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Chapter 39-The Secret

The cold, terrifying Chakra filled the four human bodies.

Perhaps due to the influence of the imprinting of the curse, or the sudden increase in power, the original fear of the sound of the four people has faded.

"Do it!"

Zakon let out a loud shout, and the three figures standing aside instantly disappeared.

In the blink of an eye, the four people stood in four directions, firmly enclosing the right battle, and at the same time, they quickly formed seals.

You Dou quietly looked at the Yinnin four ninjas, his face expressionless, allowing them to seal.

Although the four people of Otonin had no idea why You Dou did not stop them, they did not dare to relax in the slightest.

Following the completion of the last seal, the four people uttered a low drink at the same time:

"Secret Technique-Four Purple Flame Array!"

A square purple enchantment instantly enveloped the right bucket.

Seeing this scene, Yinnin's hearts were slightly relieved.

"By the way, who gave you the courage to shoot at me?"

You Dou looked at the four people with a curious look on his face, knowing that the gap had to be shot.

I have to say that Da She Wan's brainwashing skills have reached the full level.

"You four are good at strength, do you want to join Wuren Village?"

You Dou blinked his eyes and looked at the sound of Shinobu with a look of expectation.

The four of Yinnin glanced at each other at the same time, a little dazed, obviously not adapting to the words of the right fight.

After a while, it was discovered that the four of them didn't seem to want to join Wunin Village, and You Dou showed disappointment on his face.

"Since you want to die, I will give you a ride."

You Dou sighed softly, and his tone suddenly became cold.

Hearing the voice from You Dou in the enchantment, the hearts of Zakon and others burst, but there was a look of suspicion in their eyes.

The Four Purple Flame Formation was a secret technique handed down by Master Dashewan himself. The four of them knew the power of this barrier very well.

Right Dou stretched out his palm, and the black and purple Chakra gathered quickly in the palm at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, a basketball-sized tail beast jade appeared in You Dou's hand.

Naturally, this is the chakra that Right Dou absorbed the six-tailed rhino.

Looking at the tail beast jade the size of a basketball in his hand, You Dou grinned at the sound of Shinobu and said softly: "Be careful."

In the next moment, this tail beast jade was thrown directly into the barrier by You Dou!


A terrifying explosion suddenly exploded, and the moment the Four Purple Flame Array came into contact with the Tail Beast Jade, it shattered directly.

The four Yinren spit out blood, which was directly covered by the power of the tail beast jade explosion.


The sound of light footsteps sounded, and the right bucket slowly walked out of the smoke, and there was not even a trace of dust on his body.

"Oh, it's not dead."

Right Dou raised his eyebrows, looking like the direction covered by smoke and dust, he opened his mouth unexpectedly.

"Earth escape enchantment-no dungeon hall!"

Jirofang let out a loud roar, and directly covered the right bucket in the dungeon formed by the earth wall.

This is Jirofang's skill, it can trap the enemy, and it can absorb the chakra of the trapped enemy, and at the same time restore himself.

However, Jirofang, who trapped You Dou, didn't have the slightest expression of joy on his face, but with a deep fear, shouted to the rear: "Hurry up!"

Doyu also jumped out from one side, making seals with both hands, and said dissatisfiedly: "Fatty man, shut up!"

Spiritualism-Three Ghosts!


Along with a suit of smoke, three huge figures appeared in front of everyone.

Doyuya quickly took out the flute from his waist and put it to his mouth to play: "Magic Flute-Phantom Dance Dance!"


Countless spider silk came from all directions, and in the blink of an eye, they laid out the surroundings into a cobweb-like existence.

Guitong Maru is sitting in the center of the spider web, holding a golden bow and arrow in his hand, the whole bow and arrow has been pulled to the full moon state!

"You don't know anything about power..."

The sound of a slight fork came from the dungeon.

Jirofang, who was in control of the dungeon, was sweating profusely, and his whole body suddenly trembled!


The entire dungeon exploded in a blast, and suddenly rocks flew up, and the right fighting came out of the dungeon like a walk.

Right Dou stretched out his hand to face the three rocks that were blown up in mid-air and bounced hard.

The three rocks made a strong sound of breaking through the air, and instantly shot towards the three ghosts that Tayuya had summoned!


The three ghosts controlled by Doyuya didn't even react, and their heads were already shattered by rocks!

Accompanied by a slight wind sound, Jirofang raised his head in horror, looking at the right fighting who was standing in front of him at some unknown time, just about to open his mouth and shout: "Help..."

The words of Jirofang have not been completed yet, and the whole person has turned into a cloud of blood.

Right Dou flashed around, and Da Yuya appeared before him.

Tayuya was so frightened that he couldn't help backing up a few steps, and for a moment he forgot to resist.

"Since you are a girl, be gentle."

Right Dou said indifferently, and one hand had already pinched Do Yuya by the neck to lift it up.

This is the time!

Guitong Maru, who was sitting on the spider web renewed, his eyes lit up suddenly, the bow and arrow in his hand was pulled to the full, and he instantly released!

Mystery-Spider Bow·Breaking!

The golden bow and arrow directly turned into a golden light, shooting in the direction of the right bucket with a strong air breaking sound.

Feeling the harsh wind coming from his ears, Right Dou didn't even have the desire to turn his head, and gently squeezed his neck with his hand.

Da Yuya's eyes glared, and his whole body completely lost his voice.

At the same time, Right Dou raised his other hand and easily grasped the bow and arrow that had been shot.

The terrifying force on the bow and arrow, and the moment it touched the palm of the right hand, all disappeared.

Right Dou turned the arrow of the bow and arrow in the direction of Guitong Maru, and slowly released the hand that was holding the bow and arrow.


The golden bow and arrow shot out from the right bucket's hand at a faster speed than before, directly turning into a golden afterimage.

Looking at the bow and arrow shooting at him, Gui Tong Maru wanted to evade, but the speed of the bow and arrow was too fast, and an idea flashed in his mind: 100% hit rate!


The violent breaking sound mixed with terrifying force instantly shot Guitongmaru's chest a big hole.

Guitong Maru fell directly from the spider web.

"One, two, three... there is still one short."

Right Dou chuckled and said, turning his head to look at a hidden position behind him.

Originally hidden in a dark place, Zakon, who was about to make a sneak attack, had already froze in place.


Otherwise it is death!

Sakon turned around and wanted to escape in the direction of Otonin Village, but Youdou had already appeared next to Sakon first.

"Yeah, I found you."

You Dou faintly opened his mouth, followed by a muffled noise, and the entire body near it turned into a mass of blood.

At this moment, a person's head rolled out from under the body near Sakon.

Seeing this human head still carrying a breath of life, You Dou suddenly remembered that there were two human heads in Zuo Jin's body, one was called Zuo Jin and the other was called You Jin.

The head of this man named Youjin rolled frantically in a certain direction in the distance, and shouted, "Master Oshemaru, help me!!"