfriend, as long as you place an order, no matter what kind of request, we will wholeheartedly provide you with the most perfect boyfriend experience..."


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