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Chapter 53-The Most Suitable User for Explosive Knife and Droplet

Chojuro looked at the figure more than two meters tall in front of him, and his hand holding the flounder tightened slightly. There was no way, this size and height made people feel pressured.

"Although I don't want to say it, I want to remind you that the explosive power of the blasting knife is very strong. If you don't pay attention, it will hurt yourself."

The Shinobu of the ghost lamp clan on the side looked at Lan Wan and reminded.

"Thank you senior."

Hearing the words of the Shinnin, Ran Maru showed a cramped look and bowed quickly.

After speaking, Lan Maru turned his head again, looked at Changjuro, and said in his heart: For the sake of Lord Youdou, I must become the Seven Swordsman!


A slightly low voice came from the side.


Chojuro quickly retreated to the rear, and at the same time he sealed his hands:

"Water escape-water front wall!"

Water like a waterfall spouted from Chojuro's mouth, forming a circular wall of water that surrounds Chojuro in the middle, forming a defense similar to no dead ends.

Changjuro keeps moving, his hands are in Jijieyin-water body!

An identical figure appeared in front of Chojuro, and the two stood apart, carefully looking at the scene around the water wall.


A violent impact sounded outside the wall of the water array. Due to the high speed, Ranmaru's figure directly hit the water wall, shaking the water wall.

Seeing this scene, Changjuro's eyelids twitched slightly, sure enough, at this speed, ordinary aggressive ninjutsu couldn't hit the opponent at all.

Lan Maru looked at the wall like a stream of water in front of him, settled slightly, raised the explosive knife in his hand, and slashed it directly against the water wall with the ordinary blade.


Without the slightest obstacle, under the terrifying power of Ranmaru, the water front wall was cut directly, revealing the figure of Chojuro inside.

There was joy on Lanmaru's face, and when he saw the two Changjuro figures inside, he was slightly taken aback.

But the next moment, Lan Wan's original gray-brown pupils turned directly into red.

In Ranmaru's eyes, the two figures of Changjuro immediately distinguished which one was the real body and which was the fake one.

"Is this the red eye Ringo Yu Yuri said?"

Thinking of what Ringo Yu Yuri had just said, Chang Shi Lang whispered.

Shui Dun-Splash Ride!

A stream of water flows out of Changjuro's feet. This is a water escape ninjutsu that uses the current of water under his feet to quickly slide on the ground.

Immediately after finishing the seal, Lan Maru's figure directly crossed the water body, appeared in front of Changjuro, and the heavy blasting knife directly slashed.

Water Escape-The Art of the Powerful Water Arm!

Changjuro let out a soft drink, his originally slender arms more than doubled suddenly, and his hands tightly held the flounder to block the heavy blow of the blasting knife.


A dull crash sounded constantly on the training ground.

Even with the support of ninjutsu, Changjuro was still crushed by the violent power of Ranmaru, unable to lift his head.

"It's not a shame that the confidant next to Master Shui Ying has mastered the technique of the powerful water wrist. It is a pity that without the secret technique of hydration of the ghost lamp clan as a support, this technique will not last long, but the battle is also fast. ended."

The Shinobu of the ghost lamp clan, with a look of awe, watched Changju Lang speak softly.

Not only this Shang-nin, but the many ninjas around, with old-fashioned eyes, have clearly seen the direction of the battle.

Although Chojuro was slapped and beaten on the surface, if no surprises, the battle was won by Chojuro.

The kid named Ranmaru had too little combat experience.

In the battle between ninjas, unless you have the strength to crush, even if you are stronger than the opponent, you will not necessarily win.

Feeling the pain from his arms, Chojuro knew that he might not be able to hold on to the technique of the powerful water wrist.

However, this position should be almost the same.

Changjuro glanced at Lan Wan's red eyes with the light of his eyes. If it hadn't been for Ringo Yu Yuri to give him a general description of the red eye ability, perhaps he had lost the battle early.


The two attacked once again, and Changjuro directly used the power of flounder, forming a huge light cannon and blasting towards Lanmaru.

Although the power of the light cannon did not cause any damage to Lan Maru, it made Lan Maru back a few steps.

This is the time!

The water body that Lan Wan had been neglecting had appeared behind Ran Wan at some point.

Water escape-the technique of water prison!

Lan Wan hadn't reacted yet, a huge water ball had already wrapped the entire body of Lan Wan.

Ran Maru in the water polo, feeling the heavy water flow and suffocation in the water polo, blinked slightly.

"What a powerful technique... Gudong——"

Lan Wan spoke in a surprised tone, but before he finished speaking, a stream of water poured directly into Lan Wan's mouth and choked.


Changjuro let out a sigh of relief, and he wanted to fight dehydration, but he didn't just have to be strong.

Ringo Yu Yuri, who stood not far away watching the battle, saw this scene, his eyes brightened, relying only on a little intelligence, before the battle has not started, has Senior Chojuro already prepared a strategy?

The red-eye ability can see through all disguise, that is to say, the so-called ninjutsu that disturbs the enemy's attention is useless in Ranmaru's eyes.

However, Ranmaru has little combat experience, so he will directly go over the water body and attack Chojuro's body. Although this strategy is simple, it analyzes Ranmaru's psychology and abilities quite clearly.

When Chojuro thought the battle was over, a huge explosion directly blasted the water ball and the water body together.

All the people onlookers widened their eyes and looked in the direction of the explosion: "That kid didn't let the blasting knife explode directly, right? He was within the explosion range!"

As the smoke dissipated, Lan Wan appeared in front of everyone unharmed.

Chojuro, Ringo Yu Yuri, the upper ninja of the Ghost Lantern clan, and the surrounding ninjas all shrank.

What a hard skin!

The reason why the blasting knife is called the most dangerous knife is because of the explosive attack, but it does not distinguish between the enemy and the enemy.

"It's amazing, almost drowned..."

Lan Wan held the Explosive Knife·Drop in one hand, and lightly patted the chest muscles in front of him with one hand, with an expression of fear on his face.

Chojuro was slightly stunned, looking at Lan Maru who still wanted to do something, he stopped his hand and said:

"It's over, no need to fight."

Feeling two trembling arms with a little soreness, Changjuro said in his heart: If you continue to fight, it will really be dead!

"That... that... did I pass?"

Ran Maru looked at Changjuro with a pitiful look everywhere.

However, that sturdy body caused a chill in everyone's hearts.

"You are not a qualified user of Explosive Knife and Droplet, but you are indeed the most suitable user."

Changjuro spoke softly, with a dignified expression in his eyes.

Once Lan Wan has completely mastered the use of the blasting knife, I am afraid that the strength of Lan Wan will be comparable to that of the Renren Ganshi Guiyu who once ranked first among the seven knives.

With the strength of Ran Maru's body, there is no need to worry about the power of the explosion. When fighting with Ran Maru in close hands, I am afraid that the enemy will be blown to death by Ran Maru, but he himself is unscathed.