Seeing the sudden smile on You Dou's face, Da She Wan's heart was cold, and suddenly there was a bad premonition.

"Oshemaru, Konoha rebels."

Da She Maru's eyes flickered slightly, but he still answered honestly, and even when he said "Rebellious Ninja", his tone was obviously aggravated.

Although he didn't know the character of Right Dou in front of him, being sealed by Konoha's people, I would like to come to Konoha's people absolutely not much favor.

However, with the Senjuzuma here, Dashemaru also had a trace of confidence in his heart.

Da She Maru had already controlled the Senju Zhuma, which was reincarnated from the dirty soil, and if there was any accident, he directly controlled the Senju Zhuma to attack.

"Is Konoha betrayal? It's really good."

The smile on You Dou's face remained undiminished, he suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of Senjujuma, and whispered:

"The Thousand-Handed Pillars in this state may not even have a tenth of his strength. It is not so much a Thousand-Handed Pillars, but rather a puppet of the Thousand-Hand Pillars, you see—"

When You Dou said this, he snapped his fingers suddenly.


It was like the sound of Bupi being torn apart.

Under everyone's gaze, Senju Zhuma was cut to pieces in an instant.

"Without consciousness, you can't avoid even the most basic attacks.

You Dou shook his head slightly, a trace of pity flashed in his eyes.



Is blood following the limit?

Da She Wan's body became cold and tight, and in his perception, he still did not feel any chakra fluctuations.

Terumi Ming and the blue face on the side showed excitement. According to legend, Youdou-sama can summon a ghost that ordinary people can't see to fight.

The shredded Senjujuma in front of me is probably the work of that ghost!

"Don’t be nervous, just a little trick, like white eyes and writing round eyes, this kind of blood succession limit that can improve pupil power can be seen vaguely. Of course, the four little guys behind you, if you use the inside That special chakra should be felt too."

You Dou looked at the nervous Oshemaru, looked at the four people of Yinnin, and said with a chuckle.

Dashewan's pupils shrank, and the special chakra mentioned by You Dou should be the power of the curse seal.

Can you even feel this!

However, looking at the eyes of the four people of Otonin through the right fight, Oshamaru vaguely guessed something, and said calmly:

"You Dou-sama needs anything, just speak up."

Hearing Dashemaru's words, You Dou nodded slightly, and gave Dashemaru a high-level look:

"I have been sealed for so long, and the power in my body is almost consumed. Do you mind if I suck some chakras?"

Da She Wan's eyes flickered, and no one knew better than Da She Wan the power and side effects of curse imprinting.

As for the nonsense of being sealed for a long time and the energy consumption in the body is almost the same, Da She Wan can't believe it.

Since the resurrection of You Dou, Da She Wan has been carefully observing whether this legendary immortal body has any side effects?

As a result, Dashe Pill still hasn't seen any side effects, the body has no signs of weakness, and the mental power is also abnormally full, as if it was just a sleep.

Even if You Dou hadn't done anything so far, Da She Maru could still deeply feel the surging and terrifying power in You Dou.

This is the reason why Dashemaru is honest!

Thinking of the information about You Dou found in Konoha's secret archives, Da Shewan licked his lips. Does he have a blood line that can absorb all energy?

Maybe you can see it!

Following the gazes of the two big bosses, You Dou and Da She Wan, Yin Ren's eyelids twitched at the same time, and a sad breath poured into their hearts again.

The sound of Shinnin's four people became more and more aware whether it was a wrong decision to come here.

Even though the sound of the four people thought so in their hearts, their bodies still walked to the right fighting body honestly.

"You four little guys, just use the power in your body directly."

You Dou looked at Yinnin's group of people, and said flatly.

In the final battle between Uchiha Madara and Senjuju, Youto found something. Although he had been sealed by those two guys before he could confirm it at the time, it happened to be confirmed now.

The four of Yinnin glanced at each other at the same time, looking in the direction of Oshemaru.

Seeing Da She Wan nodded slightly, the hearts of the four of them moved, and the power of the curse imprint was instantly activated.


Four breaths of cold and evil burst out from the four of them.

A black and strange curve pattern instantly surrounded the bodies of the four people.

Although the patterns on each person are different, the aura of the four people has been directly upgraded from the level of ordinary Ninja to the level of elite Ninja!

Seeing this scene, Terumi Ming and Qing's expressions changed. They didn't expect that Dashemaru would hide such a backhand.

Qing's face was a bit ugly, and he clearly understood that Dashemaru was not only for that volume of information this time, but also for other purposes!

If it weren't for You Dou, I'm afraid they would really be calculated.

Terumi Ming licked her red lips, a trace of murderous intent flashed in her eyes.

Just when Terumi Ming and Qing thought that this was over, the gradual and steady aura of the Otonin four people burst out again.

The strength of the four people was unexpectedly abruptly raised one more level, directly reaching the level of Shangren.

This breath is even more cold and evil, and even the eyes of the Yinnin four are maddened, even at this time the appearance of the Yinnin four is no longer human.

Terumi Ming and Qing's faces completely changed, not because of the sudden increase in the strength of the four Otonin people.

Although the strength of the four of them is indeed good, it will not pose much threat to Terumi Ming and Qing!

The reason why the two people look ugly is because of the strength that Dashemaru has shown so far.

Whether it is the ability to manipulate the dead, or the ability to increase the strength in front of him, the obvious mass-produced curse seal has to be paid attention to by Terumi Ming and Qing.