After the search in the library, we went home and stayed in the library again.

It seems strange to move from the library to the library again.

Based on the title of the book that Martina wrote down, she is generating books one after the other.

The ghosts embrace it and store it in a bookcase that holds books from this world.

This library has become a natural sight for the Ghost to manage books... in a way, it's a horror.

Not only did Esther and I sit in such a sight, but Sisha was also called in to discuss her opinions.

I was talking about Leviria now, but it's not about what I heard, it's about herself.

Martina said that Leviria-san was a holy knight.

"Hoho, you're the Paladin?" That's interesting again, isn't it? "

"Does Sisha know anything about the Holy Knight?"

"I have knowledge because I am a person who treats the same divine power." In a nutshell, a knight with the power of a guru? ”

"It would be too much." Doesn't that make Sisha feel like a Holy Knight when she uses her sword? "

"The one I just talked about is really rough." The Holy Knight is a man of sacred power whose main subject is the knight. It's similar to being able to heal and have high resistance to curses, but the difference is that you can use the divine power as a destructive power. ”

"Can't you do that to Sisha?" Look, you were shooting like a beam in a cemetery the other day. "

"It is physically possible to improve your physical abilities, but it is difficult to convert them directly into destructive power. If it's easy to imagine, you can shoot like Esther's beam from the sword. My light is only effective against undead and cursed objects, so it has no physical destructive power.”

In retrospect, I was blinded by the flashy appearance, but I didn't physically break anything.

Because Sisha used her limbs to physically hit her, she only had the image of destroying things with that guru beam.

In other words, the Holy Knight was a warlike official.... I wonder what kind of combat it is because of Sisha.

Esther leans her hand against her cheek and asks me a question, thinking that it's hard to imagine.

Isn't there a Holy Knight in the UR unit?

"Ah, there was once a holy knight named Alkmere." If you're Sisha, you've heard of her name, haven't you? "

"No, I've never heard of it." Even though we're being summoned from the gacha, it seems that the place we were in may be different from the country, even from the continent. It may be unusual for us to recognize each other. Sometimes I talk about the original world, but Nore and I were very close. ”

"I wasn't very interested in other people, so I didn't want to talk about it." Martina may be the most familiar of us all. Still, there are limits. "

I see, even in the GC game settings, the stage flew over here every chapter.

The UR units were not particularly involved in the main scenario, so I feel that they were often sub-story and talked about in different countries and regions.

Nord will also appear in the main scenario, but she won't be able to tell her own story until she comes out as an enemy.

I had only read the sub-story to a bonus level, and I didn't have all the UR units, so the information in that area is pretty vague.

Martina came to us with about a dozen books that she was sorting out around the end of the story.

"Noo, I've made a lot of notes, so it's going to take some time to sort out." For now, I've picked up what seems to be relevant! "

"Heehee, you've found this much just for that time." We were looking for you, too, but we weren't looking for you. After all, it's amazing when it comes to knowledge about books and such. "

"Eheh, eheh... no, it's not that bad!"

"The key is not the number, but the quality, the contents of this book." I won't admit it until you confirm it. "

"Praise him honestly." Me and oniisan couldn't be found at all. I would like to use it as a reference when looking for documents in the future. "

We used to talk to Levielia, but we couldn't find any books that could help us.

Isn't he too talented to find this kind of hobby book while searching for it?

It would be a pity if it wasn't eroded by the two of us... maybe that's why they're so friendly.

Martina began to talk in a serious manner as she shone and coughed.

But Sisha-san is right, I don't know if it will be useful unless I check the contents properly.

"Huh? But you chose it because you might have some information?"

"Of course. At first, I looked for a book that seemed to have information about the other people, but I couldn't find any details." That's why I decided to look for stories and essay books. "

"In other words, I didn't seem to have any direct material, so I thought I'd look for information from someone's story?"

"That's right!" Easy-to-understand books are treated as forbidden books first, but those types of books escape censorship. There are quite a few real stories that are told as stories. There was also a book that summarized my personal notes from the past, but I wonder if this could be a little more accurate. "

"Hmm, that's a fair argument, isn't it?" Let me help you with that idea. ”

Ah, thank you!

The habit that Sisha didn't admit before, he returned the palm of his hand in a sloppy manner.

Martina is happy to see it with a frank smile!

... haah, these two are getting tired of trying to penetrate, but I'm sure Martina's focus was on a perspective we didn't have.

Leviria says there's no hard information in the restricted area, but maybe we can find some inconspicuous books.

But getting information from the book I talked about seems pretty hard.

"But it's a story or an essay." Isn't it hard to read it and find information about other people? "

"That's the problem." For example, this part of the book says, "The mystical work of the people living in the deep forest in the northeast," but this is about the elves. There are other parts that are closed, but there are also parts that say that they can create a relationship of interaction or that they have given strange fruits. If it is written in a way that only the inhabitants of this world can understand, we alone have the limitations to decipher it. "

"There aren't many physical features in this book." It says things like beauty that looks beyond what people know. "

Ahh, indeed, she was such a beauty like Gralier-san

"Hey, Okura-san was thinking about that in the elves' house, right?"

"Hmm, oniisan is going to be de-redeemed by anyone right away." I met Leviria in the library, and she looked like that, too. "

"I-I didn't think about that at all!" Even suspicious people were vigilant! "

"It's completely unconvincing to be denied in such a hurry..."

Estelle swells her cheeks at Sisha, and Martina, who looks at me with dazed eyes, has no one on my side.

Why are you talking about me from a book? It's my fault for the slip... no, it's not my fault! It's not bad!