Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 22 The Six-Tailed Man Zhuli Defects

Ringo Yu Yuri thought that the news he had sent was pretty good if the village sent a general to endure it.

Unexpectedly, the person who came was actually a confidant next to Lord Shuiying, Lord Qing!

After Qing appeared, he glanced at Ringo Yu Yuri faintly, then bowed his head respectfully and said to the right:

"grown ups!"

"It's almost the same, take me to the Water Shadow Office, Haruna, and Miss Ringo Yu Yuri, goodbye."

Right Dou spoke indifferently to Qing, and at the same time turned his head to ringo Yu Yuri and waved his hands, smiling.

Watching standing behind You Dou, the respectful green slowly disappeared into Ringo Yu Yuri's vision.

The stunned look on Lin's Yu Yuri's face took a long time before he retreated. What is the identity of the young man they met today?

You must know that in the entire Wuren Village, there are no more than ten people who can compare with Qing in terms of identity. In addition, Qing is a close friend of Shui Ying Terumi Ming, so the status is invisibly higher.

And Ringo Yu Yuri looked green just now, and seemed quite respectful to that young man.

Looking down at the spring vegetable with a trace of oil on the corner of his mouth, Ringo Yu Yuri couldn't help but fall into thought. Did he do something wrong?


On the way to the water shadow office, You Dou's face was slightly low, although Ringo Yu Yuri was somewhat defensive on the way, so You Dou only obtained some simple information about Wunin Village.

But these simple information is what You Dou most want to obtain. As for the important information, let's not say whether Ringo Yu Yuri knows. If You Dou want to obtain it, just ask.

However, from the simple information obtained so far, You Dou has roughly analyzed the situation of Wuren Village.

It seemed that Master You Dou was feeling a little deep, and the green expression was also a little solemn, and he was cautious in his words and deeds along the way.

"The elder of the village-what is the situation of Yuanshi?"

You Dou didn't turn his head back, and said blankly.

From the process of shopping just now, all the civilians have a high voice for Terumi Mei and the elder Yuanshi. If it is just a commoner, it does not matter. Even ninjas like Ringo Yu Yuri seem to respect the elder Yuanshi very much.

This also shows that the elder Yuanshi is indeed an elder who thinks about Wuren Village, rather than an ambitious guy like Konoha Naka Danzo, otherwise it will not be respected by everyone.

But this problem also arises. Regardless of whether it is for the sake of Wuren Village, one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers, the truth is still very clear.

Especially for the person in power of a power, when the power has two voices, whether they like it or not, the two sides will definitely be restrained by each other.

It doesn't matter whether this person is a good person or not for the sake of this power!

Moreover, You Dou remembered that the position of elder was originally proposed by him.

However, this elder's duty is only to assist Shui Ying, at best, to give advice, and he has no right to check and balance Shui Ying.

Suddenly, Qing's body shook when he heard Lord You Dou's words, and a look of surprise flashed in his eyes. As expected of Lord You Dou, he just wandered around Wunin Village and found that the current Wunin Village is the most difficult to solve. The problem?

"A special thing happened during the four generations of Shuiying in power, so since then, the elders have been in power to suppress the right to suppress Shuiying, in order to prevent similar situations from happening in the future."

An awkward expression appeared on Qing's face, and he lowered his head to speak.

The events of the Yakura period are a shame for any ninja in the Ninja Village, not to mention the fact that they are in the face of the original Mizukage.

Although Qing didn't elaborate, You Dou knew, but he knew better than everyone else.

A strong killing intent suddenly rose from the right fight, but soon, this killing intent disappeared.

A cold sweat appeared on Qing's forehead. Although this killing intent only appeared for a moment, Qing found that his back was soaked.

You Dou faintly said: "Let's go"

Hearing You Dou's words, Qing quickly continued to follow.

Water Shadow Office.

Right Dou sat on a sofa, flipping through the documents in his hand at will.

With unconcealed admiration in Changjuro's eyes, holding the document in his hand, he walked to You Dou and said excitedly:

"You Dou Da... Your Excellency, this is the file you want."

Chojuro has already known the identity of Youdou from where he was young. As a hero who has always admired since childhood, how could Chojuro not be excited!

You Dou nodded and chuckled, "Tangjuro, please, don't be nervous."

Chojuro shook his head quickly, and said nervously, "I...I'm not nervous."

You Dou smiled lightly, and didn't speak again. Through the documents provided by Changjuro, You Dou already knew roughly where he was at.

There is a document about Konoha Village that mentions that Konoha will hold the Zhongnin exam in three months, and it is exactly 60 years since Konoha, which means that the plot has just begun.

You Dou was a little funny in his heart, and it was not too early or too late for him to wake up.


There was a sound of rapid footsteps, and then the office door was suddenly opened, Terumi Ming's breathing was a little short:

"Master You Dou, why didn't you tell me when you came back?"

"It's okay to have Ao and Changjuro, not to mention that you are Shui Ying, there are many things that need you to deal with, it seems that I should have notified them about my affairs."

Right Dou smiled lightly and said.

Terumi Ming nodded gently, and said with a hint of killing intent in her tone:

"The elder Yuanshi is fine. On the contrary, some small families have some resistance."

With an unexpected expression on your face, You Dou said faintly:

"It's a normal thing. After all, my appearance will definitely disrupt the current structure of the entire Wunin Village. I'm afraid most people don't want to see it."


A knock on the door suddenly sounded at this moment, and Youdou and Terumi Ming looked at each other, a look of surprise flashed in their eyes.

Chojuro immediately stepped forward and opened the door. A ninja had an anxious look on his face. When he saw Terumi Mei, he quickly half-kneeled on the ground:

"Master Shui Ying! Six-tailed Foam defected!"


Terumi Ming's face changed, and an expression of disbelief appeared on her face.

Compared with Terumi Ming, You Dou's face was much more plain, looking at the ninja, he said calmly:

"When did the six-tailed man Zhuli defected?"

The ninja glanced at You Dou suspiciously, and found that Terumi Ming did not speak, and replied:

"According to the time estimate, this morning, the two Zhongren on duty in Wuren Village have died. The Liuwei Ren Zhuli should have escaped for a long time, but the other party should not have escaped from the water country. Whether Lord Shuiying sent someone Hunting?"

You Dou raised his head and glanced at Terumi Mei's ugly face, shook his head lightly, and said faintly:

"Notify all the senior officials of Wunin Village to meet tomorrow morning."


A violent wind suddenly rose in the entire office, and the next moment, the figure of You Dou disappeared.