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Chapter 50 Chojuro VS Ringo Yu Yuri

Haruna looked curiously at the child who appeared next to her, but she still said with a proud expression on her face:

"My sister is naturally good, but you know my sister, who are you?"

"My name is Lan Wan."

Hearing Haruna's question, Lan Wan was a little nervous and said in a low voice.

It was the first time that Ranmaru faced people of his age. After all, because of his health, he naturally had no so-called friends before. In addition, he was taken away by the black hoe Lei Ya, even less seeing his peers.


A look of thought flashed on Haruna's small face, and then her eyes lit up, and she reached out and patted Ranmaru's shoulder, who was half her head shorter:

"I remembered. My sister once told me that when I was on a mission, I brought back a kid named Ranwan. Wouldn't that kid be you?"

Haruna had an excited expression, and didn't realize that she was also a kid.

Lan Wan squeezed the corner of his clothes with both hands, and nodded stupidly.

When Haruna and Lan Wan had a hot conversation, Changjuro and Ringo Yu Yuri had already confronted each other on the training ground.

"In fact, Miss Ringo Yu Yuri can already become the holder of Thunder Knife Tooth. After all, he can defeat Thunder Tooth Black Hoe. This proves that you are qualified."

Changjuro looked at Ringo Yu Yuri opposite, and said softly.

"I don't think so. After so many years of defecting, relying on the power of a child, such a person has already lost the consciousness of the strong."

"As long as there is a flaw in the battle that is not conducive to him, the battle is basically over, not to mention that I was not the only one in the last mission."

Ringo Yu Yuli held a thunder knife, and a trace of excitement flashed in his eyes.

After Lei Dao turned between his fingers for a while, Ringo Yu Yuri looked at Changjuro and spoke again:

"Compared to the black hoe Thunder Tooth, I hope to get the approval of Changjuro's seniors, and I want to prove to everyone that I, Ringo Yu Yuri, is the real holder of Thunder Knife Tooth!"

Hearing Ringo Yu Yuri's words, Changju Lang's face showed a trace of helplessness. It seemed that this battle was unavoidable.

Changjuro slowly took off the double knife and flounder, and held his hands up. Although his face still had the shy expression of a big boy, his eyes were full of seriousness.

Ringo Yu Yuri's eyes condensed, and the double-sword flounder will be huge according to the amount of chakra absorbed, and it is also the only long-range attack weapon among the seven ninja swords.

This battle will benefit her only if she gets in!

Ringo Yu Yuri stretched the thunder knife across her chest, clamped the handle of the knife with both arms, and quickly formed a seal with both hands.

Lei Dun-Lei Ya!

Strips of lightning flowed between Ringo Yu Yuri's hands, and in the next moment it turned into thunder, blasting towards Chang Shilang ahead.

Changjuro's expression did not change, and he raised the flounder directly in front of him.

At the same time that Changjuro made a movement, Ringo Yu Yuri moved, and the whole person was like a sharp arrow shot, his legs flashing with lightning.

Obviously, it used the characteristics of thunder knife to stimulate the chakra of the leg with the power of thunder and lightning, so that the speed was doubled.


In an instant, Ringo Yu Yuri had crossed Changjuro and appeared behind him, holding thunder teeth, and stabbing Changjuro's position.


Before Lei Ya had a bayonet, Changjuro's entire body had melted into a stream and disappeared.

Water body?

Ringo Yu Yuli's eyes narrowed slightly, did he get a seal when he blocked him with a weapon?


A faint body voice came from the front side.

Changjuro held the flounder that had been enlarged to more than two meters in both hands, and slammed it in the direction of Yuri Lino!

A light cannon composed entirely of chakras was shot from the flounder!

Seeing this scene, Ringo Yu Yuri quickly crossed Thunder Teeth and let out a low drink:

"Lei Dun-Thunder Ball!"

The chakras with the thunder attribute rushed into the thunder knife, and at the position of the blade, a thunderball gathered entirely with thunder chakras.


A thunderball the size of a basketball was shot directly and collided with the light cannon fired by flounder in the air, making a huge explosion.

At this moment, all the ninjas onlookers gathered their eyes, followed by an interesting look on their faces.

Even the knife holders who were preparing for the test on the training ground stopped and looked at the two figures fighting in the center of the training ground.

"Interesting, the two are really moving."

Shang Ren of the Ghost Lantern clan, his eyes also looked over.

Water escape-the art of the big waterfall!

In the field, Ringo Yu Yuri kept moving. After finishing the seal with his hands, he opened his mouth abruptly, and a large amount of water spouted out of his mouth, rushing toward Changjuro!

Chojuro frowned slightly, this technique did not cause much trouble for him except that it consumed a lot of chakras.

With Ringo Yu Yuri's strength, it should be possible to understand this.

Changjuro held the flounder and slashed fiercely against the current rushing forward. A light blade shot from the flounder, directly splitting the water in half and spreading it to both sides.


Ringo Yu Yuri's figure rushed over again, thunder tooth flashing in his hand.


Changjuro pulled his hands hard and directly turned the flounder into two blades. The flounder was originally made up of two symmetrical knives, which were put together into one knife.

Holding one in each hand, Changjuro can also rush up. Although the flounder is a long-range ninja sword, it does not mean that Changjuro is weak in close combat!

At the level of Shinobi, there will be no partiality in itself, at best it is only to use one's own advantages.

Just like a person taking an exam, he scores 100 points every time in mathematics, but earns 90 points every time in Chinese, but this does not mean that his language is poor. Among ordinary people, it is still the top.

Seeing Chang Shi Lang rushing up, Ringo Yu raised his sharp mouth slightly, and his body slammed forward.

With a slight turn of the wrist, Ringo Yu Yuri's whole body was tender and strong, and he threw a thunder knife in his left hand directly.


With a wave of the flounder in his hand, Changjuro directly shot down the thunder knife he had shot, and fell to the side.

"It's done!"

Ringo Yu Yuli showed joy on his face, and thrust the remaining thunder knife directly into the ground.

Thunder Knife Technique-Thunder Gate!

The chakra with thunder attributes instantly rushed into the thunder knife inserted in the ground.


Changjuro's body suddenly stiffened, he just shot down the thunder knife, and suddenly a lot of thunder and lightning broke out.

The power of this thunder and lightning is not strong, but Changjuro's face suddenly turned ugly: "This is... it's Thunder Sword Art!"

Standing in the other direction, the name of the ghost lamp clan watching the battle, Shinobu's eyes lit up, and he whispered:

"Using the wet ground created by the technique of the great waterfall just now, using the unique characteristics of the two thunder knives to form a special position to restrain Chojuro's movements is really a good tactic."

Looking at Changjuro who was temporarily unable to move in front of him, Ringo Yu Yuri showed a charming smile and said with a smile:

"Offended, Senior Chojuro!"

Thunder Knife Technique-Thunder!

The special position originally composed of thunder and lightning quickly gathered towards the thunder knife beside Changjuro.

The next moment, a thick thunder pillar burst out!