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Chapter 49-Ringo Yu Yuri Appears

The Seven Swordsmen of Wu Ren, not only represents the high combat power of Wu Ren Village, but also a special honor.

There are generally two types of members who can become the Seven Swordsmen. One is similar to the inheritance. People in the family have been members of the Seven Swords. So there is a specific training method for a certain Ninja Sword.

Regarding this kind of family, the most famous is the ghost lamp family, which has all the training methods of the seven ninja swords.

This is also the reason why the ghost lamp clan has been found among all the Wuren Seven Swordsmen in the past.

The other is pure talent, for a certain Shinobi is born with a special fit.

Each of the seven ninja swords not only has unique characteristics, but also has a unique fighting method, and such people are born for the ninja sword.

Although the Wunin Seven Swordsmen were selected publicly, it had not yet started, and only the two above had actually eliminated more than half of the people.

The remaining ninjas are basically not weak, and such ninjas generally have their own mature fighting methods.

For them, rashly using a ninja to change their fighting style is a dangerous behavior for them.

Therefore, what the Seven Swordsmen really want to select is only the small group of people left.

Located in the center of the entire training ground.

Burst knife·spray, blunt knife·pouch, long knife·stitch and thunder knife·tooth, four ninja knives are placed on a special holder similar to a knife holder.

Several ninjas from the Ghost Lantern clan stood beside the knife stand. They were responsible for the preliminary screening.

Near the rear, there are a total of five standing positions.

Among them, in the top spot in the middle, there was already a person sitting, and it was Chojuro, the holder of the double-sword flounder.

Feeling a lot of gaze around him, Changjuro, who was originally a little shy, was slightly uncomfortable, with a blush on his face.

"I think you have already heard what I just said. Everyone can only choose a ninja sword to test. If it fails, there is no chance."

"Everything has been explained, everyone, let's get started!"

A Shangren of the ghost lamp clan, his face was cold and he spoke.

With the voice of this name falling, four figures instantly rushed out of the crowd.

After these four people appeared, they looked at each other a few times, and everyone picked up a Shinobi sword from the knife holder.

After watching the four people choose Shinobu, Shang Shino of the Ghost Light Clan patted his hands gently.

In the next moment, the four ninjas of the ghost lamp clan had appeared in front of the four sword bearers.

"Start!" Shangren of the ghost lamp clan said coldly.


The four pairs of figures fought together for an instant, and there was a fierce collision on the entire training ground.

Wunin Village has always been based on strength. If you want to take the Shinobi sword, you must use the corresponding strength.

The ninjas of the four ghost lamp clan are not strong, but reach the level of ninja among the elite, but everyone understands the characteristics of ninja swords.

Fighting with the four ninjas of the Ghost Lantern clan can not only detect the strength of the knife holder, but also see if the knife holder is suitable for this ninja, or whether it has a certain talent.

As for whether it is possible to cheat, it is almost impossible. This battle is conducted under everyone's eyes. Is it true that the group of ninjas watching the excitement around is a display?

The battle did not last long, accompanied by the sound of weapons landing.

Four voices sounded indiscriminately: "Unqualified!"

There was no unexpected look on Shangren's face of the Ghost Lantern Clan, he nodded slightly, looked at the surrounding crowd, and said lightly: "Continue!"

It seems that due to the defeat of the four ninjas who took the lead in the battle, compared to the lively atmosphere just now, the surrounding crowd was much quieter at this time.

Obviously, this selection is not as simple as it seems.

Just got a ninja and started fighting, and even the opportunity to adapt is not given, I am afraid that most ninjas simply cannot adapt.

With the passage of time, an unqualified voice sounded from time to time on the training ground, and only a few qualified sounds were heard from time to time.

Up to now, only five qualified people have appeared and passed the first level test, but these people have all lost in the hands of Changjuro.

Without the approval of the double-sword and flounder holder Chojuro, it is naturally impossible to become the new Ninja Seven Ninjas.

It's not that Chojuro's test is too difficult, but that these ninjas are really bad.

Even the many ninjas who watched from a distance showed a gloomy look on their faces.

When did Wunin Village's strength drop to such a level!

A ninja who had chosen a long knife and stitch just now was not hurt by Chojuro during the battle, but was almost injured by the wire of the long knife and stitch.

You know, that ninja was from the last long knife and needle holder family.

Moreover, there is not only one such thing, how could Changjuro admit such a knife holder.

Among the crowd watching the battle, there was an inconspicuous position.

Haruna pulled Ringo Yu Yuri's clothes corners a few times, and whispered:

"Sister, I think they are not as good as you, why didn't sister play?"

Ringo Yu Yuri gently touched Haruna's head. There was only one chance. She didn't want to lose, so she had been observing Changjuro's fighting style since just now.

Now, there is no problem!

"Haruna, wait for your sister's name to ring through the entire Wunin Village!"

Ringo Yu Yuri patted Haruna's head heavily in Haruna's dissatisfied expression, and said with a grin!

With a slight movement under her feet, Ringo Yu Yuri quickly jumped towards the training ground.

The ghost lamp clan's Shangren glanced at Ringo Yu Yuri faintly, and then withdrew his gaze.

Ringo Yu Yuri didn't care, and went straight to remove Thunder Knife and Tooth from the knife holder, holding one in each hand, and when the two knives collided lightly, a trace of thunder and lightning appeared.

With Ringo Yu Yuri's appearance, there was a slight commotion in the crowd. Ringo Yu Yuri is also a famous genius in Wuren Village.

Naturally, as soon as Ringo Yu Yuri played, he attracted most people's attention.

A Zhongren from the Ghost Lantern clan walked over and nodded to Yu Yuri Ringo.

"excuse me!"

Ringo Yu Yuri squatted slightly before she rushed over.

The thunder fangs in their hands collided with each other, and the thunder fangs were instantly entwined with the light of thunder and lightning.

The face of the middleman of the Ghost Lantern clan changed. Looking at the opponent's actions, he seemed to be quite familiar with Thunder Ya, and quickly dodged, and at the same time took out a handful of unprepared attacks.

The injuries suffered when fighting against Thunder Tooth Black Hoe were not in vain. Ringo Yu Yuli has fully understood the basic attack methods of Thunder Tooth.

Ringo Yu Yuri clenched his hands again, and introduced the power of thunder and lightning into his body. The next moment, Ringo Yu Yuri's speed increased sharply, and the blink of an eye had already appeared in front of the Zhongren.

Seeing Thunder Blade and Tooth, which was a few centimeters away from his neck, the Zhongren of the Ghost Lantern clan couldn't help but shed cold sweat on his forehead. He stammered and said, "Qualified!"

Most of the onlookers showed surprised expressions on their faces, and it was the first to solve it like Ringo Yu Yuri.

"It's amazing, no wonder Black Hoe Lei Ya was defeated by this big sister."

An exclamation sound rang from Haruna's side.

Haruna turned her head and looked at her side, wondering when there was a little Zhengtai who was half a head shorter than her.