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Chapter 40-Seeing Jun Maro

The battle between the four of Otonin and You Dou did not last long.

Therefore, when Oshemaru and Junmaro walked out, apart from seeing Doyu's body as a complete body, the other three people had become a pile of fleshy flesh.

Of course, there was also a frightened person who rolled under the feet of Da She Wan and approached the head right.

"Master Oshemaru, save me!"

The head near you shouted in fear.

If there is no other body as a parasite, even if the head of the right person is supported by the power of the curse, it will not last long.

Looking at Youjin, Da She Wan's face was already gloomy and dripping with water.

How long was it, just a short while, and after spending countless efforts, the four people I cultivated died like this.

When these four people were in the second state of curse sound, even if it was Oshemaru who faced each other, it would be a little troublesome.

This is also the reason why O Shemaru safely dispatched the Otonin four people.

Originally, Dashemaru was just trying to test the strength of You Dou and whether he could recover, but he didn't expect that in the blink of an eye, the entire group of Otonin had been wiped out.

"Master You Dou, the person who killed me on my territory, do you need to explain to me?"

Da She Wan exudes a cold aura, looking at the right Dou who is coming forward, his tone is a little low.

Junmaro, who was standing next to Osamaru, squatted slightly, obviously ready to fight.

"Explain? Do I need to explain to you."

With a smile on You Dou's face, he walked to Da She Wan.

Although the four members of Otonin are only supporting roles in the original work, they are not ordinary dragons.

In Konoha's collapse plan, Osake Maru can kill three generations of Naruto, and the four of Otonin can be said to have part of the force, but now that the four people of Otonin die early, it will obviously have a certain impact on the plot of Konoha's collapse.

However, what does it have to do with You Dou? It is Oshe Maru, not him, that should be worried.

The so-called plot can be understood as a general trend from You Dou.

Even if the four of Otonin were dead, You Dou believed that with the method of Osha Maru, he could definitely find out who could arrange the four purple flame formations.

When it comes to the general trend, You Dou's eyes flashed a little thought. If you say that before, You Dou would never believe this so-called general trend theory.

However, since meeting Senjujujuma and Uchiha Madara, Yoto has a trace of belief deep in his heart.

Take the time when I was resurrected, it turned out to be the time when the plot was about to start.

Through the information obtained from Wuren Village, calculating the time, the current Uzumaki Naruto may have just become Xiaren and is still doing D-level tasks such as weeding.

The original plan of the Right Fight was to resurrect during the Second and Third World Wars, and even made some back-ups for that time. Unfortunately, people are not as good as the sky, and with an open eye, they have come to this era.

The Mizuwuki clan and the Zhutoi clan who were originally the descendants have been annihilated.

If You Dou was resurrected in advance, these things would definitely not happen, but there seemed to be a general trend that hindered You Dou's resurrection in advance.

Whether it is the Heijue who has lived for so many years, the six immortals who exist in the world in the form of souls, even the death god who has been sealed by ghosts, the old toad that Miaomushan can predict, and so on.

All this continues to show that this ninja world is not simple.

Thinking of this, the corner of his right bickering was slightly raised, and it became more and more interesting.

Raising his leg and stepping out, the right bucket disappeared in place and reappeared, already standing not far in front of Da She Maru.

"Oh, there's still half here." With a glance at You Jin on the ground, You Dou raised his foot and stepped towards You Jin.

Oshemaru's pupils shrank, and he just wanted to raise his arm, but in a moment he lowered his arm again, showing no expression on his face.

It is absolutely unwise to fall out with the right fight at this time, even if he has a hole card in his hand.

As a last resort, Dashewan will never use this hole card. Once the result is used, Dashewan knows better than anyone.

It also means that there is absolutely no room for relaxation between the two parties.

Oshemaru didn't want to do it, but Junmaro, who was standing next to Oshemaru, directly drew a bone blade from his palm!

For Junmaro, the insult to Lord Osaimaru was the most intolerable for Junmaro.


Junmaro squatted gently, and then the whole body was like a spring, holding a bone blade, and rushing towards the right side.

Seeing this scene, You Dou's movements paused slightly. As the last bloodline of the Taketo clan, You Dou had actually noticed it from the moment Junmaro appeared.

Looking at Junmaro who suddenly started his hand, Oshemaru's expression remained unchanged. If someone else rashly shot against Youdou, there would basically be only one result.

But Junmaro is different. Oshemaru knows the status of the Taketori clan in Youdou's heart.

The sound of breaking through the air sounded in his ears, and the bone blade in Junmaro's hand pierced the position of the right Dou's heart.

When the bone blade in his hand was still a few centimeters away from the heart of You Dou's heart, Junmaro's eyes flashed with surprise.

The opponent didn't even want to avoid or even block.

Jun Maru's eyes flashed sharply, and the speed at which the bone stab in his hand went out couldn't help but speed up a bit.

The next moment, Junmaro's whole body stopped in place. Although the bone blade in his hand had pierced You Dou's body, he did not even pierce the clothes on the surface.

Not only that, no matter how hard Junmaro was, the bone blade in his hand couldn't move forward.

"The speed and strength are good, but it's a pity that the stamina is not enough. It seems that the blood inheritance of the Taketo clan has already affected your body so much."

You Dou looked at Jun Maro whose pupils had shrunk, and said lightly.

As soon as the right fight's voice fell, Junmaro's body stiffened, and a flash of shock flashed in his eyes. His physical condition was not known at all except for Lord Oshamaru and a few people in Otonin Village.

How did this man in front of me know!

On the other side of the big snake pill, a sharp glow flashed through the serpentine pupils.

There was a look of excitement on Oshemaru's face, and she couldn't help licking her lips. Regarding Junmaru's blood inherited boundary disease, Oshemaru did not know how many methods had been used, but it was a pity that these methods were not of any use.

This disease is rooted in the blood inheritance boundary of the bamboo clan. Unless the blood inheritance boundary is wiped out, the disease will not disappear.

Da She Maru raised his head and looked at You Dou in the distance, if anyone in this world knew about the blood inheritance of the Taketo clan.

Then there is only You Dou, the original Shui Ying.

Oshemaru has checked a lot of information. At the beginning, the strong man of the Taketo clan Yuye, but there is no such situation as Junmaro.

Whether it is in the legend or in the materials, there is also no rumors about what happened to Yuuye's body.