Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 27-The Tension Before the Meeting

The curse status was cancelled, and the wings behind it disappeared immediately. It was indeed the chakra of the tail beast, and he was full.

Even if the conversion rate is low and scary, the remaining chakras of the six-tailed rhinoceros are about one-third of the level left, enough for the right fight to send one or two tail beast jade.

A smile appeared on You Dou's face, and the curse imprint was an unexpected joy.

Looking down at the bubble that was still in a coma, an accident flashed in You Dou's eyes. With the strength of the strength of the human column, it is reasonable to wake up early.

Could it be that the chakra who absorbed the six-tailed rhinoceros sucked too much?

Thinking of going here, You Dou shook his head slightly, but the coma bubble was much easier.

"It's almost dawn, I have to hurry back."

You Dou raised his head and glanced at the sky that had gradually begun to brighten. He grabbed the foam and carried it on his shoulders. The next moment, You Dou's figure had disappeared.

A solemn lobby in Wuren Village!

The location of this lobby is directly opposite the water shadow office building, and there are very few people walking around in normal times.

The decoration of the whole lobby is mainly black, inlaid with a touch of aqua blue. Even people who are usually laughing and playing can not help but become solemn when they enter this lobby.

This lobby has not been moved for a long time, unless it is a major event related to the entire Wunin Village, otherwise it will never open.

The last time this meeting room was opened was during the four generations of Shuiying in power.

At the center of the lobby, there is an oval round table about five meters in length. Apart from this round table, there is no other decoration in the entire lobby.

At this moment, there were ten figures sitting around the round table, and everyone had a serious expression on their faces.

From time to time, some people use the peripheral vision of their eyes to move toward the empty chair at the top of the round table.

Normally, this chair should be the location of the water shadow of Wunin Village, but now, the most powerful water shadow in the entire Wunin Village, Shuijing Mimei, and the elder Yuanshi sit on the left and right of this empty chair. s position.

But everyone present didn't have any doubts, because everyone knew that the adult had returned, broke free from the legendary seal between Senju Zhuma and Uchiha Madara, and revived.

If at the beginning, the senior officials of Wuren Village had doubts about the legend that has been circulating, then no one has any doubts.

Wunin Village is an extremely xenophobic village. Even if Terumi Ming has changed after taking office, the xenophobia in her bones is definitely not that easy to change.

The ten people present were either the head of a certain family, or the managers in charge of important powers in Wuren Village. It can be said that everyone has their own news channel.

Although they had only received specific news from Master You Dou only last night, they had already begun collecting information the moment Terumi Ming and Qing showed up at the gate of Wunin Village with Master You Dou.

Even an ordinary ninja Ringo Yu Yuri, because of his face, suspected the identity of You Dou, and secretly informed the village Shinnin.

What's more, they, as the upper people of the entire Wunin Village, need more things to think about.

After all, the shadow of a village, after secretly leaving Wuren Village, returned with a strange man, and with a respectful attitude, I am afraid that anyone would be confused.

Although no one spoke in the entire lobby, the atmosphere was slightly depressed.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that everyone present is clearly divided into two factions.

One faction is headed by Shuiying Zhaomeiming, and the other is headed by the elder Yuanshi.

If the return of Master You Dou had the greatest impact on which faction, it was definitely the faction headed by the elder Yuanshi.

Masaki Tawada's face was slightly ugly. As the deputy captain of the Wunin Anbu, it naturally belongs to the elder Yuanshi's faction.

After all, the leader of Anbe is Evergreen, but Suikage Terumimei's hardcore supporter.

Since last night, Masamitsu Tawada has been sending messages to the elder marshal, but until now, he still has not received any feedback from the elder marshal.

For a while, Masamitsu Tawada couldn't understand the thoughts of the elder marshal.

Tawada Masamitsu vaguely glanced at the direction of the elder Yuanshi, seeing the elder Yuanshi with his eyes closed, as if he was going to sleep, Tawada Zhengguang vaguely had a rather bad premonition.

"Well, everybody, the news of the defection of Liuwei Ren Zhuli yesterday, I think everyone should know it, I heard that Lord You Dou went to hunt down himself."

Kinoshita Yoshiro gave a light cough and spoke softly. After speaking, Koshitadoshi was not embarrassed when seeing the plain faces of everyone present, and continued to speak:

"Although the strength of Renzhuli is strong, I think that it is absolutely not a problem to use the power of Youdou-sama. However, Liuweirenzhuli's personality is extremely cunning, coupled with the special ninjutsu that is particularly good at hiding. It's not easy to find Zhuli the six-tailed man."

"Instead of just sitting here and waiting, we should temporarily stop the meeting and send someone to assist Master You Dou. We, the Muxia clan, can set off at any time."

Seeing Koshita Yoshiro with a face of righteousness, a middle-aged man with white hair and purple pupils and sharp teeth sitting opposite suddenly laughed, with a mocking voice in his voice:

"Oh, Liuwei Renzhuli should be near the residence of your Kinoshita clan, why did I hear that Renzhuli defected for almost a day before you spread the news?"

Hearing this man's words, Koshiro Koshiro's face showed a trace of shame:

"This incident is indeed our mistake, but at that time, the master of Renzhuli, Chun Yu, said that we were going to perform secret techniques. It was naturally inconvenient for our people in the dark to watch, and this incident, Mr. Masamitsu Tsuchida, the deputy captain of Anbe, can do We testify."

Sitting aside, Masamitsu Tada nodded, his face faintly speaking:

"We did find traces of the secret technique used by Chun Yu at the scene."

As Masami Tawada's voice fell, the faces of everyone present were different.

A cold color flashed in Terumi Ming's, pushing everything to a dead person, it was really impeccable.

The elder Yuanshi, who was sitting opposite Terumi Mei, jumped slightly with his closed eyelids, but his eyes were still not opened, but there was a look of disappointment on his face.

There was a Ruoruuowu smile on Koshimoto's face. He looked at the white-haired man opposite, narrowed his eyes, and chuckled:

"Tsk tsk, speaking of it, your ghost lamp clan is really getting more and more declining, and even a junior can't control it. That little guy named Ghost Deng Shuiyue not only secretly left the village, even your ghost lamp clan, who can control the seven spirits. I also secretly took the Ninja sword's psychic scroll."