Follow the spiral staircase that leads to the bottom of hell, before the second layer of labyrinths formed by black walls and ground that emit a hint of light.

It looks like wooden like the upper layer, but it feels like iron when you touch it with your hands when you try it.

Not only that, I don't know what it is, but there's an intimidating atmosphere everywhere.

Compared to the first floor, the space is quite large, and even in places like aisles, it is about 10 meters long and 10 meters long.

"This is the second layer." Compared to the upper layer and the labyrinth so far, it feels very creepy... "

"It's the same thing that magic is thick, but you can also feel that it's mixed with unfamiliar powers." If there are monsters here, you should be careful. "

"If it's the first layer, what kind of place is the second layer?" If the labyrinth structure is a changing type, it will be a problem.

It took a few days to break through the first layer, but what if it worked the same way again...

Well, even so, the laws are somewhat similar, and since there are dimension halls, it seems that we can conquer them earlier than the first layer.

In the meantime, it's still unchanged in the unchanged realm, so Martina has multiple ghosts waiting for her in the map app.

Hmm, it looks like there's no sign of a monster from a friend's report.

"Even when I looked at it in the map app, there was no monster response." If you're not caught exploring Martina, it doesn't look like you're hiding either.... "

"It's easy, but it's creepy."

"There were so many torrents up there." I think I'll be able to go deeper right now! "

This labyrinth torrent is completely useless to map app detection, but even if it was mimicry because it's being scouted directly by the Ghost, the line is thin.

I thought there were no monsters in the area I was exploring.

I wonder if there is such a thing as a lot of torrents overflowing in the first layer.

If you look at the labyrinth sweetly, you will definitely see painful eyes, and you can't go deeper than this...

As Martina's Ghost continues her exploration, and everyone talks about it, Gralier looks around and sees something bothering her.

"Mr. Gralier? Did you get anything?"

"There is a strange sign that I didn't feel when I was upstairs. I couldn't tell exactly what it was, but it was probably a monster. I'm not sure I can feel the same sign from multiple directions......”

Hmm, I know there's something lurking in this hierarchy somehow, but I don't think we've got a clear picture of who it is.

I don't know if it's the same sign. Martina and Freesia tilted their necks and seemed to be the only ones who could feel Gralier.

I think that only Mr. Gralier can feel it after coming to this labyrinth, it is related to the spirit tree.

I was expecting a monster... but considering that Martina's Ghost hasn't been found yet, it's definitely a nuisance.

Somehow the Ghost was able to make sure we were safe after the search, and we slowly resumed the search.

After all, there were no monsters, no traps, and they could proceed without any disturbance.

"There's no fluctuation so far, and there's really nothing."

”There's no monsters coming out of the labyrinth, and if it's so quiet, I'm worried about it.”

"How about moving on with that stick all at once?" I think it's safe to be around where my friends are ahead of us. ”

"No, I want to avoid using the dimension hall all of a sudden." I'm not saying I don't trust Martina's Ghost, but I still don't understand the traits of this hierarchy. This Heihachi is surprisingly cautious. "

"I feel like I'm just being cowardly." But I agree with Okura-san. No matter what happens in the Labyrinth, it's not surprising, so no matter how vigilant you are, you won't be short. ”

"Suddenly you're too far away from the entrance." We need to make sure we get away right away. Securing a retreat is important. "

I wanted to quickly conquer the labyrinth, but I was reluctant to use it easily considering that I hit the monster storage area with the dimensional hall on the first floor.

The mysterious presence of Mr. Gralier is also troubling, so you should refrain from bold moves until you know who he is.

Yes, while I was worried and vigilant for a while, a change came to the quiet labyrinth.

"Huh? It's starting to shake..."

I wonder if the structure will change like before?

It's the same trick. It's just a troublesome, handsome labyrinth.

”... no, wait. The signs are getting closer - avoid them!”

Immediately after Gralier shouted so, the wobble grew louder, and a gigantic black centipede popped up from the wall on the right.

I was supposed to be too vigilant all of a sudden, but the reaction was delayed for a moment, and it was approaching at a tremendous speed.

Instantly, a huge black skeleton appeared in the purple urn that was already gathered in front of us.

It's the most powerful Undead presence Martina has ever spoken to her friends.

Megumori grasped the approaching hammer with a huge shield in her hand, restraining her from going any further while being pushed.

A dark purple aura was emanating from Martina's body, and it was pouring into the Mentomori as if to push her back.

”Guuu... I'm being pushed down by my friend...”


Esther's magic bombardment frightened the black turtle.

It seems that Martina's negative force was caught because she was in contact with Megumi, and the blasted area is severely burnt due to debuffs.

I immediately stopped and gestured like I was looking at this, and then returned to the wall at a tremendous speed and disappeared.

The part where the rash disappeared has been restored as if nothing had happened.

There's a much bigger hole in the wall than the Mentomori... it's like it was part of this wall from the beginning.

”What the hell was that... I couldn't defeat you and escaped”

"It looked like the attack was working, but there was no sign of defeating it at all." If it hadn't been for Martina's debuffs, it might have been dangerous. "

"It looks like Mentomori's body was about to fall apart..." If you hadn't used all your negative force, you would have defeated me. "

"I wonder what that monster really was..." Didn't you see the status, Okura-sama? "

No, I was able to show up in the status app before I ran away.

Esther's attack succeeded in pointing the camera at her phone while she was frightened.

If only I could see his status, I should know what he was like... "


●Elderplant Terminal Race: Plant

Level: 85


MP: 0

Attack: 11,000

Defense: 10,000

AGI: 200

Magic Resistance: 185

Intrinsic Ability Ultrasound Regenerative Epidermal Exfoliation Assimilation

Skill Essence Absorption Binding Steelized Seed Bullet


Hee... you're stronger than anything I've ever encountered in a labyrinth!?

Is that a sign of HP? What the hell is that? There's something in my name that bothers me... "

When I showed Sisha and the others their stats, I was just as confused and uneasy as I was.

"Elderplant... you're not ashamed of your name." You don't see any HP. "

"I'm worried about the terminus of the name." This may be an important clue, because it always makes sense to appear in the status app. ”

"Tsk, speaking of ends, the main unit!" That means there's a main unit somewhere! "

"Oh! I can't believe you're Martina!"

"Anyone who can predict that degree can do it. But I don't think it's that simple."

Hmm, it certainly makes sense for Luna.

It was easy to think of the main body as a part of it, but I wonder if the monster in the labyrinth was that simple.

That's right, I was wondering too, but the thoughtful Gralier-san came up with an affirmation of Martina's opinion.

'No, I'm sure that's what I expected. The raid revealed a strange sign. There must have been similar signs scattered around. The vines that stretched out from the main body spread across this layer. "

"I wonder how big the tentacles can be stretched across this layer..." It's strong enough that there are no other monsters. "

"It's at the end of the line." The main unit seems likely to be waiting in the deepest depths, but I can't imagine how strong it is. We don't know when the terminal raid is coming, so we need to be careful. ”

I managed to prevent the first surprise, but I can't be alarmed if I think that raid is coming again.

Moreover, if there is more than one spread over a wide area, there is a possibility that not only one but also more than one will attack at the same time...

It looks like Gralier will know the direction of the raid beforehand, so we need to find the main unit as soon as possible while thinking about countermeasures.