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Chapter 1 The Cooperation of Xiaozhuzi and Xiaobanzi


A straight fist hit the ground simply and directly, directly causing the ground of Fang Yuan to collapse tens of meters.

The strong energy shot all around, forming an invisible wind blade, smashing all the surrounding obstacles to smash!

Large swaths of smoke filled the surrounding area, but in an instant, three black figures rushed out of the smoke.

Although the three figures stood in three directions, two figures stared at one of them.

"Master Shuiying!!"

Several ninjas from Wunin Village looked anxiously at the figure ahead.

No one thought that strong men like Uchiha Madara and Senju Zhuma would join forces to deal with one person.

The pride of being a strong man!

Even though they recognized the strength of their own water shadows, they couldn't help showing worried expressions when facing the two in front of them, Uchiha Madara and Senjujuma, who were also called monsters.

"You Fight, anyway, you can't leave today."

Qianshouzhu's mouth was slightly pursed, and his face was somewhat complicated.

Although the two belonged to the same villages, Senshou Zhuma still admired You Dou in his heart.

At the end of the whole troubled times, the right fighting forces accounted for a large part.

But because of this, this peace that has come so hard can never be broken by anyone!

Thinking of this, Senshouzu's eyes became more firm.

Not far from the Senjujuan, there was also a silent figure standing, this person was Uchiha Madara.

Uchiha Madara was somewhat silent when thinking of what You Dou said during the Five Shadows meeting not long ago.

"What is true peace? The so-called method of dividing the tail beast is simply stupid!"

"Only by unifying the entire ninja world and making all ninjas belong to the same country, then naturally there will be no war."

"What if the tail beasts are divided?"

"How can the Five Ninja Villages stop fighting because of a mere tail beast!"


Uchiha Madara's eyes condensed, and what You Dou said is indeed worth thinking about. However, even if one day it is true, it will not be him Right Dou, but Uchiha Madara!

Seeing between Uchiha Madara and Senjuju in front of him, Right Dou twisted his neck, with a helpless look on his face.

Although he knew that sooner or later he would be an enemy of the two of them, but he didn't expect it would be so soon.

Sure enough, you shouldn't be pretending to be coercion, wretched development is king!

Although Qianshou Zhuma has always behaved naively, he is extremely decisive!

"Little pillar, little team, you two really want to fight with me. You must know that you can't kill me. Be careful when you lose me. Your newly built Konoha Village is my territory."

You Dou shouted at the two people in front, with a mocking expression on his face.

"Huh, not ashamed!"

Madara Uchiha let out a cold snort, and he ignored the title of the team.

"You Fight! The two of us will definitely not let you leave today. Once you leave, the entire Ninja World will definitely fall into war again."

Senjuzuzu said with an unusually firm tone.

Hearing what Senshou Zhuma said, Right Dou curled his mouth. This guy in Senshou Zhuma was a tendon, not to mention that the two were still in different camps.

The peace of the right fighting and the so-called peace between Senjuzu are bound to conflict with each other.

"If this is the case, let's solve everything by fighting!"

You Dou faintly said that this battle has been unavoidable.

If it's just Senjujuma or Madara Uchiha, Uto is confident that no one can stop him.

But in the face of the combination of two people, there is only one way to fight!

"System, display attributes!"

You Dou said silently in his heart.


Name: You Dou

Faction: Wuren Village

Main Quest: Unify Ninja World

Ability: Demi template (immortal body), mutant Black King (Sebastian Shaw) template.

This is the attribute of the right fighting, simple and direct, but it is the capital for the right fighting to settle down.

In fact, up to now, You Dou hasn't really understood his own system.

As soon as he traveled to the world of Naruto, You Dou directly obtained the demihuman template. Relying on the immortality of demihumans and the ability to summon ghosts, You Dou reached the position of Wunin Village, the leader of Water Shadow, within three years.

After becoming Shui Ying, the system that was almost forgotten by You Dou suddenly made a sound, and then gained the mutant Black Emperor ability.

There is no need to think about the next thing, physique is invalid for right fighting, and ninjutsu is also invalid, plus the immortal body of the demihuman.

You Dou can be called invincible. This is also the reason why You Dou's reputation in the Ninja world almost faintly overwhelmed Senjujuma and Uchiha Madara.

Faced with Senjujuma and Uchiha Madara, maybe he still knows the gap between himself and these two people, but facing the right fight, all people can only feel fear.

No matter how you attack, there is no way to cause damage to the right fighting. You can imagine the enemy's psychological shadow area.

Others don't know, but You Dou knows that he is definitely not invincible. The Black Emperor's energy absorption and release are indeed extremely powerful, but the Black Emperor has two fatal weaknesses.

One is that there is an upper limit on the energy he can absorb, but on this point, You Dou is not at all concerned. At least so far, no one can make the energy limit of Right Dou reach one-third in battle.

As for the second one, it was against mental attacks, the Black Emperor had almost no resistance.

In the world of Naruto, the so-called mental attack is illusion.

But for now, the only thing that makes You Dou more fortunate is that until now, no one has discovered this weakness of You Dou.

Because of the immortal body, every time you die, Right Dou's mental power can be improved. Therefore, you can directly ignore some common illusions.

As for the high-level illusion users, the general physical skills are relatively poor, so once they meet with the right fight, they will basically be killed by one blow, and there is no chance to use the illusion.

This is why, up to now, no one has discovered the real reason for the weakness of You Dou.


Youto raised his head and cast a secret look in the direction of Uchiha Madara. If the opponent uses illusion, he might be a bit dangerous.