What's more, there is the legendary immortal body, what a coveted body this is!

However, Da She Maru still had a trace of unbelief in his eyes, and he hadn't seen it before.

In the Akatsuki organization, there are two guys who claim to have immortal bodies. Unfortunately, in the eyes of Da Shemaru, the immortal bodies of these two people have various defects.

Da She Maru licked his lips and glanced at Zhao Mei Ming and Qing.

The Right Fight has been sealed for nearly 60 years, and it is still in a different space that is empty and without any energy. Is the so-called immortal body true or false? Is there any defect? ​​I am afraid that this era does not. People know.

The reason why Dashemaru cooperated with Wunin Village was not only to get something, but also just in case.

If You Dou really didn't die, then the people in Wujin Ninja Village are here, and Oshemaru may be fine.

After all, like this kind of decisive old monster in the Warring States Period, if you see that it is someone from another village and let it go first, I am afraid that you will directly do it without hesitation. As for the question of whether it is a lifesaver?

For the ninjas of that era, it was the most correct to obliterate any threat in the cradle.

And if You Dou is really dead!

A trace of greed flashed in O Shemaru's eyes. There were four people in Otonin, which must be able to stop Terumi Ming and Qing for a period of time, and this period of time was enough for O Shemaru to take the body of You Dou away.

"Oshewan, you are in a daze, be careful I killed you!"

Terumi Ming did not know when, she had appeared behind Oshemaru, a shuriken reached the position of her heart behind Oshemaru, and said coldly.

"Master Oshemaru!"

At this time, Otoninto four people reacted and quickly surrounded Terumi Mei, and a cold sweat appeared on each of their foreheads. They didn't even see clearly when Terumi Mei appeared.

Da She Maru still had a faint smile on his face, and opened his hands, making a helpless expression:

"It looks like Master Shuiying is already waiting a little anxiously, do you want to..."

Before the words of Oshemaru were finished, Terumi Ming had already twisted Oshemaru's neck!

Terumi Mei took a cold look at the Otonin four people, turned his head and looked at a place not far behind:

"Oshemaru, don't play tricks in front of me."

On the flat ground, a piece of soil suddenly bulged out, and Dashewan came out of the soil directly: "Tsk tsk, have you been found."

Seeing this scene, the group of four Otonin, who surrounded Terumi Mei, quickly dispersed, and then gathered behind Oshamaru again.

Standing on the branch, Qing's figure moved slightly, and an instantaneous spell appeared directly beside Terumi Mei.

"Oshemaru, I hope what you said is true. Otherwise, we don't mind sending the information of Otonin Village to Konoha. By the way, I heard that you have been closer to Sunnin Village recently..."

There was a sneer on Qing's face, and there was an unabashed threat in his tone.

The killing intent in Da She Wan's eyes flashed away, but there was still a Ruoyouruowu smile on his face:

"If you think about it, no one wants to know. The dignified Shui Ying will meet with the traitor."

Terumi Ming and Qing's faces were slightly ugly when they heard Osaimaru's words.

Both sides are asking each other now, so naturally they won't make things too stiff.

At this moment, Qing suddenly smiled, with a hint of suspicion in his tone: "You need to know that different space, but only Qianshouzhu can be psychic?"

Accompanied by Qing's opening, the originally solemn atmosphere eased for a while.

What Qing said, although it seemed that he doubted the ability of Oshe Maru, but in fact it was for both sides to step down.

Oshamaru's face was calm, and he glanced at Jirobo, who was in the crowd of Otonin.

Jirofang immediately understood, took out a huge scroll he was carrying on his back, and slowly spread it out in front of everyone.


Along with Jirofang's hands forming a seal, a living person who was tied up and gagged directly appeared at the center of the scroll.

Seeing this scene, everyone present looked calm, everyone was a ninja, and naturally knew what would happen next.

After doing all this, Jirofang respectfully retreated behind Oshemaru.

Dashewan didn't have the slightest sluggishness, his hands quickly formed marks, and he let out a low drink:

"Forbidden technique-rebirth from the dirty soil!"

A large amount of dust immediately buried the living person and began to form another person's image.

In the blink of an eye, a brand new figure appeared in front of everyone.

Terumi Ming and Qingtong suddenly shrank, with an incredible expression on their faces, watching this scene!

Senshou Zhuma!!

Although the two had never seen the real Senjujuma, they had seen the portrait of Senjujuma.

Not to mention, on the Hokage Rock in Konoha Village, the appearance of each generation of Hokage can be carved on it.

This ninjutsu can actually manipulate the dead!

Terumi Ming and Qing looked at each other at the same time, and the same thought flashed through their minds.

Dashemaru is too dangerous!

"Where is this? Do I remember I am dead?"

Senjuzuzuma slowly opened his eyes, with a look of doubt in his eyes.

At the next moment, Senshou Zhuma also seemed to feel the condition of his body, his eyebrows not only frowned:

"Sure enough, did you develop this technique?"

"Hello, Lord Thousand-Hand Pillars, I'm really sorry to summon you from the Pure Land of the Underworld to reality."

Although Oshemaru said sorry in his words, there was no sense of sorry in his tone, but the excitement on his face had not concealed it.

Senjujuma looked at the forehead guard on Oshemaru's forehead, a symbol that he hadn't seen before, Xiaonin Village?

However, when Senjuzuzuma looked at Terumi Ming and Qing's forehead protection, his expression suddenly changed!

Just seeing the forehead of Wunin Village and the state he is in now, Senju Zhuma already understood what happened.

"Senior Senjujutsuma, the next thing will trouble you."

Oshemaru walked behind the reincarnated Senjujuma, and directly inserted the kunai engraved with the seal into the back of the Senjujuma's head.

Senjuju's body stiffened, and his body consciousness quickly disappeared.

"let's start!"

With a look of excitement on Da She Maru's face, he controlled the Senjujutsu Road.