Hero Academy.

80% of the population is one of the most famous educational institutions in the modern world.

Many aspiring heroes.

A cold reality where the majority of aspiring students are frustrated by difficulty entrance exams.

The last of those admission exams was taking place inside the academy.

There was a holographic monster in the big stadium.

On the other hand, there were apprentices and overseers taking the test inside the cage.

And there was a loud laughter in the waiting room.

"Hey, he's crazy."

"Oh, I'll just kill time again and give it up."

The protagonist of the ridicule, Hojin Seok, stood still like a nail in his seat.

It wasn't because of the teasing of the aspiring academy students around him.


Did people say they can't take any action if they're in a situation that's too embarrassing?

In the last few hours, Hodgins has been the only mate.


A cool breeze creeps into the metal cage and slaps your cheeks.

Given the feeling of the wind, the current situation is clearly real.

Nevertheless, Jin felt all this situation was too unrealistic.

Because you obviously are.

'... he's dead.'

Hojin Seok wrote the name of the worst villain and was chased to death by everyone in the world.

But when I opened my eyes again, I couldn't smile.

It was because I was an undergraduate in the Hero Academy entrance exam.

It also became Kim Chang-sik, the strongest hero who was in the opposite situation.

A deep sigh came out of the mouth of Jinsuk.

"… I need to solve this situation first."

Again, he hears the apprentice's murmur in his ears.

"Chang-sik Kim, that bastard's frozen again. You want to show me something stupid this time?"

"What's the number one? Why would he take the Academy entrance exam if he's going to do that?"

"Hey! Just give up and come out."

The next supervisor nods and stops him.

"Examiner Kim Chang-sik, if you're scared, you can stop giving up."

Kim Chang-sik, who heard that, so Hojin Seok smiled.

"The man you call your greatest hero was originally treated like this? '

"… interesting."

The supervisor who saw him tilted his head.

The final exam requires the highest difficulty.

'Monster hologram battles over 80% reproduction rate….'

Apprentices who were not in the field were terrified and gave up on the life of hologram monsters.

And Kim Chang-sik, who's been known to be a coward?

The overseer flinches at the monsters ready beyond Cage.


Plus, this Hologram Monster is a difficulty class Velociraptor.

The apprentices were predators who were afraid to even face them.

A sighing supervisor raises his hand to dry the stone.

"Again...? Huh?"

However, with no room for the overseer to stop him, he pulls out his practice sword and leaves the cage.


The motivators who were watching his actions began to gloat.

"What's that? Are you really going to kill yourself?"

"Shouldn't we stop them? Even if that's a hologram, it's still shocking."

"Huh? Hey! Hey, isn't he crazy? Run to Raptor first?!"

His comrades glanced at him in unison.

A sword for practicing martial arts that swings at the same time.


A very simple, single sword.

However, the head of the famous Raptor was slit by the sword.


He taps his sword against his shoulders and heads to his fearsome comrades.

"What are you looking at?"

A man who was called an all-time villain entered the Hero Academy.

* * * * *

Placement with some guidance from the supervisor after the entrance exam.

He seems to be saying something important, but he nods roughly and enters the assigned dormitory.

Quiet single room.

Dense desks and furniture.

On your desk, you hear a bird chirping through the window.

Jinsuk chases after the sound and opens the window.

Chop chop.

A cool breeze that touches your face.

The fresh air filled my lungs.

My heart thumped.

"... is alive."

You can see a large tree from a distance.

And the big academy front door looks a little farther away.


Again, you see yourself reflected in the window next to you.

"... Why Kim Chang-sik?"

He taps his face and examines his body.

It was the image of Kim Chang-sik, the hero he knew.

I couldn't understand the situation.

He lowers his head and sweeps his stomach slowly.

Obviously, he stabbed him in the stomach and died.

"Suddenly, Kim Chang-sik..."


He stayed in the room for two days, trying to figure out the situation.

So I came to the conclusion.

"I came back to life and became Kim Chang-sik."

Clear eyes and white skin reflected in the window.

The most recognized hero on the face of the earth by Zata.

Obviously, it was the same as the Hero Kim Chang-shik.

And most importantly,

"... back in time."

Of course, it was not just a hypothesis that it looked young.

Just after he took the Academy entrance exam.

It was approximately 45 years ago in the candidate period of Kim Chang-shik, who was called the strongest.

In fact, put all that aside.

"The calendar in the room was five years ago."

I thought about it all together.

I returned to the past and possessed Kim Chang-sik, who is also called the strongest hero...

I understand the situation.

By the way.

"Does this make sense?"

After a long time of bruising, he finally lay down on the bed.


Gray concrete ceiling.

Even if he believed this, he could not figure out what to do next.

Do I have to go to the country now? '

About five years ago, he suddenly sighed as he recalled where he was.

"What if I find it? And then what?"

If, in fact, you could meet another 'Hojin Seok', would you be able to tell him the truth?

He shakes his head to the left and to the right.

"Treat me like I'm crazy. Good thing I didn't beat you."

He closes his eyes to his complicated head.

"Phew... Let's rest for a bit."

Jinseok was chased without rest for the past few months, so this moment was so comfortable.

As my body became comfortable, my memories of the past began to rise above the water.

Absolute power you used to have.

I was misunderstood by a lot of people because of the power to remind me of villains.

Of course, it was a little because of his personality.

'... Isn't it a little harsh to think of you as a villain because of your traits?'

I had a self-absorbed laugh.

In the guise of the 'Billon' organization boss, Jang Rail, he was framed as the worst villain.

Of course, he noticed the strangeness, but he stood in front of the public to solve the world and misunderstanding.

She has a fierce personality and a fierce look.

And a billastic dark characteristic.

'… and it was because of that that that he was clearly branded as the worst villain.'

Since then, I've been chased by everyone in the world.

In the end, I closed my eyes with the scars all over my body.


Jin unknowingly grabbed hold of the ship that had been hit by the railroad train at the last moment.

"Ugh... Son of a bitch! '

Vengeance for the railroad began to burn again.


He woke up from his seat.


Isn't this a second chance?

'I alone fought against the organization' Billon 'responsible for the world's great axis.'

There, I carried a large group called the Hero Association on my back.

His heart began to beat roughly with a baton.

"… there is a chance."

No, to be honest, it was enough.

Now, of course, he's only a candidate for the Academy.

He's an extraordinary man who will later become the greatest hero.

I am also competent enough to admit that 'Chang-sik Kim' is 0.8 Hojin Seok.

"Well, I'll fill in the other 0.2."

Above all, what you can expect most from the situation.

'Information only.'

Only he knew what was going to happen in the future.

As he reaches that point, he spreads out his notebook and quickly begins to squeeze.

'The Heroes Association has not watered them once or twice this year.'

I was able to quickly clean up the big incidents thanks to the fun of watching the newspapers on my own without any large interactions.

And furthermore, he smiled at the mouth as he thought he was going to intercept the artifact from the railroad.

"Ha! Maybe it won't take long for revenge."

The weaknesses of the organizational 'Billon' executives that I learned during the last few months of fighting.

'And the artifacts that are deep asleep in the Academy because I don't know what they are....'

However, the coarse handwriting stopped.

"… Huh?"

His eyes widen in embarrassment.

'… Wait, so now we have to live in the Academy?'

The Academy is nothing more than a death sentence for him who has never lived in a group.

He kicks his mouth short.

"It's natural to graduate from the Academy to carry the Hero Society on your back..."

When you have a frown on your itchy head.


Suddenly, a hologram spear appeared from the air.


[A True Hero]

We've been calling people "heroes," people who have the power to lead the public and change the world.

Many people call themselves heroes, but only one true hero is recognized by the 'world'.

It was only you, Chang-sik Kim, who was born into that fate.

"... What the hell."

The hologram of the absurd content did not shut his mouth.

But the system didn't give him time to calm down.


"The Path of a True Hero: The First"

Check the status window to understand your awakened qualities and abilities.

[Clear condition]

1. Check Status Window (0/1)


1. Bonus Stats 1

I never would have trusted him.

But considering what had already happened to him, it was pretty cute.

"Hero" reward? Is it like a quest? '

As I began to understand the situation, his embarrassed face began to crumple.

"So this guy's been sucking on it this whole time?"

Thinking about it, Kim Chang-shik started flying his name after entering the academy.

That's the fate of Kim Chang Ceremony set by the world.

"I don't want to offend you. When I'm rolling around, it's not like the world is running on a clean slate."

Of course, from now on, I'm going to run the well-paved road myself....

with a super-intelligence engine.

He takes a deep breath and checks the status window.



Name: Chang-shik Kim

(Hero aspiring)

§ Force: D

§ Agility: D

§ Health: E

§ Magical Power: B

Bonus stats: 0

[Exclusive Attribute]

1. (New!! Hero Detection (Irregular)

You can see their status window.

(The stronger the opponent, the more information you will see)

2. (New!!) Modification


As soon as you check the status window, a system window appears stating that you've claimed your reward, but he can't help but check it out.

"... It's different, isn't it?"

Because the nature of his Awakening was much different from the nature of the hero he knew, Kim Chang-shik.

As he became Kim Chang Ceremony, he wondered if the future was a little twisted.

'I'm not sure yet, but this world might go a little differently than I know...' '

He looked at the notebook with a somewhat embarrassing look on his face, with his hard work on what will happen in the future.

And that's when.

[Ah, Cadet Kim Chang-sik. Candidate Chang-shik Kim, please come to Class A right now.]

His glances are greatly frowned at the sound of a series of loud broadcasts.

"... I should go first."

* * * * *

The ceremony slowly walked out of the dormitory and into a large branch of the unusual academy.

"Are the formal students on vacation?"

Candidate education for formal student holidays.

Due to this, the Academy's vast branch is empty.

"Where is candidate A class?"

A woman stepped on his gaze, looking for a candidate building, leaning over several buildings.


The dark woman was squatting and playing with the lively squirrel.

The ceremony, which no one else wanted to ask about, immediately approached her.



She keeps playing with squirrels to make sure she didn't hear.

The ceremony was a little closer.

"Let me ask for directions."

Then I heard her head slowly.

Curiously, her eyes met the ceremony.

At the same time, the expression of the ceremony distorted.

"You want me to answer people's calls?"

With her eyes wide open at the ceremony of looking straight at her, she looks around.

And then she pointed to herself with long, thin hands.

"?? Me?"

Her absurd reaction made her tongue short.

"Okay, who's here besides you?"

"… Huh? Can you see me??"

The brow of the ceremony frowned.

"What nonsense is that?"

"No, that's not it..."

"Done. Cadet A, do you know where she is?"

"Candidate class? Uh..., there's the fourth floor of the building."

She points to a building with a expression on her face.

The ceremony that remembers the building she told you about nods roughly.

"Yes, thank you."

And then the ceremony of taking a step straight away.

She grabbed him urgently.

"Wait! Are you a candidate?"

"Hmm? Well, yeah."

"Then what's your name...?"

Her face suddenly turned red like a carrot.

The ceremony looked at her strangely and replied.

"Chang-sik Kim."

A ceremony where you go on your way with just one name.

She glanced back at him like that.

"... What an amazing girl!"

She looks down at the lively squirrel circling around her.

"Isn't that right?"

At the same time, the squirrel collapses on the grass.

The energetic energy is nowhere to be found and smells of nasty corpses.

The squirrel was already dead a long time ago.

"Cadet Kim Chang-sik..."

I smiled at her mouth.

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