Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 18 Chojuro Wandering at the Gate of Kirinin Village

Seeing Terumi Mei's appearance, You Dou was stunned, with a look of doubt on his face.

"You Fight... Your clothes..."

Qing's expression was slightly embarrassed, and he lowered his head and spoke softly.

Hearing Dao Qing's reminder, You Dou blinked and looked down. The next moment, You Dou's face turned red.

Originally because of the final battle, the clothes that were torn apart, accompanied by the movements of the right fight several times, seemed to have been overwhelmed, crumbling, and almost falling off.


You Dou coughed slightly, and pointed to Qing with his hand.

Qing immediately understood, and quickly took off the blue robe from her body, and handed it to the hand of the right Dou respectfully.

Put the robe on the body at will, and at the same time, tear off a long piece of cloth under the robe and tie it directly on the waist.

"Okay, let's go."

You Dou faintly spoke. Although the robe is a bit fat, it doesn't affect the action. As for the question of whether it looks good, you don't care about it.

Terumi Ming turned around at this time and glanced secretly in the direction of Right Dou, and there was another blush on her face.


With the sound of the three winds, the three figures directly turned into afterimages and quickly disappeared in place.

In the dense woods, three figures and swiftly moved towards a certain direction.

You Dou frowned slightly, advancing at this speed is too slow.

After being sealed for so many years, You Dou wanted to know the current situation of Wuren Village as soon as possible, as well as the current specific time point, in order to make corresponding plans.

As for why you didn't ask Terumi Ming and others, because the time counted in each village is different.

Naturally, other villages will not use the time of Konoha Village as the calculation.

However, Naruto's world line is calculated according to the time line established by Konoha Village.

For example, Konoha's 60th year was the time when the first film began, and it was also the time when Konoha graduated.

If you put this year in other villages, the ghost knows how many years the other Ninja villages are.

As for You Dou, although it was the water shadow of the first generation of Wunin Village, it was basically fighting at that time. Who cares about that year, even if it is mentioned, You Dou probably didn't care.

"Where are we now?"

You Dou looked at Terumi Ming suddenly and said.

After all, it had just been resurrected, and you didn't know where you were now.

"Youdou-sama, we are still in the country of water now. Because of safety, the place for trading with Oshamaru is on a small island west of Wuren Village."

Terumi May looked suspicious, but he still spoke respectfully.

Right Dou nodded, stretched out his hands, grabbed Qing with one hand, and Terumi Ming with the other, and said in a faint tone: "Grab steady!"


Accompanied by a muffled sound, You Dou turned into a stream of light and quickly moved towards the east.

Terumi Mei and Qing, who were caught by the right fighting, only felt that everything was going back at an extremely fast speed.

But whether it was Terumi Mei or Qing, he didn't feel any shaking at all, and there was no resistance even in front of him.

With eyes wide open and an incredible look on his face, he naturally knew how he was advancing at a terrifying speed.

The faster the speed, the greater the resistance caused. This is common sense, but the resistance in front of you seems to disappear out of thin air, and there is almost no wind around it.

Compared to the green shock, Terumi Ming's face did not change much. As a water shadow, Terumi Ming knew more things than Qing.

Many people think that Master You Dou's ability to swallow can only consume Chakra, but only Shui Ying is qualified to view the scroll of Forbidden Art, but there is a general introduction about Master You Dou's ability.


The gate of Wunin Village!

With a tangled look on his face, Chojuro was walking around the doorway.

The matter of Master Shuiying leaving the village without authorization can be big or small. After all, it is a shadow, and no one can restrain Shuiying's actions.

But this matter was known to the elders. Just now, the elders sent someone down and found Changjuro. They said that there was an important thing, and Master Shuiying needed a visit.

Since Shui Ying-sama was not there, Changjuro could only find a reason and drag it over temporarily.

However, from the tone of the people sent by the elder, Changjuro already knew that the elders already knew the fact that Lord Shuiying had gone out.

The reason the elders sent someone to find him was probably because they thought that as Terumi Mei's confidant, she must know where Terumi Mei is now?

It's a pity... Chojuro really didn't know.

Helpless, Changjuro could only wait for Terumi Mei and Ao to return at the gate of Wunin Village.

Now Changjuro only hopes that Shuiying-sama can come back as soon as possible, otherwise the elder's scolding will be inevitable.

At this moment, Changjuro suddenly discovered that there was a black spot in the distance, coming in this direction at an extremely fast speed.

Changjuro's face changed, and he just wanted to send a signal to Wunin Village's defense. The next moment, the black spot had appeared in front of Changjuro.

There was no sound of wind, or even a roar at such a fast speed, just like a real ghost, if it weren't for Changjuro to see the trajectory of this black spot with his own eyes, I'm afraid it would have appeared out of thin air.

"Green? Master Terumi Ming!"

When he saw the person who appeared suddenly, Changjuro's face showed a look of surprise.

Grabbing Terumi Ming and Qing's hands and let go, You Dou raised his head, and looked at the gate of the familiar Mizunin Village in front of him, with a trace of nostalgia in his eyes:

"For so many years, it's still the same."

Hearing Youdou's words, Chojuro also found the figure standing between Ao and Terumi Mei. An inexplicable sense of familiarity poured into his heart, but for a while, Chojuro could not remember when this person was. Have seen.