The door of the water shadow office closed again.

Following the departure of Ringo Yu Yuri and the bubble, the whole office fell silent again.

Seeing Terumi Mei's worried look, You Dou smiled slightly:

"If you are worried about Renzhuli, you can rest assured. Now that the bubble has decided to stay, he naturally won't make a defect in his character."

After speaking, Right Dou twisted his neck, stood up and stretched, and said lightly:

"Since they have set off, I should set off too."

Hearing You Dou's words, Terumi Mei was taken aback, and there was no reaction for a while.

"How many hidden strongholds did Oshamaru find?"

You Dou suddenly asked.

"There are not many found, and there is no Oshemaru." Terumi Ming shook his head, a look of curiosity flashed in his eyes, apparently wondering why You Dou asked this suddenly.

"Give me the addresses of those strongholds, and it will be a meeting ceremony to see Dashemaru."

Right Dou smiled lightly, and said casually, these small strongholds, Oshe Maru, would naturally not be inside.

However, if there are some research results of Dashewan, it would be a surprise.

Others may not know where the Oshe Maru is hidden, but how could You Dou not know.

"Yudo-sama, what about Koshita Yoshiro?"

Looking at the right fight who was about to leave, Terumi Mei hurriedly spoke.

Since the incident last time, Kishita Yoshiro has been in prison until now. Without the order of Master Yoshita, naturally no one dared to touch Koshita Yoshiro.

But it has been closed, for the Kinoshita clan, it can be said to be quite uncomfortable. After all, as long as Koshita Yoshiro is not dead, the new patriarch of the Kinoshita clan cannot be elected.

"Hey, there is nothing from the Kinoshita clan right now, what are we anxious about? We have to put some pressure on them."

You Dou smiled, as if he had some bad idea.

A gleam of light flashed in Terumi Ming's eyes. Although Koshita Yoshiro was in prison, to a certain extent, it had become a sword hanging over the head of the Koshita clan.

Due to Lord Youdou, the current Koshita Yoshiro did not dare to die at all, and the Koshita clan did not dare to let him die.

It seems that Lord You Dou has taken a fancy to the people of the Muxia clan and wants them to do something.

Suddenly, Terumi Mei was a little bit pitiful Kikishita Yoshiro, if he was just the head of a small family, or just a person like Tsuchida Masamitsu, maybe he could die a little faster.

If you really want to be blamed, Koshiro Koshiro chose the wrong way, and together with Masamitsu Tsuchida concealed the rebellion of Rokuo Renju.

Selected by Yuanshi as a stepping stone to pave the way for Terumi Mei.

Politics has never been right or wrong, there are only winners and losers, and Koshita is obviously a loser.



An explosion sounded in a dense forest.

Patting the dust splashing on his body, the right bucket looked at the position marked on the scroll and drew a big cross.

This was already the last secret stronghold he destroyed. Basically, these strongholds had already gone to the building empty. Obviously, they found Wuren Village and searched for these strongholds.

Did not find anything useful, although a little disappointed, but it was also expected by You Dou.

"Otonin Village?"

With a faint smile on You Dou's face, he groaned softly, the next moment, the whole person has disappeared.

Tian Zhiguo.

It is close to the country of fire, in the center of the border between the country of earth, the country of thunder, and the country of fire.

Due to the special location, ninjas from each village rarely appear on the territory of Tanokuni.

Because of this, when Tanokuni suddenly added a Shinnin village called Otonin Village, it seems that each Shinnin village is not clear.

Or know, but don't care much.

I am afraid that no one would have thought that this small Shinobu village was established by Oshemaru.Even the entire country of Tian is firmly controlled by the Oshe Maru.

On a big tree about seven or eight meters high, You Dou was sitting on a thick branch, looking with interest at the Otonin Village built by Onomaru.

The entire Otonin Village is not big, at least You Dou can see his head at a glance, and the buildings are scattered. The entire Ninbo Village can be described as deserted.

It's no wonder that the Three Ninja Villages didn't care about the sudden emergence of Otonin Village. On the surface, there was really no need to explore this scene.

Compared to the normal Ninja Village, there are almost no civilians in Otonin Village, and even if there are, these people are just the experimental subjects of Oshemaru.

Said it was a Shinobu Village, from You Dou's point of view, it was just a relatively large base in Oshe Maru.


As Youdou was looking at Otonin Village, a sound of breaking through the air suddenly came from one side.

A handful of Kuwu from a hidden location shot towards the direction of the heart of You Dou.

You Dou glanced at Kuwu faintly, and flicked his fingers gently, the moment his fingers touched Kuwu's sharp blade.

The whole Kuwu was directly shattered in mid-air!

A man hiding in a bush, his face changed, and an unbelievable look flashed in his eyes.

That was Kunai, it was broken!Who is this guy who trespassed in Otonin Village!

The man's eyes flickered, knowing that he was not an opponent, and he let out a loud shout: "Dos Anvil do it!"


An invisible sound wave erupted directly from the front, shrouded in the direction of the right bucket.

At the same time, the man also jumped out of the grass, his hands quickly sealed, and he let out a low cry: "Zhan Kongbo!"

An invisible attack formed by Chakra directly slashed to the right.

With a faint smile on You Dou's face, he looked at the two people who had been hidden from the side but now jumped out.

A long, gray-black wolf rushed to his head, wearing a khaki coat, with three death words written on his clothes.

The other is more special, with a bandage on his face, only his left eye is exposed, and there is a porous equipment similar to armor on both arms.

If there was only the first one, You Dou might not remember who it was, but seeing the second guy who jumped out, You Dou already knew who these two guys were.

Doss anvil and sack stirrup.

In the original work, two of the trio who represented Otonin Village to take the Nakanin exam.

Although it is a dragon set in the dragon set, but it is also one of the few that can beat Konoha Shinobu. It is not good if you want to make people unimpressed.

Seeing the two attacks coming towards him, You Dou was still sitting on the branch, and he did not even move to evade.

Otonin Village’s unique sonic attack combined with the slashing wave, under the surprise gaze of Zack stirrup and Dos Anvil, simultaneously blasted to You Dou's body.

However, the faces of the two people changed in the next moment, there was no screaming as imagined, and there was no explosion. The attack of the two of them seemed to disappear the moment they touched the enemy.