Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 16 The Conjecture in You Dou's Heart

In the second form of the curse seal, the appearance of the four people of Yinnin has completely changed, but although it has become uglier, its strength has also become stronger.

It seems that due to the influence of the curse seal, coupled with the sudden increase in strength, the eyes of the four people of Yinnin flashed with a tyrannical atmosphere, looking at You Dou.

Sisi's killing intent was diffused from the four of them!


Feeling the killing intent on the four of them, You Dou lightly raised his eyebrows.

Lifting his foot to the ground and stepping lightly, Right Dou's body seemed to teleport, and in the blink of an eye he appeared in front of the fat Jirofang among the four.

At the moment Jirobo hadn't reacted, You Dou's finger had already been spotted on Jirobo's forehead.

Jirofang seemed to have suffered an unimaginable heavy blow, and the whole person knelt directly on the ground, abruptly smashing the ground under his feet into a hole of about a half meter.

At the same time, the curse mark on Jirofang began to fade quickly. It was just a blink of an eye. Cilangfang had changed back to the state of an ordinary person, and the whole person passed out directly.

The right fighting figure flashed, and the same way was staged in front of everyone.

There is no resistance, it is obviously just a finger, but in the eyes of the four people, it seems to be an unattainable moat!

Until four potholes were smashed into the ground, the figure of You Dou had already returned to where he stood just now.

"I am more sensitive to killing intent. In our era, as long as you show the killing intent, it means immortality, but for your face, forget it."

You Dou looked at Oshe Maru, and said with an unusually hearty voice, it seemed that the elders were very optimistic about the appearance of O She Maru, just like the younger ones.

Oshemaru's eyelids twitched fiercely, and forced a ugly smile on her face. However, the next moment, Oshemaru's face suddenly stiffened and she couldn't help muttering to herself:

"Induction... disappeared?!"

Da She Maru directly made a instant instant technique, and appeared in front of the four people of Yinnin who had fainted.

He squatted down and reached out his hand to turn Jirofang's neck over. When Dashemaru saw that the curse mark originally printed on Jirofang's neck disappeared, he was taken aback.

Da She Wan hurriedly moved, and at the same time, he looked at all the necks of the other three people, and found that the curse marks on the necks of the other three people had also disappeared.

"Curse Seal..."

There was an unbelievable look in Oshemaru's eyes. So far, there was nothing that could lift the curse, at most it was just a seal.

Even if it is a seal, if the host's mood fluctuates too much, the power of the spell can still easily break through the seal.

"Did you say that the curse seal? It was absorbed by me. Compared with the name of the curse seal, it has another name called Immortalization. This power is indeed a relatively good chakra."

I don't know when, You Dou was already standing behind Da She Maru and said softly.

The immortalization and the immortal mode are completely two kinds of power, and the immortalization is more inclined to the physical increase of Zhongwu.

Da She Maru turned his head slightly stiff and looked at You Dou, but he still didn't notice when the opponent appeared behind him.

A deep jealousy flashed in Da She Wan's eyes. After this person swallowed the curse mark of four people, nothing happened.

For ordinary people, this is simply impossible.

"The curse seal is really good, but it's a lot worse than the fairy mode."

Right Dou muttered to himself.

In the next moment, a cold, evil aura suddenly rose from You Dou's body.

This breath was exactly the same as the breath that suddenly burst out from the sound of Yinnin's four.

Terumi Ming's expression on the side changed, thinking that something went wrong after You Dou had swallowed the chakra.

But there was a glimmer of joy in Dashemaru's eyes. Sure enough, how could there be no problem if he rushed to swallow the curse mark of four people.

However, when Osha Maru looked at You Dou, he found that You Dou had not changed the slightest.

Do not!

Oshemaru's eyes narrowed slightly, and a small black diamond-shaped mark appeared on the center of your forehead, which was similar to the mark on the forehead when Tsunade did not unlock the "Yin Seal".

You Dou clenched his fist. Compared with other aspects, the curse imprint mode has improved more in terms of strength.

What about fairy mode?

With a thought in You Dou's heart, Chakra in curse seal mode quickly retreated.

In the stunned expressions of Terumi Mei, Ao, and Oshemaru, a peaceful but extremely domineering Chakra burst out of You Dou's body.

On the forehead of the right bucket, the black diamond symbol turned into a circle again.

Compared with the curse seal mode, only the power is greatly improved. Under the chakra of the fairy mode, You Dou feels that he has been improved to a certain extent as a whole, but in terms of power improvement, it is not as strong as the immortal.

This kind of chakra in the fairy mode was swallowed by the right fighting during the battle with Qianshou Zhujian.

Until the right bucket was sealed, this kind of chakra was stored in the right bucket and was not used.

You Dou's eyes gleamed a little, this is one thing he wants to confirm!

Right now, there are three types of chakras in You Dou's body, one of which belongs to You Dou itself, one of the chakras of the curse imprint model just obtained, and the other of the chakras of the fairy model.

Through the experiment just now, You Dou has determined that the idea in his heart is correct.

The Black Emperor's ability can not only suck the opponent's energy into his body, but more importantly, it can convert the absorbed energy into the energy he needs. This point, You Dou did not care much before.

After all, before the battle with Senjujutsu, the other chakras absorbed by You Dou were just ordinary chakras, and naturally there was no need to switch.

Although there are very few chakras in the fairy mode and curse seal mode in the right fighting body, and even a few ninjutsu, this kind of chakra is useless.

But You Dou can completely convert his chakras into these two types of chakras. Once successful, it is equivalent to let You Dou directly master the immortal mode and curse imprint mode.

In previous battles, the right fighting generally relied on the black emperor's energy absorption and release, but now if these two modes are mastered, then the right fighting's strength can definitely be raised by another level.

"You can switch the energy mode in the body at any time. How about the Black King mode?"

Right Dou stroked his chin and said to himself.