As Ranmaru entered Curse Seal One, everyone present stared at everything in front of them dumbfounded.

The body is more than two meters tall, with exaggerated muscle lines, black and gray looking like rock-hard skin.

Not only that, but a cold and cold aura like a beast radiated from Lan Wan's body and dispersed towards the surroundings.

For a while, there was no sound in the entire training ground.

"Is this... really the kid who... just now!!"

In this extremely quiet environment, suddenly there was an incredible shout.

Chuncai standing in the crowd, her mouth at this time has turned into an "O" shape, and it suddenly couldn't close.

In any case, Haruna had never thought that the little devil who was only half of her head shorter just now became so exaggerated!

The Zhongren who wanted to step forward to stop him couldn't help but stepped back quickly, with shock in his tone:

"You...who are you?"

"My name is Lan Wan." Lan Wan raised his thick arm and habitually touched his small head, a little embarrassed.

Now Lan Wan's palm is two or three times the size of his head. Watching Lan Wan's movements, the eyelids of the many ninjas around are jumping.

For fear that Lan Wan accidentally twisted his head off for you.

On the other side, Changjuro and Ringo Yu Yuri, who were sitting not far ahead, also stared, with exaggerated expressions.

"Then... that, really the kid you brought back?"

Changjuro looked at Ringo Yu Yuri, and said with a stammering tone.

"It's him, what the hell did You Dou-sama..."

Ringo Yu Yuri nodded stiffly, and said stiffly.

At this time, Ringo Yu Yuri felt an extremely dangerous aura on Lan Wan's body.

If You Dou were here at this time, I'm afraid he would shrug helplessly. The reason why Lan Wan had such a situation was both coincidental and unexpected.

Even You Dou didn't expect that Lan Wan would be so obsessed with having a healthy body.

Perhaps it was because of his inability to act all the year round, coupled with the desperate desire for others to identify with him, which made Ranmaru's obsession with the body beyond your imagination.

The curse seal can not only greatly enhance the chakra, but also can alienate the body to a certain extent according to the obsession of each person's heart.

If the Lan Wan body is a kind of big snake pill curse seal, when Lan Wan enters the curse seal, at most, it is based on obsession to alienate the body or legs, turning into a deformed body.

The energy is limited because of the curse imprint given by the Oshe Maru.

On the other hand, You Dou completely allowed Lan Wan to absorb the cursed Chakra until Lan Wan's body couldn't absorb it completely.

Under such a huge curse seal Chakra, this also created Lan Wan, the reason for the present appearance of such a perfect body shape similar to King Kong Barbie.

It is a pity that Lan Wan has only mastered the first state of the curse seal, the so-called curse seal two, I don't know why, Lan Wan has been unable to enter that state.This incident makes You Dou feel a bit pity.

The name Shangren of the ghost lamp clan, after a little dazed, turned his eyes to Changjuro.

No matter how you look at it, Ranmaru doesn't look like a person from Wunin Village.

Feeling the gaze of the Shangnin, a thought flashed in Changjuro's eyes, and he also had some hesitation now.

Changjuro glanced at Ringo Yu Yuri next to him, and suddenly remembered that Lord You Dou was standing behind Lan Wan.

Ranmaru came to participate in the selection of the Seven Swordsmen, does it mean that there is Lord Right Dou?

Thinking of this, Chojuro nodded softly at the name Kamininchi.

Seeing Changjuro's movements, Shangren of the ghost lamp clan stretched out his hand and made a secret gesture.

Several ninjas hidden in the surrounding crowd slowly dispersed.

An excited expression appeared on Lan Maru's small face. As soon as he stretched out his hand, he lifted the blasting knife·droplet that he could not hold just now, with ease.

He didn't know that he was almost under siege just now.

The Zhong Ren who stepped back a few steps couldn't help swallowing, then walked up to Lan Wan again, looked up at Lan Wan, and whispered:

"If you are... you are sure to choose Explosive Knife·Smooth, then open... and start."

With this name Zhong Ren's opening, everyone's eyes suddenly looked over.

No way, who made Ranmaru's current body shape too eye-catching.

Explosive Knife·Smooth is a blade that perfectly combines with explosions, with explosive attack power and very powerful lethality.

Compared with the other Ninja knives, the difficulty of using the blasting knife and spray is only one level lower than that of the long knife and stitching, but in terms of danger, this knife ranks first among the seven knives.

This is true for both the user and the enemy.

The whole knife is divided into two parts, one is an ordinary blade, and the other is an explosion scroll similar to a detonating talisman.

Users who use explosive knives and droplets should not only control the number of explosions, but also control the timing of the explosions. Otherwise, the worst case is to blow themselves to death or blow up, and the enemy is unharmed.

This is why it is called the most dangerous one among the Seven Ninja Swords.


The Zhongnin stared at Ranmaru tightly, and suddenly spoke.


There was a muffled sound directly from the entire ground, and Ranmaru's seemingly sturdy body burst out at a speed beyond everyone's imagination.

The muffled sound from the ground hadn't ended yet, and the figure of Ranmaru had appeared in front of that Zhongren.

Holding the blasting knife, Lan Wan didn't use the blades on both sides, but used the blade of the knife to shoot at the name Zhongren.

That Zhongren only felt a flower in front of him, and the next moment, the blade of the blasting sword had appeared in front of his own eyes.

When the blade was a few centimeters away from the name Zhongnin, the blade of the blasting sword stopped in front of Zhongnin.

This feeling of facing death directly made the middle ninnin sweat all over his body.


As if it was a half-time slower, Ran Maru used the motion of the pat to form a wind and wave like a small wind escape, which directly blew the name of Zhongnin out and hit a big tree behind.

The whole scene became dumb and silent again, what a terrifying speed and power!

Even the blasting knife is useless, only relying on the strength and speed of the body can easily solve a Zhongnin!

For a while, everyone looked at Lan Wan with a trace of caution. When facing such a guy, they can only use ninjutsu or illusion to contain him!

Otherwise, once you get close, you will definitely lose.

A look of embarrassment appeared on Lan Maru's face, he had not gained this power for a long time, and he could not completely control the power.

"Well... qualified..."

After half a while, the man was blown out in the direction of Zhongren, and there was an intermittent voice.