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Chapter 42 You Are Not A Weapon From Start To End

After Gui Deng Shui Yue finished saying this, he suddenly felt a bit cold.Looking at it cautiously, Da She Wan was expressionless.

At the same time, he raised his head and looked at the right side, his eyes flashed with curiosity.

For Dashemaru, Guideng Shuiyue was a little confused from the heart.

Precisely because of this, Gui Deng Shui Yue is quite interested in the right fight who seems to be able to talk to Osha Maru on an equal footing.

"Let me go with you, where?" Gui Deng Shuiyue whispered to You Dou.

"Of course it's back to Wuren Village, otherwise do you think someone will come to you?"

You Dou showed an idiot's eyes and looked at Ghost Deng Shuiyue.

Of course, these words are not correct. After three or four years, a certain Second Pillar will also take the Ghost Lantern Water Moon guy out.

Back to Wunin Village?!

Gui Deng Shui Yue was taken aback for a moment, and then his face turned black. Compared to being soaked in the water tank of Da She Wan, he was even more reluctant to return to Wuren Village.

At first, he took the scroll from the clan, and then sneaked out. Now let him go back. Gui Deng Shui Yue is afraid that he will be killed by other members of the Gui Deng clan.

Ghost Deng Shuiyue just wanted to speak, a faint voice came from You Dou's mouth:

"You are not eligible to refuse."

Hearing You Dou's words, Gui Deng Shuiyue curled his lips, but did not speak.

Although Gui Deng Shui Yue's personality is a bit impulsive, it doesn't mean that he is stupid, and someone who can talk to Da She Maru on an equal footing, apart from being strong, should have no other reason.

As for the identity, no matter how high the identity is in the eyes of a ninja like Oshemaru, I am afraid it is of no use at all.

"I have fulfilled the requirements of Master You Dou. I wonder if I am interested in participating in one of my plans?"

Da She Wan licked his lips, suddenly said with flashing eyes.

"Plan?" You Dou's eyes flashed with a gleam, but his face calmly spoke.

"About Konoha's plan."

There was a hint of excitement in Da She Maru's tone.

A smile appeared on You Dou's face: "I am very interested."

You Dou originally came to Oshemaru, in addition to wanting to take away Junmaro and Onitou Suizuki, there is also the Konoha collapse plan in the original book.

With such a good opportunity to weaken Konoha, You Dou will naturally not miss it.

However, the Konoha collapse plan in the original book was too rubbish, except for the death of three generations and the destruction of some Konoha's houses, it did not cause much damage to Konoha at all.

Even the fellow Oshemaru pitted Sand Ninja Village. Not only did he lose a Fengying, but he also signed and paid the compensation.

However, even if it was given to Konoha on the site of Sunnin Village, Konoha didn't have to.

Konoha's collapse plan? You Dou had a sneer in his heart. Without revealing his identity, even if Konoha could not be destroyed, he would still make Konoha half-crippled.

As for when the identity of You Dou spread throughout the Ninja World, that also meant that the war was about to begin.

Oshemaru and Youdou didn't talk for long, and Youdou left with Junmaro and Gui Deng Shui Yue.

Whether it is Youdou or Oshemaru, neither of them needs to elaborate on the plan.

According to You Dou, there has never been a seamless plan in this world, so two people only need to plan the general direction.

For this personal visit to Otonin Village, You Dou expressed his satisfaction, at least it went more smoothly than he expected.

Ono Shemaru has many good things in his hands, but those are only for ordinary ninjas.

In addition to the ninjutsu of Unholy Land Reincarnation, which has some effects on You Dou, the things in Osha Maru's hands are not very attractive to You Dou.

It is a pity that the reincarnation of the dirty soil is equivalent to the lifeblood of the current Oshe Maru. This is the basis of his negotiation with You Dou, and it is also his trump card. Naturally, he will not teach You Dou.

A small road that is not smooth.

You Dou walked forward with a boring look on his face, and immediately behind You Dou, one was Junmaro who was expressionless, and the other was Gui Deng Shui Yue with his eyes turning constantly, as if thinking about some bad idea.

"So...are we really going back to Wunin Village?"

Ghost Deng Shuiyue cautiously looked at the right bucket in front, and said softly.

You Dou didn't even look back, and didn't even bother to speak. Gui Deng Shuiyue was just talking about tuberculosis, and I didn't know how many questions he had asked along the way.

Seeing You Dou didn't reply, Gui Deng Shuiyue didn't care either. With the light of his eyes, he slid to the sides of the road from time to time, as if looking for a place to escape easily.

"I advise you not to fight and run away, otherwise, you may not be able to keep your two legs."

The faint voice of You Dou entered Gui Deng Shuiyue's ears, making Gui Deng Shuiyue cold all over her body.

Compared to Ghost Light Shuiyue, Junmaro was much quieter, and he didn't even say a word until now.

"Without the master's weapon, do you think the weapon is still necessary, Junmaro."

Right Dou kept walking, and said without turning his head.

Is there still a need?

Junmaru was taken aback for a moment, with a dazed expression in his eyes. From the moment he was taken away by Oshemaru, he lived for Oshemaru, the strongest weapon in the hands of Oshemaru.

But now, Dashemaru doesn't need him anymore, what else can he do now?

"As a weapon, is there still a need for me?"

Junmaro looked blank and muttered to himself.

"In this world, there are really fools who use themselves as weapons, don't they even have a friend or relative?"

Gui Deng Shui Yue glanced at Jun Maro, and whispered, although it is not the first time he has seen Jun Maro, the two are not familiar.

After all, Gui Deng Shui Yue was locked up by Da She Wan most of the time.

Although Guideng Shuiyue only whispered in a low voice, he could naturally hear it whether it was Youdou or Junmaro.


Junmaru chanted these two words lightly, and a figure suddenly appeared in his mind.

"Shigeo..." Junmaro said softly.

"If you have a friend, then it's not a weapon." Gui Deng Shuiyue showed a troublesome look and said casually.

You Dou glanced at Gui Deng Shuiyue somewhat unexpectedly, this guy helped him by accidentally hitting and knocking.

Right Dou suddenly stopped and turned around to look at Junmaro.

In Junmaro's dazed expression, You Dou said with a chuckle:

"Who said that you have no relatives? Speaking of it, you are also a descendant of my old friend, and can be regarded as my descendant, so you are not a weapon from start to finish."

Junmaro froze for a moment, apparently digesting the information that You Dou said.

For Junmaro, the term family is strange and distant.

Although Youdou's words were far-fetched, Junmaro did not feel that Youdou was lying.

You Dou smiled lightly, and stretched out his hand to touch the top of Jun Maro's head. Jun Maro took a halt, and reflexively pulled out a bone blade and slammed forward.

The bone blade pierced directly on the right side of the chest, but unfortunately, it was still the same as in the last battle, and even the surface of the clothes was not pierced.

At this time, Right Dou's hand also fell on Junmaro's head.

Rubbing Junmaru's white hair gently, You Dou chuckled, "I will take you home."

Junmaro's body was a little stiff, and suddenly he felt familiar.

It was just like the feeling when he first saw Master Dashemaru, Dashemaru took him by the hand and took him away.

An inexplicable sense of peace.

It's just that this feeling is stronger now than when I was around Osha Maru-sama.