Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 44 The Cautious Thinking of the Ghost Lantern Patriarch

Along the way, Gui Deng Shuiyue was full of enthusiasm at the thought of not fighting Tao Di again.

You Dou is also not good at discouraging Gui Deng Shuiyue's enthusiasm, just hope that Gui Deng Shuiyue can still laugh at that time.

To be honest, You Dou is still a little interested in fighting between Tao Di and Gui Deng Shui Yue.

Although Gui Deng Shui Yue is talking about tuberculosis, he didn't make You Dou feel bored along the way, after all, Junmaro was a dull gourd.

If you don't ask him, Junmaro will never speak.

The speed of the three people was very fast, and right from time to time, the right fight took the two of them to speed.

Therefore, in a few days, everyone was already standing at the gate of Wuren Village.

"Mistura Village, I really miss it."

Gui Deng Shui Yue looked at the gate of Wuren Village in front of him, and couldn't help sighing.

At this time, Junmaro also raised his head and looked around. The impression of Kirinin Village was in Junmaro's memory, only as a child.


Two winds came from the direction of the gate!

Immediately afterwards, two men wearing the uniforms of the Ninja Village Ninja appeared in front of Youdou.

"Elder, you are back."

After seeing Right Dou, the two ninjas spoke respectfully.

"Lingo Yu Yuri, are they back?"

You Dou nodded slightly, and asked curiously.

"Not yet, Elder."

Hearing what you said, one of the ninjas quickly spoke.

You Dou nodded. It seems that Ringo Yu Yuri and the others are in trouble. Lan Wan's blood succession limit can be said to be very strong in terms of assistance.

However, Ringo Yu Yuri and the bubble are not weak, and You Dou is not worried.

Seeing that the three people of You Dou gradually disappeared, the two ninjas slowly breathed a sigh of relief.

"Who are the two people following the elder?" A ninja said curiously.

"I don't know the one in white clothes. As for the other one, it seems to be from the ghost lamp clan... I remember, it is Ghost Deng Shuiyue!"

"No wonder it's a bit familiar, it seems that the village is going to be lively during this time."

Another older ninja suddenly loosened his frowning eyebrows and chuckled.

Water Shadow Office.

Terumi Ming blinked his big eyes and looked at the slightly dazed Ghost Deng Shui Yue and Junmaro, who had no expression on his face, standing in front of her.

After a while, Terumi Mei looked up and looked aside. Right Doudao who was sitting lazily on the sofa:

"You mean these two guys, one is the ghost lantern Shuiyue who has disappeared for many years, and the other is the only surviving descendant of the Zhutoi family who has been exterminated."

Ghost Deng Suigetsu is nothing more than that, but what happened to Junmaro?Didn’t it mean that the race had been annihilated?

Terumi Ming was a little dazed, and he brought back two people when he went out, and the identities of these two individuals were somewhat special.

"The residence of the Taketori clan back then should still be there now?"

You Dou shrugged and asked suddenly.

"Still, the Taketori people are warlike by nature, so their residence was not arranged in the village, but in a remote location from the gate of Wuren Village."

Terumi Mei was taken aback for a moment, then nodded and said.

"In this case, Guideng Shuiyue will be handed over to you, Junmaro, let's go and follow me to the residence of your Taketori clan."

You Dou smiled lightly, stood up and shouted to Junmaro.

A gleam of color flashed in Junmaro's eyes, are we the residence of the Taketori clan?

Everyone has a root deep in his heart, irrespective of encounters and circumstances.

Especially for the current Junmaro, he needs a place of sustenance deep in his heart.

Youdou can learn from Oshemaru and turn himself into Junmaro's sustenance, but Youdou disdain to do that.

Not only because Junmaro is the descendant of his former best friend.

It is even more because people like Junmaro and Bai can be said to be the only few blanks left on this gray-black paper in the entire Ninja World.

It is not a sorrow for people like Junmaro and Bai to live in such a world.

Terumi Ming watched Youdou lead Junmaro away, a glimmer of light flashed in her eyes.

Uto-sama seemed to value the boy named Junmaro quite seriously, but then again, this was normal.

Are you a survivor of the Taketori clan?I don't know if there are any survivors of the Shuiwuyue clan.

Terumi Ming's eyes flickered slightly, thinking thoughtfully in her heart.

"Um..., Master Shuiying, or I will also go to take a look at the station of the Taketori clan."

Gui Deng Shuiyue looked at the right fight, who left him without hesitation, with a bitter expression on his face.

Hearing Gui Deng Shui Yue's words, Terumi Ming looked down at the three Shinobi swords placed on the table, and a smile appeared on his face.

"No need, save trouble later."

Terumi Ming waved her hand and said with a chuckle.

Seeing the smile on Terumi Ming's face, Gui Deng Shui Yue couldn't help but feel a cold back, and suddenly realized that he had come back if he had made a wrong decision.


At this moment, a knock on the door came from outside.

Then, a middle-aged figure walked in slowly.

Seeing this person walking in, Gui Deng Shuiyue trembled all over, and the whole person was slightly hydrated.

"The patriarch of the Ghost Lantern clan, I have seen Lord Shuiying, and Mr. Shuiying is troublesome."

The head of the ghost lamp respectfully spoke to Terumi Mei, with a hint of gratitude in his tone.

Terumi Ming narrowed his eyes and shook his head with a chuckle.

The patriarch of the ghost lamp in front of him did not thank him as a personal ninja, but as a clan of ghost lamps. Obviously, this was more than a simple thank you.

"I didn't contribute much to this matter. If you want to thank you, I would like to thank Master You Dou."

The voice faintly passed into the ears of the head of the ghost lamp, and a surprised look appeared on the face of the head of the ghost lamp, but there was no change in his eyes.

Before coming, he had already understood the matter almost, and naturally knew that Ghost Deng Shuiyue was brought back by Master You Dou.

But knowing that Gui knows that what should be shown has to be shown, otherwise how can it be related to the water shadow in front of him.

The ghost lantern clan used to be outside the world, but now the situation in Wuren Village is different from before.

And the water shadow Terumi Ming in front of him was not the water shadow that everyone could constrain before. Now Terumi Ming is standing behind You Dou.

The cohabitation of Master Youdou and Terumi Mei is not a secret in the entire Wunin Village.

From his gaze, it can be seen that Terumi Mei is still in perfect body now, but it is now, does not mean that it will be in the future.

Although the seniority of Master You Dou is high and scary, but if you really count the age, it is actually not that big. After all, the period of time when he was sealed was a blank period.

That being the case, it is better to invest early, compared to Master Right Dou, the water shadow Zhao Meiming in front of you is much easier to touch.