Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 35-Rebuilding the Seven Swordsmen

Hearing You Dou's words, Terumi Ming's eyes flashed with excitement, and she couldn't help but secretly said in her heart. As expected, You Dou, who can analyze so many things with just a little intelligence.

You Dou continued to look at the information in front of him, and suddenly his eyes lit up, and he saw that the information showed that the black hoe Lei Ya often carried a child on his back.

If the plot hasn't changed, this kid should be Lan Wan, with the blood limit of red eyes!

This is the ability to restrain white eyes, and is even stronger than white eyes in observing Chakra.

A smile appeared at the corner of your right bickering mouth, and he raised his head to look at Terumi Mei, and said lightly:

"The child with the black teeth on his back in the intelligence is very interesting."

Hearing Right Fight, Terumi Mei nodded as well. A ninja like Raito Black Hoe would definitely not carry a burden.

In other words, the child on the back of the Black Hoe Thunderya has a talent that can be valued by the Black Hoe Thunderya.

"The village has stabilized now, and the Wuren Seven Swordsmen should be reorganized."

Terumi Ming looked serious, and said softly.

Since she completely took over the power of Master Yuan, the problems that were originally hidden under the water surface completely surfaced.

The current situation of the entire Wunin Village was much worse than Terumi Ming imagined.

You Dou smiled slightly, Terumi Ming's thoughts coincided with him, Wunin Village does not lack high-end combat power.As long as he is there, Wunin Village can overwhelm all Ninja Villages in high-end combat power.

But in the low-end combat power, Wunin Village is much worse than the other four Ninja Villages.

Therefore, it is imperative to reorganize the Wunin Seven Swordsmen.

"Regarding the fact that the rebel black hoe Leifang got things, who should I find to perform this task?"

Terumi Ming said softly, a trace of thought flashed in his eyes.

The Black Hoe Thunder Tooth itself is an old-fashioned Shinobu, not to mention that there is also Thunder Blade Tooth, one of the seven Shinobi knives, which is involved. Terumi Ming is naturally prudent.

"I have two good candidates."

You Dou looked at Terumi's thoughtful look, smiled lightly, and simply made a few marks with his hands.

A cloud of water mist began to condense on the hands of the right bucket, slowly turning into two water blue butterflies.

With a gentle push with both hands of the right bucket, two water blue butterflies flew outside along the window.

This ninjutsu is not considered a deep ninjutsu, let alone a secret technique.

Even if it is Shinobu, you can learn as long as you study for a period of time.

But no one learns it. This ninjutsu itself does not have any offensive power. Its main function is to communicate, notifying those who have received this butterfly to go to the Wujin office.

Therefore, naturally no one is bored or bold to learn this ninjutsu.

In a small courtyard.

A petite figure keeps making various seals with his hands.

It is a pity that this figure is obviously absent-minded, and the order of the seals is in a mess.

"Haruna! You are absent-minded, so I don't need to eat lunch today!"

Ringo Yu Yuri's voice of dissatisfaction came from behind Chuncai, and a small wooden stick hit Chuncai's head directly.

"Oh, sister, I have been practicing for so long, can you take a break?"

Haruna touched her head aggrieved, and said to Ringo Yu Yuri in a discussing tone.

"Take a rest? You have only just practiced for ten minutes!"

Ringo Yu Yuli's face turned dark, and she resisted the urge to do it, gritted her teeth.

"I never said to be a ninja." Haruna touched her head and whispered.

Ringo Yu Yuli narrowed his eyes and said faintly:

"Oh, you mean you don't even want to eat dinner anymore?"

"No! I will definitely become such a powerful ninja like my sister!"

Haruna was shocked and spoke seriously.

Upon hearing Haruna's words, Ringo Yu Yuri showed a satisfied expression on her face.


A water blue butterfly flew in this direction from a distance.

This water-blue butterfly flew in front of Ringo Yu Yuri and made a circle, then turned into a cloud of mist and disappeared.

Ringo Yu Yuri was taken aback, turned her head to Chuncai and said, "You give me a good practice, don't be lazy, otherwise you know."

Ringo Yu Yuri raised her fist, stepped hard on the ground and quickly jumped onto the roof, and then headed towards the water shadow office.

A few take-offs have disappeared from Chuncai's vision.

Haruna looked at Ringo Yu Yuri who had left, curled her lips, and ran outside.

Practice?What is it, can it be eaten?


On the eastern edge of the entire Wuren Village.

Compared with the center of the village, the flow of people coming and going, and the lively scene, the number of people living here can be described as scarce.

Naturally, it was also deserted a lot.

On a sturdy tree, with the foam back leaning against the tree, half lying on the sturdy branch, his face was leisurely, but there was a trace of sadness between his brows.

Although Terumi said that he could walk around the village as he pleased, the bubble did not show any interest.

The people in his own village are full of disgust towards him, and he will naturally not ask for trouble. What's more, his character has always liked quiet places, but he is not so comfortable with the busy village center.

The bubble leaning on the tree, a trace of sadness flashed in his eyes, if at first, the bubble was full of hatred for the master.

Now, how much the bubble hated the master at the beginning, how guilty it is now.

And this place is where the bubble and the master once practiced. Perhaps out of nostalgia or other reasons, the bubble lived here directly.

Quiet, no one is watching, and no one is disturbing.

For nerdy people like bubbles, this is a great place.

As for the boring words, blowing bubbles or chatting with the six-tailed rhinoceros in the body are all good ways.

Thinking of the young man who easily defeated himself, a slight change appeared on the foamy and calm face.

Through the chat of the six-tailed rhino, Foam naturally knew the identity of You Dou, the adult in the legend of Wunin Village.

"What a terrible man!" the bubble said to himself.


The eyelids that were originally drooping in the bubble opened slowly, and a trace of stunnedness flashed in his eyes as he watched the aqua-blue butterfly flying in front of him.

He naturally knows what this water blue butterfly represents.


As a bubble of human strength, there was no way to leave the village in the past, and naturally he would not be allowed to do the tasks in the village.

In other words, as a bubble of Shinobu, the tasks you have done can be ignored.

"Is the Water Shadow Office? If that's the case, let's go, but you have to find out where the Water Shadow Office is..."

The bubble looked at the water blue butterfly transformed into a cloud of water mist, rose from the big tree and floated away.