Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 54 Koshiro Koshiro's Choice

Following Chojuro's announcement, Ranmaru, the knife-bearer of Bursting Blade and Momo, became one of the new Kirimanchi Swordsmen without dispute.

And Lan Wan regained its appearance as a harmless child.

With a happy smile on his face, Lan Maru held the handle of the blasting knife·Feimo tightly with both hands, dragging the blasting knife hard, trying to go to the position of the five chairs.

Looking at the funny scene in front of them, the crowd onlookers did not show the mocking smile at the beginning.

The strong will be respected no matter where they are.

On the side, a Zhongren from the Ghost Lamp clan quickly walked over, with a respectful look on his face, looking at Lan Wan and said:

"Master Ranmaru, this is a sealing scroll. You can temporarily put the blasting knife and droplets in the sealing scroll, and you can take it out when you need to fight."

Lord Ranmaru?!

Hearing the words of this name Zhongren, Ranmaru's face turned red with a "huh", and the whole person couldn't help getting nervous. It was the first time he heard someone call him an adult.

As if feeling the tension of Ranmaru, the name Zhongren said nothing. As for the title, there was nothing wrong.

The moment Lan Maru inherited the name "Fog Ninja Seven Swordsman", Lan Maru's identity had changed.

"The Seven Swordsmen of Wuren" represents the entire Wuren Village. This name is not only a proof of strength, but also a proof of status.

The name Zhong Ren made three seals himself, as if afraid that Lan Wan could not remember, he knotted both sides again. After finishing it, Zhong Ren placed the scroll in Lan Wan's hands and slowly backed it back.

After Lan Maru took the scroll, he nodded with a faint understanding, placed the scroll on the blasting knife·Feimo, and then made three seals according to the practice of that name.


With a soft sound, the blasting knife·droplet disappeared directly, and there was a big "knife" at the center of the scroll.

With a surprised expression on Lan Wan's face, he hurriedly put away the scroll and hugged it in his arms, for fear that someone would take it away.

Chojuro, who was standing by, saw this scene with a cold sweat on his forehead.

I couldn't help but secretly said in my heart: It seems that Lan Wan doesn't know some basic common sense at all, so I have to find some time to make it up.

"Little devil, I didn't expect you to have such strength. It's really surprising."

Ringo Yu Yuri didn't know when, she had appeared not far from Lan Wan, and said with an excited expression on her face.

Lan Wan couldn't help taking a few steps, and moved a little towards Changjuro's position. For Lino Yu Yuri, the big sister who killed the black hoe Thunder teeth, Lan Wan was still a little scared.

The selection of the Seven Swordsmen continued, but it was a pity that no one could pass except for Ringo Yu Yuri and Lan Wan.

As for Guideng Shuiyue, he was naturally found by the people of the Guideng clan. However, Guideng Shuiyue insisted on decapitating the big sword. Unless he was defeated, he would never choose a blunt knife.

The Shang Ren of the Ghost Lamp clan was a little helpless, but looking at the two Ninja swords remaining on the stage, a glimmer of fortune also flashed in his eyes.

Whether it is a thunder knife with a thunder attribute or an explosive knife with an explosive ability, the attributes of the ghost lamp clan are not consistent, so the two knives are selected by the ghost lamp clan.

As for the remaining long knives, stitches, blunt knives, and pocket cuts, it has no effect on the people of the ghost lamp clan.

In any case, the Ghost Lantern clan must have a place in the Seven Swordsmen, if not because the Ghost Lantern Shuiyue was brought back by Master You Dou himself.

And the patriarch asked Guideng Shuiyue by name, and now only one of the two Shinobi swords remained.


Water Shadow Office

When the selection of the Seven Swordsmen was about to end, Right Dou and Terumi Mei basically ended.

An elder of the Kinoshita clan slowly got up from the seat and bowed to Terumi Mei and Youdou:

"Since the matter has been settled, Master You Dou and Master Shui Ying will take the lead to retire in Xia."

After finishing speaking, the elder of the Muxia clan sighed softly, turned and walked outside the door.

Terumi Ming patted his hands gently until the elders of the Kinoshita clan walked away.

The next moment, two Anbe ninjas, holding Koshita Yoshiro with their hands, walked in from outside the door.

Seeing Koshita Yoshiro with a gray face, Terumi said lightly:

"I guess you can hear the content of our conversation just now, and you should have no doubts about it."

Koshita nodded stupidly. From the moment he failed, he knew that he would die sooner or later, just when and how he died.

"You have only two ways to go now, one is to refuse and the other is to agree. Although both are dead, you must be clear about the results represented by these two paths."

Terumi Mei was still expressionless, looking at Koshita Yoshiro and said lightly.

Sitting on the right side, he also watched Koshita Yoshiro curiously. He wanted to see the decision of the former patriarch of the Koshita clan.

One way is as the end of life as a betrayal.

The other way is that it may represent the identity of a hero as the end of life. Of course, this is only possible. If it fails, Koshita will still be put to death as a traitor!

As to whether it can be done, it depends on the ability of the patriarch of the Kinoshita clan.

Kinoshita Yoshiro was slightly silent, and the identity of the rebel and the hero died, these two obvious choices, I am afraid that normal people will not hesitate.

However, if he chooses the first path, he is just an ordinary rebel who died, which may have a certain impact on the Mu Clan, but not too much.

And if you choose the second one, once something goes wrong in the middle, the Koshita clan will probably never have any hope of rising.

Of course, if it succeeds!

Thinking of this, Yoshiro Kinoshita glanced at Lord Youdou from the corner of his eyes. If he succeeds, the Kinoshita clan will become the first noble family in Wuren Village!

After a long silence, Koshita Yoshiro slowly raised his head, his eyes flashed with determination and dazzling, and the temperament of the clan seemed to have returned.

"I have no choice, am I?"

Koshiro looked at Terumi Mei, suddenly laughed, and said with a chuckle.

"It's worthy of being the head of the clan."

Terumi Mei let out a small sigh, reached out and took out a scroll and threw it into Koshiro Koshiro's hand, then spoke again:

"There are some information you can look at and destroy it after reading it. At the same time, you still have ten minutes to prepare."

Koshimoto Yoshiro took the scroll directly, and when he saw the content on the scroll, a look of surprise flashed in his eyes, but his face was still expressionless.

Two minutes later, Koshita Yoshiro closed the scroll again, and at the same time, directly destroyed the scroll in front of Terumi Mei and Rightto.

"The country of wave..."

Yoshiro Kinoshita groaned softly, and the next moment he jumped out of the window and quickly disappeared in front of the two You Dou.

ten minutes later.


Terumi Ming showed a serious look on her face and patted her hands twice.


As the wind rang out, ten Anbu figures appeared in the room at the same time.

"A reward was issued to the entire Ninja world, and the patriarch of the Kinoshita clan has disappeared. If anyone can provide the news of Koshita Yoshiro, he can get a reward for the S-level rebellious Ninja."

A faint voice sounded in the water shadow office!