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Chapter 7 This era does not belong to Mizuna, it belongs to Konoha!


A large amount of blood continuously overflowed from the mouth of the right bucket.

In the current state of the right fight, even if there is no attack between Uchiha Madara and Senjuju, it will not last long.

Therefore, for the two people, they are not in a hurry to attack. After all, who knows what kind of backs are hidden in the right fighting, if you fight back before dying, they do not have the immortal body of the right fighting.

The two Qianshou Zhuma were waiting. They were waiting for You Dou to commit suicide. They naturally understood the power of You Dou's immortal body.

This ability is incomprehensible, quite terrifying, but not as terrible as everyone imagined.

The intelligence of a whole room, coupled with Konoha's think tank, Chijuma Senjuma, Madara Uchiha, and others are enough to analyze a lot of things.

For example, You Dou's immortal body, this ability looks perfect, but it has a shortcoming that is not a shortcoming.

That is, after the death of You Dou, it takes one to three seconds to fully resurrect, and the resurrection time should be determined according to the degree of injury.

As long as you die, Uchiha Madara and Senjuzu are enough to seal the right fight dozens of times, causing you to fall into an infinite cycle of death.

Although the two of them were unable to kill You Dou completely, there would be no difference between You Dou itself and death.

Uchiha Madara and Senjujuma are waiting, so are You Dou.

"You two... two of you... so confident you can win..."

You Dou kept breathing heavily, and after saying this, You Dou rolled his eyes in pain.

Hearing Youtou's words, Senju Junma and Uchiha Madara frowned at the same time, and both heard a hint of confidence in Youtou's words.


Senjujuzuma called to Uchiha Madara.

Uchiha spotted his head, no matter what he thought about right, there would be no dead people. The kaleidoscope writing wheel turned crazy again.

Uchiha Madara wanted to perform illusions on Youdou again, and completely solve the trouble of Youdou.


At this moment, two loud noises suddenly came from a distance!

"Bing Dun-everything is frozen with ice!!"

"Bone Veins-Dance of Early Fern!!"

Two loud shouts came from behind You Dou at the same time.

The air, which was originally warm, became extremely cold in an instant, and a large swath of ice instantly covered the entire ground, and everything that the ice passed through seemed to be frozen.


At the same time, in the place where the ice was, large swaths of sharp bones burrowed out of the ground frantically, and instantly combined with the ice to form a bone forest like ice crystals!

Every bone is extremely hard, like steel!

Senjujuma and Uchiha raised their spotted eyebrows, moved their feet, and jumped into the air to avoid the blow.

"The white lotus of the Mizuki clan, and the Yuuye of the Taketori clan."

Uchiha Madara glanced at the two people who suddenly appeared beside You Dou, and said lightly.

The presence of these two people and their family, but hard-core supporters of the right fight, did not make Uchiha Madara appear unexpectedly.

You Dou looked at the huge jar held by the two, with a smile on his face:

"Bai Lian, Yuye, trouble you two."

"Master You Dou, let us be with you in the next battle!"

Bai Lian looked at You Dou and said with a firm face.

Although the name Bai Lian is a bit feminine, Bai Lian is not a woman, but a bad old man.

Right Dou waved his hand, and took a huge jar that was tall from the hands of the two. The surface of the jar was covered with various curse marks.

"You two will leave here right away, and the next battle is not something you can participate in!"

You Dou said with a serious face.


"grown ups……"

Anxious expressions appeared on the faces of Bailian and Yuye at the same time.

"Leave immediately. This is my order as a water shadow. In the entire Mist Ninja, the shadow-level combat power is the only two of you. If you two have another accident, Mist Ninja Village will be shaken as never before. ."

You Dou directly interrupted the conversation between the two, revealing a tone that could not be rejected.

Bai Lian and Jie Ye shook their bodies at the same time, and the two of them had heard a goodbye from You Dou's words!

The two wanted to say something, but You Dou closed his mouth again with a look.

Bai Lian gritted her teeth, took Jie Ye's hand, and quickly fleeed to the distance.

"Why don't you stay! Maybe we can still help the adults create some opportunities."

Yuye broke free of Bai Lian's hand, with a hint of anger in her tone.

"Don't forget that adults are immortal. Even if you are defeated, Master You Dou will eventually return. Maybe we won't see that day, but Wunin Village will see that day."

"What we have to do now is to protect the next Wunin Village, accumulate enough strength, wait for the return of Master You Dou, and then act as a boost to unify the entire Ninja World!"

"This is not just what I mean, it is also a plan made by You Dou and the senior Wu Ren!"

Bai Lian's tone was with unprecedented solemnity and seriousness.

Yuye's body trembled when she heard Bai Lian's words.

You Dou-sama had already expected Konoha to attack him.


The center of the battlefield!

An unprecedented excitement flashed in You Dou's eyes, and he untied all the charms on the jar!


A riot full of riots, the breath of killing instantly rose from the jar.

"No, this is Sanwei!"

Uchiha Madara looked stunned, his face changed wildly.

Senshou Zhuma also reacted, thinking of something in an instant, and shouted, "Stop him!"

"It's too late!"

With a smile on You Dou's face, he watched as the seal was lifted and the three tails sealed in the jar began to recover.

This era does not belong to Mizuna, but Konoha!

But even if he knew the result, You Dou wanted to fight this day!