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Chapter 51 King Kong Barbie-Ranwan

The terrifying power of thunder broke out in the center of the training ground!

However, with Thunder Knife as a coordinate, the power of thunder did not spread to the surroundings, but concentrated in the center.

The faces of many ninjas around watching the game changed slightly, and with this move, most of the people present could not resist.

"It seems that the newly appointed Wunin Seven Swordsmen appeared."

The name of the ghost lamp clan, Shang Ren, looked at Ringo Yu Yuri, and said softly.

"Flounder·Liberation·Continuous Slash!!"

A low growl came from the center of the thunder.

Immediately after a few light blades, directly smashed the thunder in the center, Changjurou's slightly embarrassed figure rushed out from the middle.

Seeing this scene, Ringo Yu Yuli showed a surprised look on his face.

It is worthy of the previous generation of Ninja Seven, whose strength is far stronger than she imagined.

Ringo Yu Yuri hurriedly pulled out the thunder knife that was stuck in the ground. Just when he wanted to make a move, he saw Changjuro raise his hand.

"Don't fight anymore, you are already qualified."

Chojuro hurriedly spoke.

Hearing Changjuro's words, Ringo Yu Yuri showed a pity expression on his face and put down the thunder knife in his hand again.

Changjuro breathed a sigh of relief, and turned the double-sword flounder back behind him, then walked to the opposite of Ringo Yu Yuri, touched his head and said:

"The move just now was very powerful. You won."

"I didn't win. Senior Chojuro didn't even use the flounder's sword skills, it was just a draw at best."

Ringo Yu Yuri opened her eyes wide and looked at Changjuro with a look of expectation on her face.

Changjuro's eyes showed a look of helplessness. Why did he always feel that apart from him, the seven Ninja swords of the past are more combative?

"By the way, you shouldn't have learned thunder sword technique, how could you?"

Thinking of the two blows just now, a curious look appeared on Changjuro's face.

If he knew that Ringo Yuri could use Thunder Swordsmanship, he would definitely not fall into the danger of absolute Ringo Yu Yuri so easily.

"When fighting with the black hoe Thunder tooth, I saw him use it several times, so I learned it."

Ringo Yu Yuli showed sharp teeth and said with a chuckle.

Chojuro was stunned, and suddenly remembered the evaluation of Raino Yu Yuri in the village-"Raidun's genius ninja"!

Sure enough, he is really a suitable holder of Thunder Knife.

Changjuro faced the front not far away, the name of the ghost lamp clan nodded, then turned around and led Yuri Ringo to the top five positions not far away.

"Now, here is your place."

Changjuro scratched his head and said to Ringo Yu Yuri.

"It is now announced that Ringo Yu Yuri has become the holder of Thunder Knife Tooth, and is one of the members of Mist Ninja Seven Knives."

Shangren of the Ghost Lamp clan showed a serious expression on his face and announced to everyone around him.

There was a tumult from the crowd, but no one objected.

"Lan Wan, look, is my sister very good!"

Haruna's excited little cheeks were all red, and she kept applauding.

Lan Wan nodded vigorously, his eyes lit up and said, "Being a Seven Swordsman, can you really help Master You Dou?"

"Of course, Wunin Seven Swordsmen are the most powerful and can help anyone!"

Haruna glared at Lan Wan, thinking that Lan Wan didn't know the power of the Seven Swordsmen, so she spoke seriously.

The other side.

As soon as the Kaminin voice of the ghost lamp clan fell, a ninja walked over from one side with a scroll, put it in Chojuro's hand, and then quickly turned and left.

"On this scroll, there are detailed training methods about Thunder Knife, as well as some experience recorded by the holders of the past dynasties, and of course, the complete Thunder Knife technique you just used."

Changjuro said with a chuckle, and then put the scroll in Ringo Yu Yuri's hands.

"Thank you, Chojuro-senpai!"

Looking at the scroll in her hand, Ringo Yu Yuri showed a fiery look in her eyes. She had longed for Thunder Blade and Fang's unique Thunder Blade technique for a long time.

"Don't thank me, any new Seven Swordsmen will get scrolls about the Ninja swords they hold, but these scrolls cannot be taken out of Wunin Village, and they need to be turned in after reading them."

Chojuro shrugged and spoke softly.

On the training ground, the selection is still going on, but since Ringo Yu Yuri succeeded, there has been no one.

Shangren of the Ghost Lantern clan frowned. Although he hadn’t thought about it, he could select all the holders of the four ninja swords.

But I didn't expect that until now only one appeared.

Also, what the hell is Ghost Deng Shuiyue doing?Why hasn't it come out yet?

This time, the Guideng clan had several candidates for the Seven Swordsmen, but in the end, the patriarch chose Guideng Shuiyue to become the next member of the Seven Swordsmen.

But why hasn't it come out yet? The Shangren of the Ghost Lamp clan flashed an ugly look in his eyes.

Looking for the ghost lamp Shuiyue in this name, she was lying on a thick branch outside the training ground with a bored expression on her face.

The Ninja sword he wanted was the decapitator. He naturally wouldn't participate in the selection. After all, once the Ninja sword was confirmed, he couldn't change it.

Watch the crowd outside.

A firm look flashed in Lan Wan's eyes, and he raised his foot and walked towards the training ground in front.

Seeing Lan Wan's movements, Haruna was slightly taken aback, and said with some doubts: "What are you doing?"

"I also want to be a crowd of seven!" Lan Wan had an embarrassed look on his face, but there was a hint of determination in his tone.

"You idiot, how can a child become the Seven Swordsman."

Haruna puffed up her mouth, showing idiot-like eyes.

Ran Maru shook his head, not speaking, and strode towards the training ground.

Following Ranmaru's movements, people began to look over.

At first, everyone thought that Ran Maru was a kid brought by a ninja, but when Ran Maru kept getting closer to the training ground, everyone reacted.

"What's the matter with this kid?"

"Are you kidding?"

"Haha, what a funny kid."


A ridiculous voice came from the crowd of onlookers.

The Shangren of the Ghost Lantern clan naturally looked over, and when he saw the figure of Lan Wan, his eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

With a shy expression on his face, Lan Maru walked slowly into the court, looked at the three ninja swords left in the court, thought about it slightly, and walked towards the biggest ninja sword in the middle.

Burst Knife·Spray

"Boy, this is not a place to play ninja games."

A Zhongren from the ghost lamp clan jumped out from the side, trying to stop Dao.

"I'm not here to play games."

Lan Maru stretched out his small hand to hold the handle of the knife, muttered softly, and pressed his hand.

Ranmaru's face flushed, but found that he couldn't even lift it up.


"Killing me!!"


Seeing Ranmaru's appearance, a mocking laugh came from the crowd.

Lan Wan didn't care at all, and whispered: "Curse Yin Yi!"


A terrifying chakra suddenly broke out from Lan Wan's body.

Immediately afterwards, Lan Wan's originally young body expanded rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, a figure more than two meters high, the whole body muscular swelled and turned black and gray, like a figure of a fitness expert.Appeared in front of everyone.

And in this extremely strong body, the only thing that hasn't changed is the little head of Lan Wan.