Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 34-I'm Sorry

The recent Wu Ninja Village is a bit unstable, and most civilians can see it from time to time. Ninjas who don't usually see it often jump around on the roof.

At the same time, one by one gossip spread among the civilians, but most of the civilians did not believe it.

For example, it is rumored that the highly respected elder Yuanshi has resigned, and the newly appointed elder seems to be a very young youth.

There are also rumors that it is said that Shuiying’s house did not know when a young man moved in.

Compared with the civilians of Wunin Village, the ninjas have suffered much more shock during this period.

All Shang Ren vaguely knew what kind of existence the young man sitting in the position of the elder was.

While all Shangren was surging, he also concealed this information almost secretly.

Regarding the true identity of You Dou, it is the highest level of confidential information in the entire Wuren Village, except that Shangren is qualified to know, Zhongren and Xiaren have no knowledge.

At the same time, there was a secret message from the Water Shadow Office, and all the senior officials and Shangren were prepared for war in advance!

Regarding this point, at the moment of knowing the identity of Lord You Dou, everyone was already prepared.

After all, the reason why You Dou-sama was sealed in the first place can be said to be known to the entire Ninja World.

The unified Ninja world can be said to be the biggest wish of the entire Naruto world and all Ninja villages. Every Ninja village has had the dream of a unified Ninja world, but so far no Ninja village has realized it.

The word war may be somewhat contradictory to most people in the ninja world, but there are two ninja villages who don't!

One is Sand Ninja Village. The place they are in is really too poor. If the village wants to develop, they must jump out. This is why Sand Ninja Village has always been not honest.

The second is Wunin Village. Since World War I, the entire village has been targeted everywhere, especially the fact that the four generations of water shadows were controlled by others. I am afraid it is a shame for all ninjas in the entire village. All people are suppressed in their hearts. With a fire!

The other three villages, Lei Ying Ai in Yunren Village, have fiery personality and are themselves hawkish.

Onoki from Iwanin Village, an old antique that has survived to the present, although not a hawk, it is definitely not a dove.

As for Kiba Village, the third generation of Naruto Sarutobi is a hardcore dove, but the political methods are too soft, and they allow the formation of forces like Danzo. There are two voices in one force.

Although Danzo's power was given by Sarutobi Rizen, I am afraid that this is also where Danzo most despises Sarutobi Rizen.

As for what, the weird theory of roots buried in the ground and leaves growing on trees is a joke to You Dou.

Every force has a bright side and a dark side. As the leader, Sarutobi Risaki thought of putting himself on the bright side, and the dark side was left to Danzo to do it. .

Such a wonderful leader is not a qualified leader in itself.

As for Danzo, it is also a weird thing from You Dou's point of view. One good is not thorough enough, and the bad one is not thorough enough.

In the history of Konoha, in the eyes of You Dou, there were only two truly qualified leaders, one was Qianshoujianma and the other was Bofeng Shuimen.

Although the two people have different personalities, they have the same decisive means of doing things.

Although the entire Ninja World looks calm at present, the relationship between Ninja Villages is already somewhat delicate. After so many years since the last third Ninja World War, the strength of all Ninja Villages has almost recovered.

What is missing now is a fuse. In the original book, Akatsuki is a fuse, but the characters appearing in the later period are too high, and the Five Ninja Villages have to unite to deal with it.

Otherwise, after solving Akatsuki, the next thing to greet is the melee between the five Shinobu villages.

On a higher rock.

"Akatsuki's organization is too uncontrollable, and it is not easy to contact them now, is it the fuse?"

Right Dou sat on the edge, his legs drooped, his eyes flashed with thought.

Suddenly, You Dou's eyes lit up, as if thinking of something.


A slight wind came from the front, and a palm-sized water-blue butterfly flew in front of You Dou's eyes. After a few turns, it turned into a cloud of mist and disappeared.

"It seems that there is news." You Dou said with a slight smile on his face.

In the next moment, You Dou's figure had disappeared.

Water Shadow Office.

Terumi kept looking at the various messages on the table, with a trace of sadness between her brows.

"Yeah, there is something that makes Lord Shuiying worry so much."

A faint chuckle entered Terumi Mei's ears.

A hint of joy flashed in Terumi Ming's eyes, and he quickly raised his head and looked at the front, but he didn't know when, and you Dou said, "Master You Dou, you are here!"

You Dou nodded, picked up an apple from the table at random and ate it, and asked:

"Is there any news over there?"

Terumi Ming picked up the scroll from the table for a while, and threw it in the direction of the right side.

Seeing Right Dou catching the scroll, Terumi Mei said softly:

"According to the information provided by Master You Dou, our people did indeed find a village where the number of funerals was significantly higher at the junction of the water country and the fire country."

"The people in Anbu controlled a villager with illusion, and obtained some information. According to the information provided by the information, the betrayal black hoe Thunder tooth is in that village!"

Terumi Ming's face was full of joy, and the former Mizuna Seven Swordsmen, except for Changjuro who was still in Mizuna Village, everyone else either died immortal or turned into Rebellion.

Now that the whereabouts of the black hoe Thunder tooth was discovered, it was good news for Terumi Mei.

You Dou glanced at the information on the scroll in his hand. Hei Ho Lei Ya, as expected, likes to hold funerals for others, just like in the original book.

This funeral was not held for normal dead people, but after Black Hoe Lei Ya killed the living people himself, the funeral was held, and then tears burst into tears at the funeral.

I have to say that Black Hoe Thunderya is a pervert at this point.

"By the way, Lord You Dou, how did you know that the Black Hoe Lei Ya would be hidden in a village with more funerals?"

Terumi Ming looked at You Doudao with a curious look on her face.

You know, they don't know how many people they have sent to look for these rebellious signs, but unfortunately they haven't found them at all, but now, the words of Master You Dou directly found the opponent.

"It's nothing. When I read the information about Black Hoe Leiya a few days ago, I found that he often attends funerals, so I thought of this."

Right Dou's face is not red or breathless, and he speaks lightly