You Dou's faint tone sounded in the forest. Although there were only four characters, it gave people an unparalleled dominance and confidence!

"The fifth generation Shuiying Zhao Meiming, meet the first generation Shuiying Youdou!"

Terumi Ming directly knelt on the ground, with uncontrollable excitement and respect in her voice.

"Wuren assassinated the captain, Qing, to meet the first generation Shuiying Youdou."

Qing also knelt on his knees, as the captain of the assassination team, and even a ninja, Qing could no longer conceal the excitement on his face and the heat in his eyes.

Hearing these two voices, You Dou lowered his head expressionlessly and looked at the people in front of him.

Terumi Ming, Ao, Oshamaru, Otonin four people!

Really a familiar and unfamiliar figure, didn't he expect to be sealed for so many years?

Huh?This is Senju Zhuma who was reincarnated from the dirty soil!

Seeing Qianshouzhujian, You Dou was slightly stunned, but in an instant he understood what had happened.

Thinking of this, You Dou's eyebrows couldn't help but raised slightly. In this way, Qianshoujian helped him a lot.

"Is it already the fifth generation of water shadow? I thought it would be resurrected during the second or third generation of water shadow, but it is getting worse and worse."

You Dou spoke lightly, with a hint of dissatisfaction in his voice.

You Dou didn't mean to dismiss Terumi Mei, but was really dissatisfied.

The main task of You Dou is to unify the entire Ninja World, but if you want to achieve this step, it is more than just powerful.

Time, location, and humanity are indispensable. The entire Naruto World, if you want to unify the Ninja World in two time periods, it is difficult to do.

The first period is the Sengoku period. If you want to unify the Ninja world at this time, you will definitely run into Uchiha Madara and Senjujutsuma.

In the face of these two threats, no matter how strong they are, they might be able to kill you if they are an explosion.

The second time period is after the beginning of the plot. This period does not seem to have any powerful characters, but it is the most stable and prosperous period in the entire Ninja world, and all Ninja villages are accumulating their own strength.

If you want to unify the entire Ninja world at this time, you will face the common crusade of all other Ninja villages!

By the way, during this period, the new ones, Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke will go online, and the old ones, Senju Zhuma and Uchiha Madara may also be online at any time.

In addition, Hei Jue, who has been hiding in the depths, has lived for thousands of years and has been constantly planning.

So this period, in the eyes of You Dou, is the most troublesome, although it is not clear what the specific timeline is now.

But the fifth-generation water shadow in front of him is Terumi Mei, and on the other side, the Otonin four people standing honestly behind Oshamaru. With these two messages, You Dou already knows which time period he is in.

The easiest period to unify the Ninja World was during the Second Ninja World War and the Third Ninja World War.

The entire Ninja World was only in these two time periods, only two times when Konoha's monopoly position could be broken. As for the remaining time period, that belonged to Konoha's era.

This is also the reason why you are dissatisfied.

After experiencing the era of life-threatening in the Warring States period, You Dou's character is no longer the shy, innocent boy in his previous life.

Even these people in front of him are very familiar figures in previous animations, and even Terumi Mei was still one of her favorite female characters at that time.

But when I saw this group of people again, and they were really real people.

You Dou found that there was no fluctuation in his heart, as if he was facing an extremely common thing.

Without it, strength, status, and xinxing are all different. The so-called familiarity is just a nostalgia for the past life.

If someone said that Wunin Village was getting worse and worse, Terumi Ming and Qing would have taken action without hesitation.

But facing the first generation of Shuiying Youdou-sama, Terumi Ming and Qing's faces appeared ashamed at the same time, and their lowered heads were not only lowered.

If you want to compare the era when You Dou-sama lived, the strength of Wunin Village can indeed be described as bad.

Among the five great Ninja villages, Wuren Village and Sand Ninja Village can now be said to be evenly matched. The two Ninja villages are competing for the position of the first and the second.

However, compared with Sharen Village, only sand is left. Wuren Village is at least backed by mountains and the sea, and the resources are still rich.

But because of this, Wuren Village is still in the position of falling one to the other. It can be imagined how bad the overall strength of Wuren Village is at this time.

You Dou couldn't help but twitch at the corners of his mouth when he saw the shameful expressions of the two people. He seemed to be right.

"Get up, as Shuiying, you can be ashamed of the village, but you don't need to bow down to anyone."

You Dou looked at Terumi Mei, with a hint of irresistible tone in his tone.

Terumi Ming flushed, and quickly stood up in a panic, standing straight, like a little girl who had done something wrong.

Kneeling on the side, Qing was not only a little funny when he saw Terumi Mei's appearance at this time, but it was the first time he saw Terumi Mei such a small woman.

As Terumi Mei stood up, You Dou carefully looked at the fifth-generation water shadow in front of him. He was tall and tall, only half of his head lower than himself, much more beautiful than what he showed in the anime.

Seeing Terumi Mei who was a little nervous, You Dou suddenly smiled:

"sorry to bother you."

After that, You Dou didn't look at Mei Ming's expression, and made a stand up motion to Qing who was still kneeling on the ground.

At the same time, You Dou stepped out, and his whole body disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already standing in front of Da She Wan.

What a fast speed!

Without the fluctuation of Chakra, is this pure physical skill?

Da She Maru looked at the right fight that had appeared in front of him without warning, his pupils couldn't help but shrink deeply!

Seeing Uncle Snake in front of him, a charming smile suddenly appeared on You Dou's face:

"What's your name?"