Following the words of the elder Yuanshi, the originally noisy meeting room became quiet again.

Everyone present glanced at Yuanshi and Terumi Ming with complicated expressions.

From the eyes of everyone, through the look of Lord You Dou, it was natural to see that the two had never discussed with Lord You Dou before.

If only Yuanshi had made such a major decision, even Terumi Ming had such courage.

This not only made everyone in their hearts, they looked at Mei Ming high.

"Master You Dou, do you have any questions regarding the appointment of the elders?"

Terumi Mei looked at you to fight, although his face was calm, but he asked a little nervously.Before doing this, Terumi Mei was not nervous, but now Terumi Mei was suddenly nervous.

You Dou rolled his eyes and announced that he would not ask before, but now he asked him if he had any questions.

However, this matter did no harm to You Dou. It not only solved the problem of the embarrassment of You Dou's current status, but also gave You Dou the right to use Wuren Village's power in name.

Although You Dou didn't have this status, he could still use the power of Wunin Village, but it was more like You Dou's power to condemn Wunin Village.

And now that he has the status of an elder, no matter how you use the power of Wuren Village, no one has anything to say, because this is the elder's right.

Thinking of this, You Dou took a serious look at Master Yuan. Not only did this matter do no harm to You Dou, it also did no harm to Mei Ming.

Can think of such a way, it is worthy of an old antique who can live to the present.

Seeing Terumi Mei being a little nervous, waiting for his reply, You Dou couldn't help but smile: "No problem, Master Suikage."

An embarrassed look flashed in Terumi Ming's eyes when he heard Youdou's name, but his face still had a serious expression.

Seeing You Dou agree, Master Yuan, who stood quietly by the side, took a sigh of relief. In fact, Master Yuan was not quite sure whether Master You Dou would agree.

However, it seems that it is much smoother than expected.

"Before You Dou-sama takes office, please allow me, an old bone, to issue one last order. For the next thing, Master Shui Ying will help."

The elder Yuanshi looked at it and said respectfully.

Terumi Mei did not speak, just nodded faintly.

"From now on, because Anbe deputy captain Tsuchida Masamitsu and Kinoshita patriarch Koshiro Yoshiro allowed the six-tailed people to defect from the column power bubble, causing the death of two Zhongnin and even causing heavy losses and panic to the village, they were sentenced to be rebellious. Let's kill it!"

The elder Yuanshi spoke coldly.


how is this possible!

Masamitsu Tawada was stunned in the same place, his face full of incredible, the next moment, he stood up directly from his seat, watching Yuanshi roared:

"Master Yuan! You are so cruel, kill if you say kill!"

"Master Yuan! I am the head of a clan, you dare to pronounce me rebellious, you are not afraid that the Koshita clan will fail to rebel!!"

Kinoshita Yoshiro also stood up and roared angrily.

"Huh, noisy!"

Terumi Ming let out a cold snort, hid under the ground under his feet, and rushed in the direction of Masami Tsuchida.

Masami Tsuchina's face changed drastically. He didn't expect Terumi Ming to say that he would do it without hesitation.

Masamitsu Tawada quickly took out a handful of kunai from the ninja's pocket and shot it in the direction of Terumi Mei, while his body instantly exploded.

Immediately afterwards, Masamitsu Tsuchina quickly knotted his hands and uttered a loud shout: "Edden-earth wall!"

In an instant, a huge earth wall was erected in front of Masami Tsuchina.

Tsuchida Masamitsu's expression eased. The purpose of using this ninjutsu was naturally not to block Terumi Ming's attack, but to use this earth wall to quickly escape from this place.

However, before Tawada Masamitsu could move, a faint low groan suddenly sounded in front of him.

"Boiling escape-under the clever fog!"

A large amount of white mist diffused in an instant, the soil wall that originally blocked Masayuki Tsuchina did not play a blocking role at all, and was completely melted into slag the moment it touched this mist!

In just a blink of an eye, this white mist had already surrounded Tsuchina Masamitsu.


A sorrowful scream was passed from the mouth of Tsuchida Masamitsu. Under everyone's eyes, Tsuchida Masamitsu's body was directly corroded when he touched the white mist. In the blink of an eye, there was no scum left. , Completely disappeared.

This is even Uchi Madara's Susano, who can dissolve a big hole ninjutsu!

Although it looks like a short period of time has passed since the battle, in fact this only happened in an instant.

Seeing this scene, You Dou couldn't help but feel a bit of cold in his heart. Terumi Ming's dissolving and boiling are both ninjutsu that can melt people into dregs, and they are simply the best choice for destroying corpses.


On the other side, Yoshiro Kinoshita, hearing the screams of Masamitsu Tsuchina, didn't even want to fight.

However, before Kishita Yoshiro took a few steps, when he saw a figure in front of him, his face was full of bitterness, and he knew he could not escape.

Because what stood in front of him was Master You Dou!

It was impossible to escape in front of Master You Dou.

You Dou waved his hand slightly to Terumi Mei who was standing behind Koshita Yoshiro and wanted to take a shot.

"By the way, is the hair of your Kinoshita tribe all golden?"

Right Dou looked at Koshita Yoshiro's blond hair, and said curiously.

Hearing You Dou's words, Kishita Yoshiro was stunned for a moment, although he understood why You Dou-sama would suddenly ask such a question under such circumstances.

However, at least for now, there is no need to die, Koshita Yoshiro naturally has to ask questions, and quickly replied.

After hearing that the Kinoshita clan were all blonde, You Dou's face showed an interesting look, as if there was some bad idea.

The right fighting figure flashed slightly, and he had already appeared behind Koshita Yoshiro. Before Koshita Yoshiro could react, he rolled his eyes and fainted.

"Take Kinoshita Yoshiro to the prison, take care of it, and at the same time find someone to secretly monitor the entire Kinoshita clan, and kill him if there is any abnormal behavior."

Right Dou looked at a certain direction of the conference room, and said lightly.

With the voice of Youdou falling off, two Anbe members wearing masks and black ninja costumes suddenly appeared in the entire conference room.

The two bowed respectfully to You Dou. After Koshita Yoshiro directly lifted away, You Dou's body flashed and he returned to his seat.

At this moment, the other talents present reacted with shocked expressions on their faces, and the whole body was cold.

The superior who was in the same position with them just now died just like that, and those who were taken away were taken away.