Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 10 Terumi Ming's Disturbance

Fog Shinobu Village!

Belongs to the country of water, located in the mountains and near the sea.

Because of being shrouded in dense fog all the year round, coupled with the cruel rule of the fourth generation of water shadow period, and the title of "Blood Mist Village".

This makes Wuren Village the most mysterious of the five ninja villages.

The bright sunlight shed from the air, and accompanied by the breeze blowing from the sea, the mist that enveloped the entire Wunin Village was dispersed.

The fog and haze weather that lasted for several days, accompanied by this sunlight, made everyone in Wuren Village feel better.

Water Shadow Office Building!

One of the most famous buildings in Wuren Village.

With emerald green eyes and long curly brown hair that lightly covers the position of the right eye, this is a very beautiful and mature woman.

Terumi Mei, who was sitting in the office of Shuiying, narrowed his eyes slightly and made a lazy movement of stretching his waist.


A slight knock on the door sounded outside the room.

Immediately afterwards, a young man with short gray-blue hair, ******, who looked a little shy in character, walked in with a large stack of documents that needed to be processed.

Seeing this scene, Terumi Mei rolled her eyes and lay directly on the table, speaking weakly:

"Nagajuro, where did you find so many things to do!!"

Chojuro put a large stack of documents in his hand on the desk gently, with a look of embarrassment on his face:

"Sorry, Master Shuiying, there are too many policies that need to be changed and changed during the previous generation of Master Shuiying in power. These things require Master Shuiying to make up his mind."

When talking about the previous generation of Shui Ying, Terumi Mei was out of anger as soon as he came out, gritted his teeth and said:

"This fellow Yakura, the dignified water shadow was actually controlled by someone, and he simply lost the face of Wunin Village!"

The title of "Blood Mist", according to Terumi Mei, is simply an insult to the entire Mist Ninja Village!

"Since Terumi Mei took office, the entire Wunin Village has been greatly improved than before, and even the village has not seen a smile before, and now there are many more. These are all the credit of Terumi Mei!"

Chojuro said with a serious face.

Terumi Mei did not speak, but instead got up and walked to the window, looking at the hot scene outside, his eyes flickered slightly, with a trace of longing.

"The first generation of Shuiying, the magnificent scene created by Lord Youdou during his administration, I really want to see and see."

Changjuro looked at him with a solemn expression, and the status of the word "right fight" in Wuren Village was even higher than that of Senjujuma in Kiye Village.

In recent years, Konoha Village has continuously weakened the influence of Senjujuan on the village, but Wuren Village is different. After so many years, the reputation of Youdou in the entire Wuren Village is not lower than that of the past, but it is even better. !

Maybe ordinary people don't know it, but Shuiying and the high-level people in the past have known a piece of news, that is, Lord You Dou has only been sealed.

It is not like the news from Konoha, who has died in the joint hands of Senjujuma and Uchiha Madara!

When Uchiha Madara and Senjuzuma were still alive, the people of Kirinin Village didn't dare to act rashly.

Only when the two people died one after another, Wuren Village began to use energy to find a place to seal the right fight.

Unfortunately, until the outbreak of the first Ninja World War, Wunin Village had no clue.

Since the second generation of Water Shadow-Ghost Lantern Huanyue took office, all previous generations of Water Shadow will use their power to find the place sealed by You Dou.

It's a pity that the entire Wujin Ninja Village seems to have been targeted by other Ninja Villages. During the first Ninja World War, the second generation of Water Shadow-Ghost Lantern Huan Yue died in the battle.

The Second Ninja World War broke out, and the third generation of Shui Ying died of serious injuries shortly after the war.

Until the fourth generation of Mizukage Yakura took office, with super talent, coupled with the ability to perfectly control the tail beast, Yakura did not die accidentally.

It was just not long after taking office, he was controlled, and the entire Wuren Village was closed, and the practice was "in the blood and fog."

If it weren't for Terumi Mei, he accidentally discovered that his water shadow was controlled by others, and Yakura, who was controlled by other villages, would be able to play the whole fog Ninja Village to death.

Although the previous generations of Shui Ying died and were controlled and controlled, it was not that nothing was left.

One thing that at least three generations of Shuiying has done is to confirm a news.

The place where Master You Dou was sealed was not in the entire Ninja World, but in a different space.

And in this different space, only Qianshou Zhujian can use psychic technique to psychic it out.

Although this is not good news, it is at least much better than the whole Ninja world looking for it.

Terumi Mei's eyes flickered, remembering an important message that Qing had sent to her not long ago.

If the news is true, then what Shui Ying could not accomplish in the past will be completely realized in her hands.

What kind of person is the legendary Master You Dou?

Terumi thought secretly in her heart.


There was a sound of breaking through the air, and a figure suddenly appeared in Shuiying's office.

Looking at this figure, Terumi Mei and Chojuro didn't look surprised at all, but Terumi Mei's eyes flashed with excitement.

"Blue! Have you found Oshawan?"

Terumi Ming stared at the man who appeared suddenly.

"Although it took a lot of effort, it was not in vain. Subordinates have already contacted."

Qing nodded heavily, with a rare excitement in his voice.

Terumi Mei was completely relieved when he heard Qing's affirmation.

Chojuro looked at Terumi Mei and Ao in a daze. Didn't these two guys tell him something important?