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Chapter 25 Can this thing die?

You Dou raised his head and watched the foam that had become about three meters high before his eyes, and said softly:

"It's really troublesome."

Lifting his foot to the ground and stepping lightly, a wave of air formed out of thin air under You Dou's feet, and in the next instant, You Dou disappeared directly on the spot.


The beastly-tailed foam let out a roar, and scarlet eyes looked around.

When Foam saw the right bucket rushing towards him, he directly lifted up and was wrapped in Chakra, with a strongly corrosive hand, and grabbed the right bucket!

At the same time, the three tails behind the back moved in unison, turned into three long whips, and flicked toward the front. The entire air made a sonic boom wherever the tail passed!

Seeing this scene, You Dou still had a calm expression on his face. The figure who had been rushing toward the front suddenly paused and stopped in place, easily avoiding the catch of the bubble!

He casually glanced at the three chakra tails drawn towards him, and lashed on him during his tenure.

Such terrifying power disappeared out of thin air as soon as it came into contact with You Dou, and even the clothes worn by You Dou did not appear to be wrinkled.

Right Dou had no expression on his face, letting the beast-like bubble keep attacking, and walked in front of the bubble step by step.

"Know? This is the difference in strength."

Seeing an unbelievable look on Foam's face, You Dou said lightly.

The bubble still wanted to struggle, right Dou raised his foot and kicked the bubble away.

The huge impact made the bubble not know how many trees it had hit before it stopped.


Foam coughed up a mouthful of blood, even with the powerful resilience of the tail beast Chakra, but the opponent's foot still made Foam feel that his internal organs were about to shift.

Want power?

Let me out...

I can beat him, I can give you strength!

A sound of Ruoyouruowu sounded in Foam's ears from time to time, and at the same time, the tyrannical Chakra breath began to rise from the foam's body.

Foam knew that this was the sound of the monster in him, and he also knew that the three tails were already his limit. If Chakra were allowed to permeate, he would definitely lose consciousness.

But thinking about the strength of the other young man, the foam gritted his teeth. If this continues, he will definitely lose.

"In this case, don't blame me!"

The foam gritted his teeth and said in his heart.


The frenzied Chakra submerged the bubble in an instant, and at the moment the bubble lost consciousness, the originally thin figure rapidly expanded.

In the blink of an eye, a huge slug with a height of 100 meters and six milky white tails appeared in front of You Dou.

Six-tailed rhino!

"It's even more disgusting than expected."

Seeing the traces of liquid on the six-tailed rhinoceros, a look of disgust appeared on the face of Right Dou.

"Finally come out! As a reward for letting me come out, you just die for me!"

The six-tailed rhinoceros looked in the direction of You Dou and made a huge roar.

The bushy Chakra began to specify the position of the six-tailed rhino's mouth, and a huge high-density black energy faintly appeared on the six-tailed rhino's mouth.

The six-tailed rhinoceros exudes a terrifying aura, swallowing the high-concentration black energy bullet from its mouth in one mouth, opening its mouth again, and spitting out the terrifying energy straight out.

Seeing the huge black-purple energy column blasting towards him, the right bicker mouth cracked slightly, and the whole body directly greeted him.

An extremely refreshing feeling poured into his heart, and You Dou felt that all the cells in his body seemed to be alive, and couldn't help but sigh:

"It deserves to be a tail beast jade, strength is sufficient."

The tail beast jade was actually absorbed!

This... how is this possible!

The six-tailed rhinoceros trembled all over, the traces of liquid on his body were splashed on the ground, and there was a corroded sound instantly.

Suddenly, the Six-Tailed Rhinoceros remembered a person whom Isofu Mio had mentioned to him many years ago. According to Isofu Mio, that was a more terrifying guy than between Uchiha Madara and Senjuju. .

At that time, Mioi was stroking a frightened expression, but the six-tailed rhinoceros was quite curious, but at that time, no matter what he asked, Mioi was still alive.

It just means that if you encounter a man who can swallow Chakra, to be precise, can easily swallow the tail beast jade, just run!

After all, how could Mioi Isosuke say the experience of being swallowed directly on the spot.

I'm afraid that at that time, You Dou didn't use any sealing technique and swallowed it directly into his body, causing a psychological shadow on Sanwei Isosuke.

The six-tailed rhinoceros looked in the direction of You Dou, and suddenly said in a jerky voice: "Are you the original Shui Ying You Dou?"

"Do you know me?" You Dou was taken aback for a moment, with a curious look on his face.

Among the nine big-tailed beasts, apart from the nine-tailed and three-tailed beasts, the other tailed beasts have never been seen.

At the first five-kage meeting, although Senjujutsuma proposed to divide the tail beasts into various Ninja villages in order to maintain the balance between the Ninja villages, at that time Senjujutsuma, Youdou and the other three The tail beast has not been captured yet.

It was just a simple plan. The fire country Konoha divided the strongest nine tails, and the other four countries divided two.The country of water has three tails and six tails, the country of wind has one tail and seven tails, the country of thunder has eight tails and two tails, and the country of earth has four tails and five tails!

In the eyes of You Dou and others, the tail beast can be caught whenever he wants to. Anyway, it's all in the bag. First decide the issue of ownership.

In the words of Senjujuma: Can this thing die?

As for later, due to the main task of the system, anyway, what Senshou Zhujian said, right Dou opposed. In the end, the Five Shadows talks could not go on, and Right Dou and Senshou Zhu Jian directly raised the table.

Since You Dou had anticipated the collapse of the Five Shadows Talks at the time, he asked his subordinates Bai Lian and Yuuye to prepare in advance to capture Sanwei, who was staying near the Water Country, as a backhand.

As for what happened later, that great battle happened.

Seeing You Dou confessed, the six-tailed rhinoceros's two huge compound eyes twitched fiercely. The next moment, in the stunned look of You Dou, the six-tailed rhinoceros turned and fleeed away.

"Wipe, you can't run!"

You Dou couldn't help uttering a big curse, when did the tail beast be so boneless!

With a movement of You Dou's body, it directly turned into an afterimage, chasing after the six-tailed rhinoceros running away from the shield in the distance.

Fortunately, the six-tailed rhinoceros has a huge body, such a conspicuous target, even if you want to chase it away.

Before long, You Dou was already standing on the head of the six-tailed rhinoceros.

"As an important combat power of Wunin Village, you can't walk away so easily and easily."

You Dou looked at the six-tailed rhinoceros who was struggling to throw himself off, and said lightly.