Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 28 The Excited Terumi Mei

Hearing Koshita Yoshiro's words, the patriarch of the ghost lamp clan looked hard to look instantly.

This incident itself was a scandal of the ghost lamp clan, and now being mentioned by Koshita Yoshiro in person, it was simply hitting their ghost lamp clan in the face.

If it wasn't for the wrong place at this time, the two Patriarchs could definitely fight now!

There was a somewhat depressed atmosphere, and along with the dialogue between several people, there was a faint tension.



At this moment, a sound of unhurried footsteps came from outside the gate.

Although the footsteps were not loud, they could be heard clearly by everyone's eyes and ears. Even among the people present, some of the perceiving ninjas showed shocked expressions on their faces.

Those were two surging chakras, and one chakra shrank slightly and seemed to be seriously injured.

But the other one gave people an unusually terrifying feeling, as if it might erupt from the opponent's body at any time, destroying everything in front of you!


Accompanied by the soft sound of the door, You Dou walked in with a big bag of fish balls in one hand and the fainted foam on his shoulder.

"Yeah, morning everyone, would you like to have a fish ball? I bought a lot."

You Dou chuckled and looked at the nervous people in front of him.


"Master You Dou!!"

Everyone stood up in an instant, with a respectful and nervous look on their faces, and said.

Originally on the side, as if the elder marshal was asleep, his movements were not slow, but the excitement on his face was self-evident.

Seeing the crowd, Right Dou scratched his head and said helplessly:

"Don't be so nervous, just sit down and treat me like an ordinary ninja."

Hearing the words of Lord Right Dou, Terumi Mei's eyes flashed a little funny. If someone really dared to do this, they would definitely spit out the ninjas present!

Whether they like it or not, all the ninjas in the entire Wunin Village have almost grown up listening to the legend of Master You Dou, and Master You Dou's position in the hearts of all the ninjas in Wunin Village can be said to be beyond everything.

Hearing Lord Right Dou's words, everyone present sat down again, but everyone sat down with a serious expression on their faces.

You Dou smiled helplessly, and casually threw the foam on his shoulders to the ground, walked directly to the front position, and sat down.

When everyone present saw this scene, their pupils shrank slightly, and it was everyone's expectation that You Dou-sama could defeat Liuwei Renzhuli.

However, when they saw that the clothes on You Dou didn't even have a trace of wrinkles, everyone found that even though they were already high enough to see the strength of Lord You Dou, they were still underestimated.

As for the six-tailed human Zhuli who was thrown on the ground at will by Master Right Dou, will he suddenly wake up and escape? Everyone's eyes flashed with disdain.

Not to mention that Lord Youdou is here, everyone present can be said to be the highest combat power in the entire Wunin Village. If in this situation, the six-tailed people can escape, they don’t have to do it, and they go home to farm Come on.

You Dou just sat down, Terumi Mei quickly took out a scroll and a book, and carefully placed them on the table in front of You Dou.

You Dou smiled lightly at Terumi Mei, and Terumi Mei hurriedly lowered her head. Right Dou was a little speechless. Is he so scary?

Randomly flipping through the booklet in front of him, seeing the content on it, your eyes lit up.

The names and detailed information of the people present are all in this booklet, and there are even some character characteristics analysis. It is clear that Terumi Ming is worried that Youdou will not know the people present and will be embarrassed.

You Dou glanced at Terumi Ming with satisfaction, this little girl was pretty good.

As for the scroll under the booklet, You Dou didn't look at it for the time being. He raised his head and glanced at everyone present. You Dou raised the fish balls in his hands:

"You guys really have nothing to eat?"

Hearing You Dou's words, everyone on the scene glanced at the fish balls in the right Dou's hand, and the corners of their eyes twitched.

After a while, no one was replying, You Dou put down the fish balls in his hand with a pity on his face.

Since there was no one to eat, You Dou was embarrassed to eat in front of everyone.

A look of surprise flashed in the eyes of the elder Yuanshi on the side, and he clearly felt that with the words of Master You Dou, the original serious and tense atmosphere had obviously faded a lot.

"Speaking of which, although I haven't been resurrected for a long time, I have some understanding of the general situation of Wuren Village."

With a faint smile on your face, You Dou said with a chuckle.

"To be honest, the current situation in Wuren Village is not particularly good, even worse than I thought."

"Among the five Ninja villages, in terms of geographical location, except for Konoha Village, Wuren Village should be the best. The other three Ninja villages have no way to compare with Wuren Village at this point."

"Speaking of Blood Succession Limits, besides Konoha, Wuren Village also has the most bloodstain limits, bone veins, ice escape, melting escape, and boiling escape. I remember that there is a small family that is very similar to mine. It's called Ming Dun, although it has certain flaws, it has helped me a lot."

Having said that, You Dou smiled lightly, but the heads of everyone present were already low and couldn't be lower.

"The three giants of the former Wuren Village, the Mizunoyue clan and the Zhutoi clan have been annihilated. As for the last group of ghost lamps, they are almost withered now. By the way, the one I just said will escape. The little family, if you want to come, it should be annihilated."

"Of course we are a little better than Konoha now. In terms of rebellion, we are the first in Wuren Village."

You Dou still had a smile on his face, but everyone could hear the coldness in You Dou's tone.

If it wasn't for You Dou to know that his former hard-core supporters of the Mizusuki clan, the Taketori clan and two clansmen existed in the world.

I'm afraid You Dou couldn't help but slaughter, and went to the Xiao organization!

When You Dou said this, he paused and said, quietly watching everyone present.

For a while, the entire hall was quiet, only the breathing of everyone.

The elder Yuanshi sighed slowly, his eyes full of guilt.

Suddenly, You Dou laughed, smiling very relaxedly, waving his hand casually:

"Don't worry, everyone. I don't mean to blame everyone for this. Of course, these things are not everyone's fault. In the final analysis, most of them are my responsibility."

"Because of my existence, other Ninja villages must be targeted at Wu Ninja villages."

Having said that, You Dou's tone was a little apologetic.


Accompanied by the sound of slapped on the table, Terumi Ming stood up suddenly amidst the stunned expressions of everyone, and said excitedly:

"How could this be the fault of Master You Dou? If it weren't because no one could be sure when Master You Dou would be resurrected, other Ninja villages would definitely target Wu Ninja village more!"

After finishing speaking, Terumi Ming felt everyone's stunned eyes, his face flushed, and he sat down quickly.