Feeling the power he absorbed, You Dou curled his lips slightly, this power was completely weak.

Seeing the dazed Doss anvil and Zack stirrup, Right Dou raised his hand and casually waved forward.

Just absorbed the Zan Kong wave in the body, the right bucket added a little material and released it again.


A chopping wave tens of meters in size appeared out of nowhere. Instead of calling it a chopping wave, it was a huge slash.

Zack stirrup and Dos Anvil's eyes widened, and only one word appeared in their minds: escape!

Without the slightest hesitation, the two turned and retreated violently to the rear.

Accompanied by a roar, the huge slash directly cut out a large pit several meters deep where the two were standing.

Seeing the scene happening behind, Doss Anvil and Zack Stirrup looked at each other slightly, and they both felt lingering.

The expression of the right fighting remained unchanged, and he stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers gently, and the sonic attack that had been absorbed just now was also released.

Compared to the tangible attack like Chopping Wave just now, the sonic attack is hard to detect.

Standing in the same place, Zack stirrup and Doss anvil, the two felt a sense of dizziness suddenly poured into their hearts, and then they both spewed a mouthful of blood at the same time.

In the next moment, he lost consciousness and passed out directly.

You Dou gently jumped down from the tree and walked towards the interior of Otonin Village like a walk.

Looking at the extremely quiet Yinnin Village, You Dou had a hint of sarcasm on his face. He didn't believe that there was such a big movement that no one heard.

In a dark underground chamber.

Da She Wan's eyes are like snake pupils, staring at a nail-sized fleshy lump in front of which is soaked in green liquid.

This small piece of meat was naturally the small piece that was bitten from the body by a small snake before the big snake pill was resurrected in You Dou.

eternal life!

These two words are simply an irresistible temptation for Da She Wan.

Witnessing with my own eyes, being sealed for decades, even in an environment where there is nothing like a different space, resurrected to fight right.

You can imagine the shock and ecstasy of Da She Wan at that time!

What is written in the round eyes, what is the cells between the thousand-hand pillars, are all scum before the boundary of the immortal blood succession.

As for his so-called reincarnation ninjutsu, before You Dou's immortal blood succession boundary, it is even worse than scum.

Therefore, as soon as Otoshimaru returned to Otonin Village, he put down everything else and studied the cells of Youdou with all his strength.

In terms of cell research, Dashewan is more confident than anyone else. If he is called second, no one in the entire Ninja world dares to be the first.

Even the cells between the Qianshouzhu can be played by him, so Dashemaru is very confident.

But with his continuous research, Da She Wan doubted his level for the first time, and he found that this cell was not much different from that of an ordinary ninja!

how is this possible?!

For this conclusion, Dashewan naturally did not believe it.

"Is the direction of my research wrong, or is the cell activity too low."

Da She Wan licked her lips, her eyes were gloomy, and her tone was inexplicable.

The small piece of meat he obtained was obtained when You Dou was still in a dead state, which means that the big snake pill got a pile of dead cells.

So Dashewan guessed that if it were living cells, it might be able to study something.

But thinking of the strength of the man in the legend, Da She Maru's heart trembled slightly.

Oshemaru's eyes narrowed slightly, and his eyes were a bit deep. The man had been resurrected for a while, not to mention the entire Ninja World, even Wu Ninja Village was calm on the surface.

As if nothing happened, there are nothing more than two situations.

Either the man's strength has not recovered, or he has a bigger plan.

If it is the second type, Oshemaru is naturally happy to see, the more peaceful the whole ninja world, the smaller the living environment for people like him.

If it was the first type, Da She Wan licked his lips, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

A cautious voice sounded behind the Oshe Maru.

"Master Oshemaru, that adult has already entered Otonin Village."

Thinking of the horror of Right Fight, Duo Yu was also a little frightened, and said cautiously.

That was the man who could overwhelm the four of them who couldn't lift their heads just by virtue of their aura.

"Really, the four of you should go there first, and let Junmaro come over by the way."

Da She Maru let out a low laugh, turned his head and looked at Yinnin who was half kneeling on the ground.

Yinnin's hearts trembled at the same time, and a panic flashed in their eyes.

"What's wrong, is there a problem?" O Shemaru smiled lightly and looked at the four people of Otonin, but his tone was full of coldness.

"Yes! Lord Oshemaru!"

Yinnin's four people became cold and hurriedly spoke.

Regarding the man in the legend, they don’t know whether they will die, but if you don’t obey Lord Oshemaru, I’m afraid they will die soon!

In the next instant, the four people of Yinren turned into four afterimages and disappeared.

It didn't take long for a soft footstep to be heard behind Da She Wan.

A young boy with long jet-black hair, dotted with a red dot on each side of the center of his forehead, walked in.

"Master Oshemaru!"

With a fiery expression in Junmarud's eyes, he looked at Oshamaru.

"You are here, how are you?"

O Shemaru looked at Junmaro, and the cold color on his face was unknowingly less.

"My body has no problem, Lord Oshemaru!"

Hearing Oshemaru's words, Junmaro looked startled and quickly said,

He who has almost nothing, for the sake of Osamaru-sama, Junmaro can give up everything!

"Let's go, I will take you to meet someone."

Da She Wan licked his lips, then smiled softly.

outside world.

You Dou walked into Yinnin Village, looked at the surrounding environment, and curled his lips slightly.

Compared with a big ninja village like Wunin Village, Youdou really looks down on Otonin Village.

"The place where Dashewan studies are generally underground, and I don't know if I step on this foot will shake Dashewan out."

There was a faint smile on the corner of the right bickering mouth, talking to himself.

"Oh, since it's here, why hide in hiding?"

The right bucket looked at the flat ground in front of him, pressing his foot slightly.


With a roar, the ground in front of him exploded directly.

Immediately afterwards, the four figures flashed out from the ground in embarrassment.

Looking at the four familiar people, the smile on You Dou's face was even greater: "Yeah, it's the four of you again."

Hearing You Dou's words, Yinnin's body trembled at the same time among the four people. Among the four, the faint leader, Zao Jin, gritted his teeth: "Offended!"

As soon as Sakon's voice fell, four gloomy, evil chakras broke out at the same time, and the four people directly entered state two!