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Chapter 9 The Last Middle Finger, Exile from Different Spaces

This battle between You Dou and others completely caused a sensation in the entire Ninja World!

The terrifying Chakra!

Endless Ninjutsu!

The power of changing the landscape easily with gestures!

These directly refreshed the cognition of the entire Ninja World. Everyone knows that the strengths of Senju Zhuma, Uchiha Madara, and Youdou are terrifying, but how terrible is it?

The whole Ninja World actually doesn't have much concept, but the battle that lasted for three days in front of me really made everyone understand the gap between the two sides.

Konoha Village, Wunin Village, Sand Ninja Village, Yunnin Village, Iwanin Village!

The countless strong men in the Five Great Ninja Village hide outside the battlefield, secretly watching the scene in the center of the battlefield.

Even with their eyes and ears, they could only vaguely see the three entangled figures in the center of the battlefield.

It's not that they don't want to get close, but that once they get close, even if it is just aftermath, they can kill them countless times, which is not at a level at all.

In the Five Great Ninja Villages, except for the complex expressions of the people in Konoha and Wujin Villages, the faces of the other Ninja villages are unusually calm.

No matter who wins or loses, it doesn't matter to them, the only thing they can do is accept the result.

As for resistance?If you don't want to be annihilated, don't have this idea.


The roar still sounded from time to time, and the loud noise from the beginning of the solar phase has been reduced a lot.

Right here, an angry roar went straight into the sky, but the sound did not last long before it disappeared completely.

At the same time, the explosion and roar in the center of the battlefield completely stopped.

The expressions of the people standing outside the battlefield tightened at the same time, and a thought came up in everyone's mind: It's over!

The people in Wuren Village who were hiding in the distance to watch the battle showed a gray look on their faces and the angry roar. They knew that it was the voice of Master Shuiying fighting right.


Waiting for the return of You Dou!

Messages were quickly passed back to the village by everyone in Wuren Village.

The center of the battlefield!

The appearance of Uchiha Madara and Senjujuma at this time can be described as miserable.

The clothes on the body are only left, only a little cloth can cover the key positions.

The two people had numerous wounds up and down all over their bodies. At the same time, blood was constantly spilling out, as if falling into a pool of blood.

Opposite the two of them, You Dou stood there in a daze, his waist still very straight, but the breath of life on his body had almost disappeared, and the only remaining hand was facing Senjujuma and Uchiha Madara. The direction is comparable to a middle finger.

"This guy, dying, should he despise the two of us?"

Senjuju wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, showing a wry smile.

"It is really exciting to have such a person as an opponent. If he is preparing, instead of arbitrarily attracting the three tails to the body like he is now, it is not necessarily true who wins and who wins. ~"

Uchiha Madara looked at Youto's eyes with pity and happiness.

A proud person like him, in front of You Dou, can't give birth to a trace of pride at all.

Thinking of You Dou's counterattack before his death, no matter whether it was Senjujuma or Uchiha Madara, there was a bit of cold in his heart.

If it weren't for both of them to have a back hand, they might have been desperately killed by You Dou.

"It's over, between the pillars, before he is resurrected, use the seal technique of the whirlpool clan."

Uchiha Madara covered his chest with one hand, and said in a low tone.

Senshou Zhuma nodded and patted the ground lightly. Using the little remaining Chakra, summoned a coffin composed entirely of wooden escapes, and firmly surrounded the right bucket in the coffin.

Between Qianshouzhu's finger, he patted the ground at random, and directly channeled out a huge scroll about one meter high.

He stretched his hand to open the scroll, and shook it in the direction of the coffin. In the scroll, countless black patterns and mysterious patterns seemed to be alive, jumping out of the scroll and quickly printed on the coffin made by Mu Dun.

After finishing all this, Senjuzuma slowly breathed a sigh of relief, and sat on the ground with no image.

Seeing the right to be completely sealed in the coffin, Uchima's eyes still flashed with anxiety.

His hands quickly formed seals, and with the hum of the earth, countless muddy sands directly covered the coffin, followed by a huge flame that spouted from Uchiha Madara's mouth.

The original soft muddy sand quickly solidified, Uchiha Madara used the same ninjutsu dozens of times in succession, and Uchiha Madara stopped until a huge lump appeared in front of them.

"Between the pillars, where are you going to put the body of the right fight?"

Uchiha Madara frowned, with a serious tone in his tone.

"Exile the different space, there is no place, it is safer than there, and it is quiet enough inside."

Seeing the completely solidified soil lump in front of me about a hundred meters in size, the corners of Senshouzhu's mouth couldn't help but twitch.

This soil bump has been condensed dozens of times by Uchiha Madara, and it may become harder than steel.

Not to mention that Right Dou has been sealed in the coffin now, even if it is not sealed, it will definitely not be easy to get out of this iron lump.

In order to prevent the energy absorption of the right bucket, after being condensed, there is no trace of chakra in the soil bumps of nearly 100 meters, and the right bucket cannot absorb energy even if it wants to absorb energy.

Along with the voice between the Qianshouzhu, the soil bumps like a small mountain bang directly, turning into a white mist and disappearing.

1 year before Konoha:

The battle of the three masters, which lasted for three full days, came to an end. In this battle, the first generation of the water shadow right bucket fell, and the era belonging to Konoha really came.

Konoha 3 years:

Senjujuma and Uchiha Madara broke out in the Battle of End Valley, Uchiha Madara was defeated, and Senjujuzuma died shortly after returning to Konoha.

With the death of Qianshouzhujian, the last person of the three heroes in troubled times, the entire Ninja World that had been suppressed for a long time began to faintly show signs of before the storm.

However, the next thing has nothing to do with You Dou.