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Chapter 3 The Long Sword of Several Hundred Meters


The sound of a dragon chant came from the direction where the Qianshou Zhujian was.


The entire ground exploded directly, and the wooden dragon hundreds of meters large directly rose into the air, and Qianshou Zhujian stood quietly on top of the wooden dragon's head.

On the other side, the faint blue flames firmly surrounded Uchiha Madara, and with the blink of an eye, a giant also hundreds of meters in size appeared in front of You Dou.

"It seems that you two have given up using ninjutsu?"

You Dou raised his head and looked at the two people standing on top of Mulong and Susanonhu.

"One test of ninjutsu is enough. Your blood inheritance limit is indeed a bit more powerful than imagined, but I don't think that you can be completely immune to Siamese."

Uchiha Madara put his hands on his shoulders, and said in an unusually cold tone.

Qianshouzhujian's serious expression: "You Dou, you are also one of the three great masters in troubled times, the warm-up is over!"

"What! Are they the two strongest people in Konoha!"

"What a terrible Chakra, this is the power to end troubled times!"

"Master Shuiying will be fine, right?"

"Don't worry, Master Shuiying is far stronger than we thought!"

The many Wuren Villages staying in the distance endured, seeing the two giants and wooden dragons that were several hundred meters in size, could not help making shocked sounds.

"Really, there is no big way to bully me! But if that's the case, let's make a big deal!"

Right Dou twisted his neck. After all, raising his head and looking at something hundreds of meters high would make his neck very tired.

As an alpha-level mutant, the Black King's abilities are far more powerful than those shown in the movie!

The Black Emperor's ability is the ability to absorb all forms of energy and transform it into its own energy. Even all energy in motion, including electric energy, kinetic energy, wind energy, etc., can be absorbed and used by the right fighting, and the power becomes infinite.

In ordinary battles, You Dou will not fully use his abilities. After all, even if he stands still, the energy generated by the flow of air in the air is extremely terrifying.

It is a troublesome thing to absorb too much energy and not consume it.

However, in the face of the combination between Uchiha Madara and Senjuju, only full firepower is the most correct choice.

Regarding consumption, You Dou is not afraid of anyone!


Along with Right Dou's ability to completely liberate himself, the entire ground trembled slightly.

Countless energy flowing in the air began to gather in the direction of the right bucket, and the originally clear sky was instantly shrouded in dark clouds.

The wind howled in the sky, and the sound of thunder blasted in the sky.

Around the area where You Dou was standing, even the air was slightly distorted.

This is the horror of Alpha-level mutants!

A heart-palpitating breath radiated from Youtou's body, and the pupils of Senjue Zhuma and Uchiha Madara shrank simultaneously.

Senshou Zhuma clearly felt the Xianshu Chakra in the air, rushing towards You Dou's body with all his strength, not only the Xianshu Chakra, but also all kinds of energy.

Such mottled and messy energy all poured into a person's body, not to mention petrification, I am afraid that there will be no residue left in the direct explosion.

However, You Dou not only didn't look like a fairy, but even absorbed so much energy, and even his body did not change at all.

"Who was the first?"

Right Dou grinned slightly, his fists hit randomly, and there was a loud sonic boom!


Right Dou slammed on the ground, and the entire ground cracked and burst open. In the next instant, Right Dou disappeared in place.

"Maa! Behind you!"

Senshouzhu suddenly roared.

Madara Uchiha’s kaleidoscope wrote that the wheel’s eyes turned crazy: "I can see it!"

"Little team, how can you see, your body can't keep up?"

Right Dou smiled slightly, and with the help of the upward punch, his entire body floated behind Susano's head!


A punch was blasted, and the entire air was directly beaten up, and Susa Runka's head was like a piece of paper, and it was directly shattered by a punch from You Dou.

Uchiha Madara reacted quickly. The moment Right Dou appeared behind him, Uchiha Madara had moved from the position of Susano's head to the middle of his chest.

Even so, Uchiha Madara was still shocked when the other party broke through his own Susao so easily.


A dragon chant sounded violently in the air, and the huge wooden dragon rushed forward, bit the right bucket in his mouth, and then slammed into the ground.


The whole ground directly splashed with monstrous smoke.

On the ground, Right Dou was unscathed, but his body was slightly stiff.

Qianshou Zhuma's eyes flashed eagerly, and it seemed that their guess was correct.

"Seal technique?"

A smile appeared at the corner of Uchiha's mouth. This was the only thing that made people happy when he was standing in battle.

After all, Uchiha Madara is best at ninjutsu, and Uto is almost immune to all ninjutsu.

The Black Emperor's abilities, apart from the illusion that cannot be absorbed, also have no absorbing ability for ninjutsu such as seals.

Therefore, Mu Dun has a certain restraint effect for You Dou.

But it's just restraint!

Right Dou stretched out his fists and kept bombarding the wooden dragon biting himself.

Suddenly sawdust were plentiful, and the leading position of the wooden dragon was hammered out of shape almost in an instant.

Even if the Senjue Zhujian kept repairing, the speed of repairing could not keep up with the speed of destruction.

"Completely Sorano!"

Madara Uchiha's eyes glared!

The powerful pupil power poured out from the eyes of the kaleidoscope writing wheel. The already huge Suzuo Nohu suddenly surpassed the mountain peak, and a set of dark blue armor appeared on Suzuo Nohu's body.

Two long swords of several hundred meters composed of energy appeared in the hands of Suzuo Noshi!

"Hey for me!"

Susao Noge, controlled by Uchiha Madara, violently merged the two huge energy long swords in his hands into a more powerful terrifying energy long knife!

Uchiha Madara let out a stern shout again, raised his long sword and slashed in the direction of Youdou: "Slash!!"

Under the constant blessing between Qianshouzhu and Qianshouzhu, You Dou was temporarily trapped in place by the wooden dragon, and would not be able to move at all for a while.

When You Dou saw the long sword that was several hundred meters cut from the sky, the whole person exploded directly!

Even if he possesses the power of the Black Emperor, the right fight at this time also feels a breath of death!