Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 48 The Selection of Seven Swordsmen begins

Wujin Village has been quite lively these past two days.

News about the selection of the Wunin Swordsmen spread throughout the entire Ninja Village in less than a day.

The Seven Swordsmen of Wurenen are synonymous with the strong no matter in Wunin Village or in the history of Ninja world.

According to the normal selection procedure, the Seven Ninja Swords were pre-determined in advance.

But this time, anyone can participate in the selection of the Seven Ninto Blades, and the news came from the water shadow office, and Terumi Ming admitted personally.

And it was co-hosted by Chojuro, the owner of the Double Sword and Flounder, and the Ghost Lamp family.

Suddenly, the ninjas of the entire Wunin Village became a sensation, especially for civilian ninjas, this is a rare opportunity to become famous.


Where the bubble lives.

At this moment, Foam looked helpless, looking at Ranmaru dangling in front of him.

Although two days have passed, Ranmaru still kept jumping on the ground with a look of excitement.

Lan Wan never thought that he could actually walk on the ground without scruple.

This is the power that Master You Dou bestowed on him. Every time he thought of this, Lan Wan had a look of worship in his eyes.

Although You Dou-sama has said that he doesn't need eyes, Ranmaru firmly believes that he will be able to help You Dou-sama!

Foam looked at the Lan Wan walking back and forth in front of him, a trace of curiosity flashed in his eyes.

As the person who brought back Lan Wan, the foam is quite clear about the physical condition of Lan Wan.

It is precisely because of the clarity that Foam can't figure out what kind of ninjutsu it is that can restore Lan Wan to a normal state.

Thinking of this, the bubble slightly glanced at the black water chestnut symbol in the center of Lan Wan's forehead, and the bubble vaguely felt related to this symbol.

Moreover, the six-tailed rhinoceros inside the foam told him that there seemed to be a very powerful chakra hidden inside Lan Wan.

Foam retracted his gaze from Lan Wandi, and continued to slacken against a big tree.

Although he is more curious, he is just curious. If it weren't for Ranmaru jumping around in front of him, Foam would rather sleep on the tree with his eyes closed.

Two soft footsteps came from a distance, and the foam knew who it was without opening his eyes.

Junmaro's face was slightly pale, and he could still feel the weakness from his body.

But Junmaro's eyes were very bright, and the pain that his body had been used to, after this period of treatment by Mr. Right Dou, had obviously subsided.

Junmaro could clearly feel that his illness was being suppressed slowly.

"Don't use ninjutsu during this time, it's best not to use Chakra, and if you use the bone veins in the future, throw away all the bones extracted from the body, and don't take it back into the body."

You Dou looked at Jun Maro who was pale, and said lightly.

"Yes, Master You Dou."

Junmaro spoke respectfully when he heard You Dou's words.

"Master You Dou!"

At this moment, an equally respectful voice came from the front.

Right Dou turned his head and looked at Ran Maru, who was trotting forward, with a smile on his face.

If the thing that surprised him the most after You Dou was resurrected, then it was Ranmaru, the only thing that surprised You Dou so far.

With Lan Wan's initial physical condition, You Dou had never thought that Lan Wan could absorb five or six times the curse seal chakra that far exceeded his body limit.

The current Lan Maru looks like an ordinary child on the surface, but once the curse is applied, the strength can be increased to the level of Shinobu, plus the red-eyed blood inheritance limit.

Ordinary Shangren is not necessarily his opponent!

For You Dou, this is totally unexpected joy, but I am afraid it is only one example. Ranmaru’s dedication to the body and being able to walk is beyond the imagination of You Dou, and coupled with not weak willpower, this is also The key to Lan Wan's persistence.

Right Dou reached out and touched Lan Wan's little head, and whispered:

"How is the power mastered?"

"Master You Dou, Lan Wan is already able to enter the curse imprinting at any time, and Lan Wan did not expect that the Blood Succession Boundary could better help Lan Wan master the curse imprinting."

Ran Maru enjoyed the caress of the right fight, and said with a happy face.

Right Dou's eyes lit up, and the ability to red eyes could be said to be a replica of white eyes, and even in some functions it was much stronger than white eyes.

Of course, it is naturally incomparable with the reincarnated eyes.

"I knew you were here, Master You Dou."

At this moment, a slightly charming body voice came from behind.

An unexpected look flashed in You Dou's eyes, turned around, and looked at Terumi Mei who slowly walked by from behind.

"Tsk, Master Shuiying, it's really surprising that you came out with leisure time today."

You Dou looked at Terumi Mei who came by with a joking smile on his face.

Terumi Ming rolled her eyes and spread her hands.

"You forgot that today is the day for the selection of the Ninja Seven. Most of the ninjas in the entire Ninja Village have gone, so I naturally relax."

Terumi Ming glanced at the right side to get Junmaro and Ranmaru.

When she saw Ran Maru, Terumi Ming's eyes lit up, and he walked over and touched Mo Ran Maru's head with an interesting look on her face, looking at You Dou:

"This is what you told me, the kid who surprised even you."

Feeling Terumi Ming's movements, Ranmaru's face appeared blush, and he couldn't help but step back two steps, a little embarrassed, standing behind You Dou.

You Dou smiled lightly and nodded, but a serious look flashed in his eyes: "It seems that the people of the Kinoshita clan finally can't help it."

The corner of Terumi Ming's mouth curled up: "You Dou-sama guessed it right, but they paid a lot of money and asked me to come and invite You Dou-sama in person."

"Haha, it looks like you pitted them hard."

You Dou couldn't help but laugh, and said to Terumi Mei again:

"Let's go, this good show is finally about to start."

Seeing Master Shuiying and Master You Dou gradually moving away, Lan Wan blinked slightly, remembering the selection of the Seven Swordsmen mentioned in the conversation between the two, a look of curiosity flashed.

Lan Wan ran to the direction of a big tree, looking at the foam that seemed to be asleep with her eyes closed and half leaning against the tree, Lan Wan quickly walked over and shook it gently:

"Master Bubble, do you know what is going on with the Seven Swordsmen?"

Foam opened his eyes helplessly. He naturally knew what Lan Wan wanted to ask. In order to prevent Lan Wan from disturbing his purification, Foam said directly:

"If you can become one of the Seven Swordsman, you can definitely help Master Upper Right Dou."

As soon as the bubble voice fell, Lan Maru's eyes became sharp, and he ran directly towards the center of Wunin Village.

Looking at Lan Wan who finally left, Foam closed his eyes again and said to himself: "Troublesome kid."


Wuren Village Center.

At this time, around a larger training ground in the center of Wuren Village.

It can be described as a sea of ​​people, most of the ninjas in the entire Ninja Village have basically gathered here.

But most people come with the mentality of watching the excitement.

After all, this is the first time in the history of Wunin Village to select members of the Seven Swords without restrictions.