Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 29-I'm an Elder

Terumi Ming's face flushed, and she wished to find a place to get in by herself. Her behavior just now was too shameless.

"Cough, cough."

You Dou coughed lightly, turned everyone's gaze back from Terumi Mei, and continued to speak:

"The reason why I say these has no other meaning, I just want everyone to understand that the current situation in Wuren Village, I don't want to see each other's behavior."

Having said this, You Dou glanced faintly, with a comatose bubble beside him.

Everyone on the scene immediately understood. Obviously, Master You Dou was somewhat dissatisfied with Liuwei Ren Zhuli's defect.

However, two people in the field breathed a sigh of relief, at least judging from the current situation, Lord You Dou did not intend to trouble them.

You Dou looked at the people who had become nervous because of what he said earlier, and chuckled:

"I have said enough today, let's hand it over to Master Shuiying, after all, this is Master Shuiying's home court."

After Youto finished speaking, he placed the scroll next to the booklet in front of Terumi Ming again, although he did not open it to read the content on the scroll.

But you can guess, the content on the scroll is nothing more than an order.

Terumi Ming was slightly taken aback when seeing the scroll that Master You Dou had put back again. She naturally knew that Master You Dou didn't want to hurt her reputation, so she did it like this.

The corner of Terumi Ming's mouth was lightly picked, and it seemed that You Dou-sama looked down upon herself. She can be a water shadow and even has a certain reputation among the common people, but it is not only strong.

What's more, this matter was supported by the elder master. Thinking of this, Terumi Ming glanced at the direction of the elder master.

A faint smile flashed in Terumi Ming's eyes. What to do next, I am afraid that even You Dou-sama would be shocked.

Thinking of waiting for a while, seeing the surprised expression on Master You Dou's face, Terumi Mei couldn't help but a little excitement in her heart.

"Ahem... ahem."

At this moment, the elder Yuanshi who half-squinted his eyes as if he was about to fall asleep suddenly coughed violently, causing everyone to look sideways.

And the middle-aged man sitting beside the elder Yuanshi suddenly turned abnormally sad, and his tone was full of worry, and said to the elder Yuanshi:

"Teacher, your health is getting worse and worse, it won't work if you continue this way, you have to pay more attention to rest."

As the middle-aged man's voice fell off, the keen-sniff among the people present immediately noticed something unusual.

While You Dou, who was sitting on the side, had a trace of doubt in his eyes. He glanced at the middle-aged man who was talking, and Terumi Ming gave him the introduction of the middle-aged man in the brochure.

His name seems to be Quan Bingwei, and he seems to be a close friend of the elder Yuanshi.

The reason why You Dou was puzzled was because You Dou had a feeling that Quan Bingwei said to him.

"Cough...cough, yeah, old man, my body is dying."

The elder Yuanshi followed Quan Bingwei's words and nodded, showing a look of sigh.


With a soft sound, except for Terumi Ming's face calm, everyone looked at Quan Bingwei who suddenly stood up, feeling a little confused for a while.

"Master Shuiying, if you want to understand the teacher's body, please be a Master Shuiying to make a decision as soon as possible."

After speaking, Quan Bingwei sat back again, with a worried expression on his face, looking at the elder master, as if the elder master was going to see the previous generations of Shui Ying at any time.

You Dou looked at Quan Bingwei's worried expression, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitched. This acting was too much!

The elder Yuanshi is indeed a bit old, but only from his energy and spirit, You Dou can tell that this old fellow will live for three or four years without any problems.

A faint sigh came from Terumi Mei's mouth.

Terumi Ming looked upset and worried, watching everyone slowly speak:

"Actually, Master Yuan has already submitted several applications before, but I have already rejected the previous few times, but now for Master Yuan's health, I have to make the following decision."

With Terumi Ming's opening, even those who reacted slowly at this time knew that a major change was about to happen in Wunin Village.

"From today, Master Yuan voluntarily retires from the position of elder. At the same time, Master Yuan recommends Lord You Dou to become the new elder. On this scroll is Master Yuan’s letter of recommendation and my official signature as Shui Ying."

Terumi Ming opened his mouth slowly, and at the same time opened the scroll, facing everyone, at the bottom of the scroll, the names of Yuanshi and Terumi Ming were signed impressively.

And in the elder appointment column, the name of You Dou is written.

Seeing the content on the scroll that Terumi Ming had unfolded, all the faces were shocked.

Even You Dou, his face couldn't help showing a trace of stunnedness. Who would have thought that Terumi Ming could not say anything, and even team up with the elder Yuanshi to do such a big event.

And as the appointed person, You Dou didn't even know in advance!

Suddenly, You Dou was a little bit dumbfounded. At first, he was worried that his arrival would affect Terumi Ming's reputation as a water shadow, but now it seems that worry is completely unnecessary.

This little girl not only counted herself silently, but from today onwards, she has become her subordinate...

The expressions of Koshiro Yoshiro and Masamitsu Tsuchida who were sitting at the conference table changed drastically!

Not only did the elder Yuanshi not discuss such an important matter with them at all, he did not even reveal any news to them!

Both of them were abandoned!

Koshiro Yoshiro and Masamitsu Tsuchida, both of them had this idea in their minds at the same time.

Masami Tsuchina's face was ugly, and a cruel color flashed in his eyes. As one of the management, he could naturally raise objections.

However, before Tawada Masamitsu objected, the elder Yuanshi coughed gently and stood up quietly.

The elder Yuanshi gently nodded towards You Dou and Terumi Mei, then turned his head and glanced at the crowd lightly, and said:

"The position of elders is different from other positions. People who can serve as elders, regardless of their status, generation and loyalty to the village, are absolutely the top choice. At present, the only person who can do this in the entire Wuren Village Master Right Dou."

Accompanied by the elder Yuanshi's opening, even if it was Masami Tawada who wanted to refuse, there was no reason to refuse for a while.

Regarding identity, Lord Youdou is the first generation, and there is no identity in Wuren Village that is better than Youdou.

Regarding seniority, let alone, Master You Dou is probably older than Master Yuan.

Regarding loyalty, no one can talk about loyalty with Lord Youdou. After all, from a certain aspect, Wuren Village was founded by Lord Youdou.